Trampling in Alachua,Florida.

Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish Discussions' started by Facefloormat, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. Facefloormat

    Facefloormat New Member

    I live right in the center of Florida. Where nothing goes on. I've been looking for any lady or multiple to stand on my face. I really just want to experience it once... where would be the best place to go to find women interested in doing that? Thanks ! (Ps first time posting)
  2. sidewalk

    sidewalk Member

    Go and join the Wood Shed and show you can be trusted.
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  3. ausguy25

    ausguy25 Ninjariffic

    There's tons of girls in Orlando that will session with you buddy!
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  4. Facefloormat

    Facefloormat New Member

    Thank you @ausguy25 and @sidewalk ! Is there a website to look for a session in Orlando? And I'll join the woodshed ! It would be an absolute dream to have my face trampled.
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  5. tnt

    tnt Active Member

    Yes, I ask the same
  6. ausguy25

    ausguy25 Ninjariffic

    Unfortunayely no, the new laws SESTA/ FOSTA have made it illegal to advertise any services such as Dommes online. You would have to directly approach girls in the area via twitter. Also is a decent site however for some session girls.
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  7. ausguy25

    ausguy25 Ninjariffic

    Woops, I meant
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  8. Facefloormat

    Facefloormat New Member

    Thank you So Much @ausguy25 ! I will definitely look at that website ! Time for a road trip to Orlando !

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