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Throat trample videos and contests

Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish Discussions' started by breeze625, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. breeze625

    breeze625 Member

    1. Can anyone give reference to the best throat trample vids out there?

    I've tried it a few times over the last month with a friend who thinks we're just playing around....but I can tell that it could be a little difficult...but better with practice...would love to see some of the most extreme and strongest throats out there!

    2. If anyone in the Midwest would like to try to get something together with me...maybe we can attempt to host a trample Olympics event....kind of like beer Olympics, only with different trample activities. I wonder if this has ever been done before....I think it would make a great video and maybe attract some of the best guys and girls in the trample world!! Just a thought!
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  3. volcon

    volcon Member

    I think that would be great! Where are you located? I would love to be a part of this.
  4. supy76

    supy76 Kal-El of Krypton

  5. LuvsHerHeels

    LuvsHerHeels Active Member

    MF Trample...if you like fem/fem trample, this is the site.
    the Mistress always seem to really enjoy trampling the slaves...and could care less about how much pain the slave endures under Mistress feet.
  6. MeNext

    MeNext slave wantabe

    Clips4sale is your best bet.
  7. breeze625

    breeze625 Member

    If anyone is still considering a 'trample Olympics' type of night...hit me up! I would to help set it all up! Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana areas would be great!
  8. conte_antonia

    conte_antonia Member

    There was a clip store at c4s owned by an Asian guy sometimes ago for throat standing. That guy produced the best clips I have ever seen but too bad that his clips store ceased to exist. Maybe somene remember, he had a mistress called " Mistress Fox " a brunette beauty. I don't really know but she may be some kind of fashion model. She was that beautiful. It is soo sad to see that they don't make clips anymore, or they do and I don't know ?
  9. sitonme12

    sitonme12 lemme sniff ur butt...

    there was a chinese producer on here named calvin who might still have his site up he had good thrat trample on his site as well
  10. breeze625

    breeze625 Member

    I would love to make my own clips....I don't really have a problem with chest trample...but I am finding it almost impossible to find beautiful girls walk on my face and chest. They're too scared or timid.....I've never tried backpage or craigslist....Does anyone have any ideas? I am currently in the Cincinnati/Dayton/Lexington/Louisville area an do not mind traveling.

    I guess I just need to be more proactive?? I don't know....
  11. ausguy25

    ausguy25 Ninjariffic

    GR25 does some great throat trampling stuff on his store. I actually just edited one for my own store which should be up in a few days!
  12. jono

    jono Senior Member

    Yes i agree with supy76 and love mistress elise. Gutted her clipstore is down? Anyone know why?
  13. Rubberhead

    Rubberhead New Member

    Hmmm it seems there aren't too many throat standing enthusiasts..it's my fave..
  14. benoittodd

    benoittodd New Member

    Personally, in a real throat-trampling video the tramplee would be lying on the floor with his/her hands and legs tied, and with something sturdy under his/her neck (to expose the throat). Then the trampler stands directly on the throat.

    I have never seen anything like that. To me, most throat-trampling videos are fake.
  15. breeze625

    breeze625 Member

    No...I have never seen anything like that either....but I would be more than willing to be the tramplee in a video like that all day every day :)

    Sounds incredible.......please let us know if you or anyone ever come across anything like this!
  16. benoittodd

    benoittodd New Member

    It seems people don't pay attention to threads created by "registered users".

    Anyways, I would personally buy the clip. I prefer big, thick women doing the throat trampling. And As I mentioned before, the person would need to be on the floor securely tied with his throat exposed by having something underneath the neck.
  17. Marcus

    Marcus New Member

    I've been the trample slave in a few throat tramples. The best one (I think) is the one we did in a barn with three femdom. Lots of different things happened in those ones. Trample, throat trample, jumping, multiple women, pee, ball busting, human furniture, etc. But I think you'll like the throat parts.

    Look for Stable Boy Massacre in www.clubstiletto.com clips store or just go directly to:

    Good luck!
  18. breeze625

    breeze625 Member

    Just checked out Stable Boy Massacre....nice man! That's some punishment right there!

    I really wish we could st up this contest thing! I imagine there would be lots of passing out, choking, coughing....but would most likely be the best experience of my life :)

    Maybe I'll post a backpage to see if I can get some practice in!
  19. Marcus

    Marcus New Member

    Glad you liked it. I certainly did!
  20. breeze625

    breeze625 Member

    Something like this would be great...only longer amount of time on the throat and maybe a rolled up towel under your neck to expose and support!
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2015
  21. breeze625

    breeze625 Member

    Sorry about that...I tried adding a clip, but it didnt work. I'll keep trying....
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