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Tiffany and Jenn met me at a mall and used my face as their doormat.

Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish Stories' started by footon, Jun 14, 2015.

  1. footon

    footon New Member

    Last edited: Jan 4, 2018
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  3. soletoface

    soletoface New Member

    That is super, for all of you. Dare one ask the obvious question: when next...and for how long? Perhaps a thought: a get-together at which you each, Tiffany and Jenn, bring a few pairs of boots and do a compare-and-contrast 'experiment' on Your new, favorite human doormat, footon?
  4. tiffany_k

    tiffany_k New Member

    OMG! Wow!
    Nice job Footon. You do have an artistic ability to describe situations. Nice story from your point of view as a doormat.

    Why didn't you mention that you also kissed my boots with your bruised lips? I thought that was a very nice gesture on your part.

    Anyways, loved reading it as always. I hope you write some more stories. Women are always the stars and the prominent force in your stories. And now I am in one of them, permanently :)
  5. davidmuleguy

    davidmuleguy Member

    Another nice story, footon.

    And all the more enjoyable for knowing something of the background leading up to the big event (as related via comments and feedback in your Denny's waitress story).

    I'm chuffed to bits that your meet-up with Tiff & Jenn was everything that you all hoped it would be!
  6. strawberry

    strawberry Member

    Great story!!! Glad for your experience
  7. dirkdiggler

    dirkdiggler Active Member

    Wow!!! You really did it. Exciting report. Thank you.

    You are my hero.
  8. footon

    footon New Member

    Thank you.
    Would be nice to have another visit but it looks like it was a one time thing for Tiffany. No responses to my emails or texts :(

    Are you still on his forum Tiffany?
  9. armymudduck

    armymudduck New Member

    wish jenn and tiffany lived in tx then can use me
  10. Miss_clinton

    Miss_clinton Member

    Not able to see the story :(
  11. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    The thread is nearly 3 years old - story probably lost due to database/software issues.
  12. Miss_clinton

    Miss_clinton Member

    If you have it..can you repost?
  13. pitek

    pitek Member

    Deleted? :(

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