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Tread's video store

Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish Discussions' started by yondaime67, Apr 20, 2018.

  1. yondaime67

    yondaime67 Member

    I wish i was a bit older so i could have buy all his videos when he still had his store.
    In that time i used to keep his previews but even lost most of them with my hardrive. All his Threads are gone, all his last stores are gone (not counting his older video).

    Why keep older work in stores but not the recent works which was far better in general?
    I managed to get all what is still available in fetish production c4s store and some links tred gave me personally but it's dvd from his old works (before 2008).

    After trying everything from asking him in fetlife, he advised me to ask in this forum.
    I have not much hope, even less when noone answer when i ask in the profil of fellow fans of Tread in this forum ... If somoene could understand how it feel when can't get your favorite food forever, i hope somoene could help me to buy them. Even paying him and Tread for the price of the video.

    I'm looking for this amazing one in priority

    and if possible this one

    These previews are last jewel i found in the ruins and archeological rests of best trample producer of history.

    Edit youtube deleted second previews videos 20 minute after i uploaded it...
    So i post both videos here in case


    Last edited: Apr 20, 2018
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