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The Teacher - Intro

Discussion in 'Facesitting & Smother Stories' started by SilasRaine, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. SilasRaine

    SilasRaine New Member

    Hey everyone, this is just the intro to a story idea I had. If you like it I'll continue it.

    It was the last day of college classes and I couldn't wait to get out of my Essay Writing class. I hated this class with a passion because all we did was write out essays, correct them, then write them again. My teacher, Dr. Kelly(although she prefers Ms.), told us that it was practice for career jobs, but everyone knew that it was just a requirement. Aside from that the room was stale, no pictures or decorations, only a handful of straight “A” students and a chalk board behind Ms. Kelly's rather large desk. So I decided to be the trouble maker all year, with sarcastic remarks and homework that barely met a “D.” Ms. Kelly was trying to be patient with me but I could tell she was ready to be done with me on this last day.

    I was doodling and half listening to the last lecture I would have to hear from Ms. Kelly. She was facing the blackboard writing notes. I had to admit that she was attractive, only around 27 (she was extremely determined and intelligent) full, natural DD's, even if she did wear tops that covered them as well as she could, and her ass was huge and bubbly. She was a brunette with blue eyes, standing at a slightly shorter 5'7. I found myself staring at her assets a lot during class, it was about the only thing that kept me awake, and I would usually fantasize about giving her a one night stand. I would of loved to use her to get my rocks off then leave before she asked to cuddle. I hated cuddling, I just wanted a good lay not a prison.

    My doodles usually consisted of the teacher's huge ass or boobs naked, I stylized the word “bubble butt” under this particular drawing of her ass bent over the desk. I drew and then looked up as Ms. Kelly leaned over the desk to read from her text book, allowing me a look down her semi-formal shirt. I was hypnotized and I got lost staring for what seemed like forever. She slammed her book shut and asked for us to turn in our last essays and that we could relax for the last twenty minutes while she looked them over. I half hazardly handed in my essay blue book when she came around. I watched her ass flounce up to her chair, and was mesmerized by how it moved and jiggled even under her tight khaki pants. She sat down and began to look through them so I opened by binder again to continue on my drawing, but I couldnt find it. I looked all over and couldnt find anything. “Oh God” I thought “did I put it in with my blue book?!” My heart started to race at what would happen if she found out. I sat there and watched her blue eyes quickly scan over the blue books, she must have been making sure that everyone wrote one and didnt blow it off, which means she would definitely get to mine!

    The time was up for class and everyone began leaving. I started to go too, I must have been safe. Even if it was in there and she failed me I could just take the course again with another teacher, no big deal. My foot was almost out the door when suddenly my heart stopped “Oh Kevin, I need you to stay here for a minute.” She said dryly, not looking up from her desk as the other students left, giving me the “oh you're in trouble” look.

    Finally, after waiting for what seemed like hours with my heart pounding she got up. “Go stand by my desk.” She said as she went to the door, closed it and closed the blinds. “You have been a troublemaker all semester long, and now this?!” She suddenly yelled as she held up my drawing. My eyes widened, she had found it. I was going to fail the course and possibly be removed from school once this got out. “Well, what do you have to say for yourself?” She demanded as she came walking up to me in a rage.

    I had to think of just the right thing. Someone else drew it? No that was dumb. I'm sorry it wont happen again? Possibly, its better than nothing. “I'm sorry..”

    “No sorry wont cut it. I'm afraid I'm going to have to report this to the dean, and he'll set you straight.” She said with malice on her tongue. I could tell this wasnt just about the picture, but about the whole semester of me causing trouble for her. But I couldnt very well get in this much trouble for this, I had to bargain.

    “No please, I'll do anything, just dont let this get out. It'll be so embarrassing and I'll have to transfer schools and...” I continued to babble, she was listening to every word, I could definitely talk my way out of this.

    “You know...” she thought outloud to me, suddenly giving interest to the whole “i'll do anything” retort I was giving her. “....you've been nothing but a pain in my ass this whole semester. So now you need to give it some comfort. Put your head on the seat of my chair and look up.” She said in a tone so serious I almost moved to do it right there.

    “Wh...what?” I asked, I thought I must of heard wrong.

    “You heard me, you're going to be a seat for me. My wooden chair is so hard and I have to grade all these essays before I leave so I need a cushion. Your face would be perfect and it just so happens to be a fetish of mine. If you do this tonight then I'll never speak of this again but if you dont, I'll tell the dean and make copies of this. Every student will know that you were lusting after a teacher, and like you said, you'll have to move schools.” She said holding her gaze with mine, letting her eyes tell me that she was completely serious.

    With a heavy sight I nodded, I didnt have any words for this strange request, so I slowly ducked under her desk, which was rather roomy underneath, and put my head on her chair staring at the ceiling. I saw her khaki'd leg and thigh swing over my head and then I was staring at her massive ass. It blocked out the lights from above and it was so bubbly that it blocked my view of even her back, shoulders or arms. She began to slowly, very very slowly, lower her ass onto me.

    “Now you'll have to be still so I can get work done, the more you struggle the longer I'll have to work.” She said, continuing to lower that massive ass on top of me. It was getting closer and I was starting to get scared, I was afraid it would swallow my face soon. I quickly asked her what work she needed done. “Well its not that much...” I began to relax, it was a relief to know this wouldnt go on too long “...just all those essays that all my classes turned in!” She exclaimed happily and covered my head with her ass. It engulfed my face as I started to hold my breath. My eyes were forced shut, my nose was being crushed and my mouth and chin were pressed against her sex. My heart started to race, those essays were all fifty page finals, and she had three classes! I was seriously starting to regret my decision and maybe I should just get up and leave. I decided that was the best course, I could always find another stupid college to go to and forget all this. I hated Ms. Kelly's ass being on me, smothering me and controlling my breath. Yeah I wanted to bang her, but that was only to get my rocks off, not give her any pleasure. I hated prisons and this was as bad of a prison as I could think of. I decided I would tell her when she let me breathe...

    My lungs started to pulse as my mind desperately told them that I needed air. My legs started to shift uncomfortably as my throat made air deprived noises. My air was running out faster now that I was struggling. I threw my arms up over the arms of Ms. Kelly's chair to try and signal her that I was dying under her big ass. Then I felt a metallic coldness over my wrist and heard a couple clicks. The same with the other wrist. Suddenly she stood up, I could feel the muscles in her ass clench as her legs were forced to stand, could feel the hard khaki fabric almost pull at my face as she got up. She looked back down smiling at me as I looked at my now handcuffed wrists attached to the desk.

    “I thought you might have second thoughts after being trapped under my sexy ass.” She gave her butt a spank for emphasis, causing it to jiggle above me. “But there is no turning back now, you're my slave to my ass for a while so you better enjoy it!” She said as she slammed her ass back down on me. The impact smashed my nose and caused me to moan in pain into her butt. “You think you can draw me and call me a “bubble butt” in my classroom?” She asked wiggling her ass slightly “well now you can stay under this “bubble butt” and think about you've done.”

    I was trapped, suffocated and smothered. It went on for the longest time. Ms. Kelly would give me little bits of air every so often and I would be plunged into darkness again. She would pass the time by wiggling, grinding or bouncing her ass on me. Then she would blame me for the fun she was having and tell me that its only prolonging the paper grading. I was hating every minute of it. My nose was throbbing with pain, my chin was scraped by the khaki fabric and I started to see spots from all the pressure. Ms. Kelly didnt seem to care as she hummed softly and read essay after essay, making marks and comments to students as if this was normal for her.

    “The janitor is coming for his last rounds in this building.” Ms. Kelly instructed me while giving me a breath “if you make any noise what so ever, even the slightest shuffling of your feet, I will continue to sit on you until you suffocate completely.” She said in a tone so serious that I became even more scared of her. She slid the handcuffs down to the base of the seat and out of view before the janitor came in.

    “Late night tonight Ms. Kelly?” A gruff, old sounding man said kindly.

    “Yes Harry, I have all these finals I really want to grade tonight so I can start enjoying my summer.” Ms. Kelly said with equal kindness, grinding her ass down to emphasize the word “want.” That stupid bitch didnt need to grade all these papers, she wanted to.

    “Well alrighty then, I'll just lock up like usual, dont get lost in the dark now Ms. Kelly, goodnight” The janitor said leaving.

    “Thank you Harry, goodnight.” She replied happily. My lungs were about to explode at this point but I stayed still. I heard the janitor's squeaky cart roll down the hall and out the door but still Ms. Kelly sat on me. I didnt want her even more mad at me but I was about to pass out, I literally started to see stars, even though my eyes were shut. I was about to start thrashing my whole body in a warning to my teacher when finally she got up. I panted so hard and coughed a little too. Ms. Kelly looked down at me and smiled sweetly as I panted and gasped for air. She really was a sadistic bitch.

    “That was almost two minutes and thirty seconds! You know with a little training you could hold your breath for at least five minute I bet...” her thoughts wondered off, I bet she was thinking of how long she could sit on me. I didnt care because I was catching my breath and coughing still. “To tell you the truth I was waiting for the janitor to leave...”

    “Let me go you stupid bitch!” I yelled out and interrupted, I have had enough.

    “Do you really want to make me even more mad?” She asked, her tone getting serious again.

    “Let me go you sadistic slut, as soon as I get away from you I'm calling the cops!” I screamed at her.

    “Thats it you little insignificant jackass” She said growling. She moved out of my view, I could only guess at what she was doing but now was my chance. I struggled with all my might against the cuffs and got some progress in moving the chair, but I was in such an awkward position that I couldnt get enough leverage to move much before Ms. Kelly scrambled back to the desk and slammed her ass back down on my face. “Lets see what else you said about me. I need some more...inspiration...to sit on you some more.” Her tongue was dripping with poison as she spoke those words, she sounded truly evil. Apparently my binder is what she went to get and she started going through the pages. “This is horrible, there are so many of these sketches! Do you want to fuck me you little prick? Is that what you want? Do you want to lick my pussy and hear me scream and moan and suck your dick?” She was furiously sexy, my dick started to get hard while she mentioned the many other things we could do together. Suddenly she stood up, took her pants off and stood over me again. Her panties were sexy boy shorts, red with white polka-dots that clung so perfectly to her ass. The fabric looked like very soft cotton, the kind of soft that felt almost like silk. She peeled her panties down and I got a look at her naked ass. It made me even harder because she began to sit back down, but she stopped suddenly and held her pussy over my mouth.

    “This is what you want isnt it? To lick and fuck this?” She asked, and almost as if she knew I was sticking my tongue out to taste her, for I couldnt control myself anymore, she stood back up and put her panties back on. “Well too bad, you'll never get to have it, ever. In face even if I were to keep you as a slave you would never even get that little prick of your close to me, and I would never let you cum, ever.”

    “I fucking hate you, you stup---” my mouth was then sealed shut with duct tape that she had in her drawer. My eyebrows furrowed in anger as I tried to talk through the tape, knowing it was futile.

    “There, you are just a seat cushion after all, and my seats dont talk.” She said calming down, smiling with a sense of victory and satisfaction. “In fact, I'm leaving my pants off, it'll be more comfortable for me.” she said, sliding her boy shorts down slowly. My eyes widened as I struggled against my chains. I didnt want her big ass on my face, but especially since she was in her panties. It was alright before because the khaki's were so thick, even if they did hurt my nose. I didnt want my nose close to her anus and it was worse because I couldnt taste her at all, yet I wanted to really bad. She casually sat back down on me, the soft cotton fabric completely taking over my face. My nose pressed against her hole and her sex on my chin. She wiggled happily, settling in. “There, thats much more comfy than those old pants. And maybe it'll give you some time to calm down and think about how naughty you're being. I'm only half way done...” she trailed off, reading more essays.

    Time went on like normal, her ass engulfing me and she'd let me breathe now and again. I'm not sure how much time was passing but I began to surrender to her ass. I stopped mumbling complaints when she got up, stopped struggling against her and decided to get this over with.

    Her big ass was soft at least, and my nose didnt hurt anymore now that the pants were out of the picture. I could feel wetness on my chin as she was no doubt enjoying this. I began to become erect again as I would look forward to her ass letting me breathe so I could watch it jiggle above me. But then it would go down when I was sat on again. She didnt say anything to me the rest of the time, she just used me like a regular chair. I figured it was close to the end. I heard the printer or something going while she closed up books and began to get her stuff together. Every subtle move of her hips and shift of her weight was directly transferred onto my face. I was completely squashed underneath her and I hated it, but I endured a little longer and I prayed for freedom.

    “So here's the deal...” Ms. Kelly said with that sort of teacher tone in her voice. “I have scanned your drawings and uploaded them onto my email. With a few clicks I could send these off to every school email address, including all faculty and students, and I could also forward it to other colleges and their deans as well. Sure, you might get into a college even with the picture out, but you'd be ruined socially. Also my computer microphone was recording this whole session, I could doctor it up to make it look like you were yelling those insults at me, and then who would take you?” She let me breathe quick before smothering my face again. “I am completely blackmailing you because I decided you are too much fun to give up. I want you to be my seat for the whole summer. I want to torture you, smother you, and train you to be my slave. I want you to live, breathe, eat and sleep thinking of me and the power I have over you, and you have no choice but to go with me.” I thought it over, and I hated the thought but she was right. I had no choice but to go with her for the summer, to her house and be her slave. Besides, being just a seat was really bad, but it wasnt unbearable, and I'm sure she didnt want to use me for much more than that. Ms. Kelly got up and ripped the tape from my mouth. “So, not that I need you to say anything, but I want you to say that you'll be my slave.”

    “And if I dont?” I replied dryly, wanting to get in one last remark.
    “Then maybe I just let you go and send all of that out to the schools, or maybe I'll sit on you until you run completely out of air and dump your body in a ditch somewhere, a lot of crime happens around here so I'm sure I can make it look like a student conflict.” And I believed her, she was almost a genius, with her doctorate achieved at only 27. I began to think of ways she could do it and figured that whether she got away with it or not, she would definitely kill me with her ass. She was crazy enough to get me into this position in the first place, I had no doubt she would go further. I must have been lost in my thoughts too much because Ms. Kelly then said “Alright...if thats how you want it...” and began to turn and lower her ass on me again.

    “No dont!.....I'll do it. I want to be your slave..” I said in a surrendering tone. I died a little on the inside, and began to think of everything I would have to do to get ready for this venture to Ms. Kelly's house for the summer.

    “Then lick my asshole to show that you mean it!” She said as she pulled her panties down and sat down hard on my face with her asshole right on my mouth. I was absolutely disgusted, I didnt want to do that! I could stand being a seat but this was too much! I hesitated a long time before she leaned back so that her flesh cut off my nose since I could still breathe before that. “Alright, if you dont want to then you can just die right here underneath my ass, its your choice.” She said patiently. I began to struggle and run out of air. My lungs started to pulse again and lights were flashing before my eyes. I started thrashing under her, thinking she'd relent and give up. Ms. Kelly, however, just sat there looking at her nails as I bucked wildly under her. “All you have to do is start licking Kevin. Then you can have a breath.” She repeated her point to me. I could barely hear her over my constant kicking and clawing. I started to scream under her massive, life consuming ass, but she remained unmoving. My forehead started to tingle, my lungs burned like they were on fire and I could feel my heartbeat in my ears, I knew it wouldnt be long. So I did what I had to in order to survive. I stuck my tongue out harshly and pressed it against her asshole.

    She stood up quickly. “I knew that I could break you Kevin, and I will continue to do so all summer long. I have such ideas for us to try, you're going to love it. Well you're going to learn to love it anyway. Now...” she grabbed her panties, opened my mouth and shoved them in. Then she placed another strip of tape over my mouth. “You can get used to the taste of me on the long car ride home. And you know what? I bet if I lay the seat all the way back you can lay down on it and be my cushion! Oh its only a two hour ride, I think you'll be fine.” She said smiling sweetly.
    It was going to be a long summer.
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  3. new_seat_slave

    new_seat_slave New Member

    yes continue please
  4. Moonboy

    Moonboy New Member

    Great story.
  5. Lone Stranger

    Lone Stranger New Member

    Great Beginning

    That is a good start at what could be a great story. By all means continue and delve into the details.

  6. ittisme

    ittisme New Member

    Great story please keep going !!!!:)
  7. grizley

    grizley New Member

    Great start, there is so much more that she can do to him.
  8. zenonvip78

    zenonvip78 Member

    Great start of a very promising story.
  9. Seat43

    Seat43 New Member

    It is just such a story should be ... to continue
  10. cycollegeman

    cycollegeman Women Over men


    A great job indeed, please go on, don't keep us waiting!
  11. Gg19

    Gg19 New Member

    Great story please continue!!

  12. lambofgod111

    lambofgod111 New Member

    This is one of the best stories I have read in a long time, please continue!
  13. snowpresto

    snowpresto Member

    Excellent story. Great communication between characters and an exellent point of view.
  14. equidum

    equidum Active Member

    A great start indeed ! With exacty the kind of facesitting I love : Full weight, dehumanizing, long-lasting ..... A perfect allegory of a Superior/slave relationship, a perfect image of what Female /male relationship should be !!! Please keep it coming, and thanks already for this beginning !
  15. bobfeet91

    bobfeet91 bObFeet Style!

    Excelent beginning!
  16. Blushing Slut

    Blushing Slut Easy Writer

    Very well written. Looking forward to more.
  17. sexmaniac321

    sexmaniac321 Banned

    Is there another chapter? That was a good one.
  18. Noakk

    Noakk New Member

    Awesome start, interested to see where this goes.
  19. tekkar

    tekkar Member

  20. Sauur

    Sauur Active Member

    Excellent story!

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