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Tribute to a Domme

Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish Discussions' started by SapphireSub310, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. SapphireSub310

    SapphireSub310 New Member

    The Domme I was briefly texting and would like to see in late May or June isn’t responding to my 2 most recent texts asking how much a session is. I see she posts on twitter and advertises her website asking people to tribute, how ever I have no idea what she charges. How do I find out? She was interested in taking me when I first reached out to her, but she isn’t responding when I ask how much.
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  3. ausguy25

    ausguy25 Ninjariffic

    Most dommes charge between $200-500 an hour for a session. $250-300 being the most common.
  4. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    Unless she has a genuine problem then I hate to say that her lack of response suggests lack of further interest.
  5. SapphireSub310

    SapphireSub310 New Member

    She actually replied last night.
  6. soleman

    soleman Member

    Good for you! best of luck with her.
    SapphireSub310 likes this.
  7. SapphireSub310

    SapphireSub310 New Member

    Thank you!
  8. MadameMarissa

    MadameMarissa Active Member

    Yeah, roughly 200€/$250 should be the minimum for most dommes - and collecting at least a part of it upfront makes sense with so many people just talking and not showing up

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