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If you where to use a toilet slave, would you:

  1. The slave in a box (were ever it lands it lands)

  2. Squat over the slaves face so they could swallow piece by piece

  3. Use a funnel

  4. Asshole in slaves mouth until your done (It's all going down no matter what!!)

  5. Call some friends (end of the night the slave WILL be clogged!!)

  6. Be kind and let the slave eat what they could.

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. SiCiAiT

    SiCiAiT My Mouth Your Ass

    Just want idea of how people would use a toilet slave. Any comments or add other ways please do so.
  2. SadVarant

    SadVarant Member

    Well, I have no desire on ever using but being used, however for the thread I'll imagine myself as some kind of mistress :D

    I'd use a funnel personally. That way the slave wouldn't be making physical contact, and all the waste will be navigated into the slaves mouth. However, due to it being a funnel, it wouldn't cover the nose, so the slave can swallow at his or her own pace. If the slave needs a break, they can use their tongue to ensure the remaining waste remains in the funnel for as long as they desire. It all has to go down eventually, but they can pace themselves. Furthermore, the funnel will catch any vomit and prevent its escape so easily, haha.

    It's nice to fantasise about slaves and human toilets being forced under harsh dominion and suffering, but in real life, care has to be taken on both sides to ensure it's all smooth and everyone enjoys themselves. Funnel seems to be the best in this regard.
  3. morris474

    morris474 Member

    Personally i would want the mistress to decide. ( Obviously with in reason) And once she has decided i would want her to mercilessly enforce her decision, regardless of any begging and grovelling for mercy.
    I would want her to really enjoy the experience and not have any pity for her slave.
  4. bigrig

    bigrig New Member

    I agree with morris474. Show no mercy I am her toilet slave to use as she like .
  5. sweetbimbo

    sweetbimbo New Member

    i am often thinking about a kind of mask with an attached feeding bowl. when the bowl gets filled i have to swallow to keep my nose free for breathing.

    i really like this idea. i'll build one in futute - i think :)
  6. sweetbimbo

    sweetbimbo New Member

    Last edited: Feb 13, 2014
  7. SadVarant

    SadVarant Member

    There's a problem with that you should be aware of. If the slave can't actually keep it all down and vomits it up, without being able to use the nose for breathing, it could suffocate the slave if left unattended.

    Safety can't really be stressed enough if this sort of thing is to be done in real life.
  8. DK_Face

    DK_Face Member

    A cheap and easy one to build is to take one of those Russian CP5 gas mask and remove all the filtering including the metal connector on the mask it self.
    Then the hole is a perfect fit for a standard ΓΈ 75mm (3 inches) pluming pipe.
    That should be big enough for even the biggest shit.

    But be aware! as SadVarant said where is a risk of drowning if the slave can't keep up with the feeder or if he vomits.

    Maybe getting a model with a extra air intake hole can minimise the risk
  9. equidum

    equidum Active Member


    It must be wonderfully horrible to use that, from the receiver standpoint, I mean ! If you put a layer of black paint on the glasses, you put the slave in complete darkness, thus maximizing his feeling to be fully downgraded to a mere "object" status ... Additionally, there is no, or just very low smell, for the user, I suppose ?
    But there is a but : The slave won't be able to clean his user's anus with his tongue, after use.
  10. SadVarant

    SadVarant Member

    This is one thing I really don't understand about human toilets. Wouldn't the last thing a mistress ever want is the shitty, sewer tongue of a human toilet coming into physical contact with her body? Wouldn't she just use toilet paper? If full immersion is your goal, wouldn't licking the asshole break that immersion and instead, be like a role-play or fantasy?
  11. equidum

    equidum Active Member

    You're right, SadVarant. A shitty tongue can not do a clean job!

    That's why there is a little bottle in my toilet box, with a plastic tube going from inside that bottle to a place close to my mouth. In the bottle there is a solution of water and mouthwash.

    Prior to clean the anus I sip in water thru the plastic pipe, and thoroughly rinse my mouth with that solution. Then , only then, I start cleaning my user's anus.

    I am not granted the privilege to be fed ... I just clean, alas. But doing it with a soaked tongue slightly perfumed with mouthwash, is , I'm told, the most efficient, the most pleasurable, and the best of the best ways to get clean down there afterwards ....
  12. SiCiAiT

    SiCiAiT My Mouth Your Ass

    Wow a lot of ideas here. To bad there was not a way to have the slave set up like in my story "Trip To Amsterdam". That would be really cool.

    I have made a box for my lady that is the same height as a toilet. The width is a little bit smaller so it fits my head so I can't move it. The seat is a regular toilet seat. When I lay down, i lay down on this ramp that supports my back so my head is at almost toilet seat level and my neck is bent a little straighter. Under my head is a 4 inch foam cushion (the harder foam if you know what I mean) and the bottom platform of the box. She adds the top half that fits over my head rest and arround my neck. Then she locks it in place. There is no way to get out of this box unless she unlocks it and a little heavy to just get up and try to run away. I also have a couple of xtras inside the box. If she chooses she can flip a switch to some led's so I can see (inside this box after she sits is really dark everything is painted black inside and white outside). There is also a computer fan to bring air in (when I first get in and it locks I start breathing heavy so this helps) but she can turn it off if she just wants to fart or when ever. When she sits the cushion under my head allows her to seat normal but still have my mouth pressed against her ass. and allows my nose not to be pressed against flesh. She claims that it's like siting on a chair with a small hole in the middle. It takes a lot of pressure off the face but still forced to swallow.

    She claims one day she'll throw a party and lock me in but that is a fantasize.
    ....hum....I hope...or maybe not
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2014
  13. SiCiAiT

    SiCiAiT My Mouth Your Ass

    I have always thought of a device (seen something like this but don't remember where) that when something pushes into it, it can't push back out. Then that would make sure it goes down no matter what.

  14. ToiletGoddess

    ToiletGoddess New Member

    I've used pretty much each of those methods, except for the friends. My booty always clogs my toilets LOL.

    Anyway, I prefer to have the toilet in a large enclosure. This keeps the smell away from me, but it also allows me to unload completely, as toilets can't handle my load. As for booty to mouth, it's clean enough and enjoyable, but my toilets' mouth often become clogged quickly, then it's all over their face and I have to lift my booty.

    Nice poll sweetie.

  15. Jimmy Choo Choo

    Jimmy Choo Choo New Member

    It is hard for me to imagine that any of these methods is an actual convenience for the woman using them. The user is incredibly involved in the fetish process, feeding in measured amounts, sitting so as to not suffocate the human toilet, shifting to switch from defecation to urination. It's work for the dominant who is creating an intense experience for the bottom.

    On the other hand, the males all seem to want to be used mercilessly without regard to their health and well-being. This sounds more like the masturbation fantasies of men who have not actually served as a woman's toilet.

    Eating shit is hard to do. Swallowing to keep up with someone who is simply unloading without your welfare in mind is nearly impossible. Even piss is difficult. Most women with a full bladder can empty four times as fast as a man. And the tastes are assaultive. They will snap your fantasy back to reality the second they hit your tongue and make you question the wisdom of these activities.

    You will find that working together as toilet and user, you will develop a pace and style that allows you to realize your servile position while being actually useful. I'd want to eat all of her waste, so getting overloaded with a faceful of turds actually impedes the experience. With practice, your wife will come to enjoy relieving her bowels and bladder in your mouth, and you will actually become her toilet.

    You will discover that if she shits first, she can wash your tongue and lips with her piss so you are able to lick her anus clean. I would never want to give up my favorite duty of cleaning my wife's ass and forcing her to use toilet paper, just because my lips and tongue are dirty from eating her defecation. You also need to solve the question of what to do with the rest of your body. Does she sit facing your feet or do you get completely out of her way with only your head under her? These are the details of your enslavement and service that need to be worked out.

    Being a toilet, and not a user, this was the only way I could answer your survey. I only wish more women weighed in on this. I'd like to discuss it with them.

    I'm afraid that women may never approach the interest level in these activities as do men. In gay circles, there are toilet parties where one can go to be a toilet, a urinal or a top. I only wish such parties existed where women attended in order to use men as their toilets. Maybe they do, and I'm just not in the loop!
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2014
  16. SiCiAiT

    SiCiAiT My Mouth Your Ass

    Well like I said many times. My wife dose use me. First for some reason she can't pee in or on me but she dose shit. She uses a box I made which allows her to sit comfortably and allows me to breath without her full weight on me, she faces away from my feet. I have no problem taking her full load and swallowing before she wipes and shoves the toilet paper in my mouth. The problem I have is that it is not much. I just want to experience once before I get to old what it would be like to receive an unforgiving huge load straight into my mouth. Maybe after that I would like to try a party of women.

    If I'm thinking in my head "Holy shit this is big, please stop, please I don't want to do this anymore ..." Then that is the one I have been looking for. With my wife it's more of a roll play of "oh please no, I don't want it." I just want the real "HOLY SHIT please stop"

  17. kit2003

    kit2003 New Member

    I've always wanted to hear excuses not dominant woman who is forced to use a human toilet. for example if you create an electronic door lock that opens only if the weight of women has decreased. Unknown woman enters the bathroom and sees a slave, she knows that the door will not open until she releases itself
  18. SiCiAiT

    SiCiAiT My Mouth Your Ass

    that is like a SAW movie right there.

    Lets play a game ... You been emotional shit on your whole life ... Now it's your turn for revenge ... In front of you is a table full of food ... in the corner is the toilet you well uses ... you must pack the hole in the toilet with 15 pounds of your shit in 48 hours ... and no cheating or you both well die in this room.

    "Both of use ... is there someone in the toilet?"

    Let the game began.

  19. truckersteve48

    truckersteve48 New Member

    Hello im a slave. Personly i would perf er her to be small and sexy but only to shit small turds. That would go staight down my throte. Id like my body sitting with my head threw a toilet seat chair with a paded set for her to sit comfortly with my tongue in her asshole my lips sealed . To allow her shit staight down my thorte. Then id like to like it clean for her. She gets up and wipe twices to see my service is clean. Then puts the paper it my mouth. She then sits on my nose to smell her clean ass. Then my mouth sealed to her pussy . where she pees. I would hope she can squirt. Small mouth fulls and i swallow then open full. more. Until its dri bbled then start licking until clean but she may waiit and enjoy riding my face to enjoy her slaves face. She can be at sametime rubbing my cock with her feet. She always likes to feel clean after the toilet and want me always clean and ready. So she has me lay in the bath and she steps on mychest to shower with one foot in my mouth to such the water with her toe to clean my mouth. After her shower im to dry her body dry with a towel. Then my self dry . Im to dress her and lay for her to step on as she brush her teethshe can spit her tooth paste in my mouth and mouth wash. For me to brush with her old tooth brush. She has me cook her breakfest and she has my face up as she eats sitting on my face. She tell me my chores on a list from. Landery dishes to house clean. She has me kiss ass good by and her feet good. After her shoping she has me cook and lay on her floor and smell then lick her feet clean as she watches tv and eats. When she needs to pee she has me on my knees tilt my head back and squirt it a mouth full and idrank. And like her clean she then has my face upright to facesit as she watch tv. At bed time im to lay at foot of bed and keep my mouth sealed to her pussy if she needs to pee. I use my cell phone to wake me and that is the time she want the be awaken slowly by me licking her pussy as her personal alarm clock. Slave steve
  20. SiCiAiT

    SiCiAiT My Mouth Your Ass

    I would not say always ... you haven't used me. :)

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