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True story financial domination

Discussion in 'Tales from the Dark Side' started by footslave33, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. footslave33

    footslave33 Member

    Just a quick true story about the relationship I share with my someone. She is and has always been a very open, honest and caring person who is very easy to talk to and very understanding. A little over a year ago, she text me asking if she could borrow some money, to which I said of course. I spoke with her a bit later and sh said she needed $1700 which I agreed to and I told her I wanted to talk to her about something and we met at her house.

    Nervous and shaking, I told her of my fantasies to be a financial money slave and would be honored to give her the money. I asked her if she would be ok with me giving her a $200 tribute/payment every other week which I had already been putting aside from my paycheck. I also told her I would love to budget and be frugal( no Starbucks, eating out, etc) and always make my wallet available for her inspection so she could take what she wanted, when she wanted.

    She, being the person she is, seemed taken aback by what I had just told her, but didn't make me feel like a complete idiot. She said she thought I was going to ask her for a sexual favor and then told me she had to think about it. I assured her there was nothing sexual about my request only that I have a need to sacrifice and suffer financially as a slave and would like her to be the beneficiary of this extra money.

    A few days later we met and she said we could try it. I was so excited and immediately asked her if she wanted to look through my wallet, which she relunctently did, then asked if it was ok if she took $40 which of course I said yes ( not how it went in my fantasies, but it was a start). I then asked her if I could go to the bank and get her $200 payment since I just got paid and she said yes and I later paid her.

    This went on for a couple months, she asked for money a handful of times and I gave her payments on my pay days which she was always thankful for. At some point I decided it wasn't working out and told her we should stop. She agreed and told me she was so relieved for it to be over with.

    Looking back, I realize how selfish I was to try and change her attitude, wishing she didn't say thank you but good job or your welcome or tell me how nice it was to relax on her day off, knowing I was working overtime to make my payment to her. Wishing she would take money from my wallet telling me how much she loves taking money from my wallet to buy all the things I now refrain from and go without. Telling me to try and tighten up on my budget and save more for her because she wants a new outfit, pair of shoes or pedicure.

    We still have a great relationship and she sometimes allows me to bring her Starbucks or lunch and in fact I regularly check my text messages hoping she lets me bring her something or run an errand for her or loan her money. It really makes my day anytime she gives me an opportunity to show her my appreciation to her. In fact I recently gave her several hundred dollars for her birthday and Christmas that I had saved which she allows me to give her, making me very happy.

    Now my biggest regret is how selfish I was not realizing how lucky I was that she was so understanding to me and my needs. If I ever get the nerve to apologize for my selfish thoughts and behavior and she is gracious enough to accept and again allow me to tribute her, I would never push my selfish needs. I will selflessly work overtime and refrain from unnecessary purchases making daily sacrifices of myself, so I can give her more solely for her happiness and comfort, without "bragging" about it. My happiness in regard to financial domination will purely be about her happiness and ability to live a life just easier, money wise than others.
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  3. morris474

    morris474 Member

    I have experienced this with a beautiful woman and it was areal thrill. I didn't hand over cash but I would get a terse message with a picture of some shoes she liked,with the shop details saying
    Get them for me.
    I would get them and hand them over to her.She really liked it, and to add some fun we would meet up and she would take my drivers license my car keys and house keys. She would then send my a picture of the shoes saying
    Get them for me loser, or you wont get your stuff back.
    I would have to go into the shop and buy them for her and hand them over to get my stuff back.
    I really liked the demand aspect I also liked her to belittle me. The best was when she made me buy her shoes and leather gloves . I had to hand them over to her in front of one of her female friends and they both called me loser.and laughed at me. So wonderfully humiliating.
    Unfortunately she moved away with her job to another city and it all stopped. But I will never forget the thrill of the demand
  4. footslave33

    footslave33 Member

    Thanks for the read and reply Morris, much appreciated. Your story is exactly what I wanted and pushed on her. I now truly want to give selflessly to this wonderful woman and I want to suffer and sacrifice for her now to try and make her life a little bit easier. My happiness is knowing she is relaxing on her day off drinking an iced chai while I work that extra day to make sure I can always give her a 200 bi-weekly payment, and bringing my lunch and drinking office coffee so I can give her more, not because she demanded it, but because it makes me happy.

    I now realize that though she of course buys things for herself, she also gives to her adult children, one of which she is trying to help with wedding expenses and other family members she like to give to. If she is happy doing these things, I am happy to provide them to her.

    Luckily for me, she still alows me to bring her coffee at work a few times a week and every once in a while sends a text that reads "can I ask you a favor" to which I always say of course, anything and I mean it, if it was cN you bring me coffee or give me $1000, I would say yes and thank her. I truly feel at peace with myself serving in this way.
  5. morris474

    morris474 Member

    Its just such a rush to receive demands out of the blue. My phone would Ping and a picture of a pair of shoes and which store would come up on the screen, with the words . Get them now. Or get them now Loser. I loved having to do it. Giving them to her and giving her pleasure . I loved it.
  6. footslave33

    footslave33 Member

    You were a lucky man Morris. I would have loved for her to tell me to do and get and buy things for her, but unfortunately it's just not her personality to do that. It's so funny though that these small acts have such an impact on guys like us. Most don't understand that it is them doing us the favor and what an effect being told instead of being asked. I would love for her to text me "I'm in the mood for Starbucks NOW, btw I'm going out with the girls tonite and thought you might want to pay for it". But, like I said i think that for me anyway is my fantasy and I try to concentrate on what I can do For her and not what fantasy I want.
  7. morris474

    morris474 Member

    Thanks Footslave33
    It is all about what the lady wants and we are both lucky to serve a woman in any way it Pleases them.
    Helen enjoyed sending demands and me running off to get what she asked for. I still get a high from thinking about my phone bleeping, and receiving a picture of shoes and a curt. I want them get them for me message.
    She also enjoyed calling me a loser when I handed them over to her. She did know that I liked her calling me that so I suppose it may have been a way of thanking me. I didnt care I loved feeling at her Mercy
  8. Syphonboy

    Syphonboy New Member

    I've had Morris' experience before. Slightly different

    But basically involved a person who was originally a friend of mine. We became close, hung out together. One day she said it's very inconvenient for her to go meet her boyfriend without a car. I happened to be in the neighbourhood so I said sure I can drive you, but it'll cost. She laughed and said how much. I said some stupid figure like $50 and basically she said no way. I said you're mistaken, I'll pay you $50 for the privilege of driving you. Anyway she thought I was crazy. I drove her and gave her $50 at which point she realised this whole thing was real.

    We never talked about what findom was etc. but basically she worked it out anyway by trial and error through me paying to drive her, paying to run errands for her (like buy movie tickets). She used to call me bitch over messages. At some point I started tributing her via Internet bankin
  9. footslave33

    footslave33 Member

    Thanks for sharing syphonboy, that sounds like an incredible experience, true financial domination. To be able to sacrifice for her so she could have her wants and not yours. You are very lucky she understood your needs and allowed you to serve her.
  10. Syphonboy

    Syphonboy New Member

    Yea look it's quite fun. I only do it very mildly (ie it doesn't hurt me), it's more for the thrill, and the girls find it kinky. They may like the money but it doesn't change anyone's life you see.

    Another example of this was a few years ago I met a girl from Germany. She actually wanted to rent an apartment of mine so I took her for inspection. Anyway after the inspection, I asked if she wanted me to drive her back to town. So on the way, we chatted, I asked her about what she did etc. She told me she was here travelling, looking for a waitressing job etc. I told her I can recommend her some jobs from some friends who ran cafes etc, and that way we kept in touch. That night I texted her in a flirting way. We chatted a bit more and agreed to meet up for lunch the next few days.

    The day came, I picked her up and took her to lunch. She was dressed very nice, had nice knee-high black boots, a nice blouse and miniskirt. I took her to a nice area in towns, had our meal and cracked open some alcohol. Anyway the topic of getting a job came up again. I asked her whether she wanted to do some housekeeping or cleaning. She was a bit reluctant and I told her it'd be well remunerated, around $20 per hour. She was pretty excited about it and asked me more about what the job involved. At that stage my heart was pounding, because this was all actually building up to the moment of a findom situation. I then said to her look, I think you're mistaken, because my proposition was that I'd help you clean and pay you $20 per hour. She was pretty shocked and laughed and tried to call me out on my bull shit. I told her I was serious and that a pretty girl like her should be paid to have someone mop her floor. That topic went on quite long at which point I told her about paying her to clean her shoes, clean her toilet, clean her handbag etc.

    We ended back at her house, at which point I got on my knees, put some notes in my mouth and begged her to take it. She laughed, took it, and I started licking her shoes. I ended up paying her $100 or so to clean her floor, clean her dunny, clean two pairs of her shoes and ate her out. We went on a few more dates after - no money exchanged after that time - that involved some pretty vanilla things like watching a film or having sex.

    I have so many more weird kink experiences. Will post them when I have time.
  11. Sauur

    Sauur Active Member

    Yes please share them they are awesome!
  12. Syphonboy

    Syphonboy New Member

    Yea ok.

    Another story involved a friend who stayed at one of my places as a tenant. We dated many times (5-6 times), watched movies etc, but never did anything more (ie no sex or kiss, because she was seeing another girl). She was a bit younger than me - around 22 at the time.

    We texted a bit too. One night I texted her and brought up the topic of testing her friend (another girl) to see what kind of person she was. She asked me how we would do that. I said a good idea would be that I create a fake online account and chat to her (ie my tenant), begging her to be her pay pet and cash cow, and that she can introduce me to her friend (the one we're testing), to see how excited her friend gets.

    She asked me what a pay pet was. I told her it was a kinky form of SM called findom, sent her a simple link that explained it. She said she couldn't believe people did that. I said ye,a and started calling her Princess jokingly. She was pretty polite to start with, but I started egging her on more, telling her it may be fun to charge me everytime I called her princess (this was all on text). She was pretty non-responsive and changed the topic a few times. I brought the topic back and eventually asked her "you don't believe these guys really exist do you?" She said "nah". I said "fine, give me your bank account and I'll transfer $50 over and thank you for it". She laughed and said sure but never gave me the bank account.

    After another 20 mins of chatting about other random stuff, I asked her for her bank account again. She said "are you serious?" I said "yea". So she gave me her account in a message, with no other script. I figured from experience at this point girls don't say much because they don't really believe you, and don't know what to say. They don't really get what you'er trying to achieve.

    I then wired her the $50, took a screen shot and messaged it to her. She started typing things like "hahaha" and "wtf" and "I'll give it back to you next time". I said "nah why would you do that? I am serious, I want you to experience being a princess", and told her we should define some rules over when I would pay her.

    Basically she laughed (through texts) and started relaxing a bit more, saying things like "good dog" etc. I asked her if it was fun. She said it seemed pretty weird but kind of fun, but surely no one does this for real. I said if she enjoyed it we can try it a few different ways - it may be fun to be her pay slave. She said things like "sure dog", and things like "omg you're so pathetic doing this that I want to beat you up" (all in a joking way obviously). At that point she worked out what was going on, and started saying things like "I want you to be my foot rest", "I want you to buy lunch for me during my work break (note I have retired via real estate many years ago)", "I want to hit you when I'm angry with my lesbian partner" etc. Then I said yep I wouldn't mind trying all that, but how much would you charge each time? She laughed and texted back "sleep on it dog and I'll get back to you." I remember we ended the night with something from her like "omg you're such a slut, this is so funny, good night bitch"

    To be continued... this story gets quite interesting
  13. Syphonboy

    Syphonboy New Member

    Ah I forgot to mention. This girl was aroun 110pbs, 165cm, medium length brunette, very good skin and a bisexual. She worked as a freelance graphic designer. Tends to wear tight jeans, converse sneakers or boots and t-shirts. I found this out because we got so chummy she told me the other person she was seeing was a girl.

    So picking up on yesterday, this person wasn't a true dom in that the next time we contacted each other we physically met up. She didn't bring up anything about the findom experience or carry on from that conversation. We spent the first 30 minutes of the night back on vanilla stuff - talking about her work, her friends, mine etc.

    We got to dinner place quite quickly and naturally I brought the findom topic back up. I think I promoted the topic by asking her whether having dinner with me is something that she should be compensated for. She laughed very hard when I asked that and said something cant believe I'm still thinking about that. I said come on, I just wanted to know because after all I wouldn't want to be mistaken on when I should compensate. She thought for a bit then said, "well, I enjoy coming to dinner with you. You pay all the time anyway so don't worry about it. I think if you want to be a cash slave you should be paying for something that you get nothing out of, what do you think?"

    When she said that I got a massive boner, got very excited. She hit it right in the sweet spot. So I suggested how about next time she goes out with her lesbian girlfriend, I won't go, but any expenses they incur she can snap a picture of the receipt and send it back to me and I'll fix her up. She said "haha that sounds fun I'll be sure to bankrupt you slut"

    We carried on that night with kinky chat, watched a movie, went back to her house. We made out a bit etc and then I asked her if she still wanted to use me as a foot rest while she watched her laptop. She gleamed at this proposition and took me up on it. I got under her computer table in all 4s, and she put her booted feet up on me and basically ignored me for a good 20 minutes watching clips. Eventually she glanced down at me, pulled my head up and looked at me and asked if I was ok. I said I'm ok, and asked whether I can pay her 50 for serving as her footrest. She laughed and said are you sure? I said yea I think it'll be a good cornerstone for our relationship. She said ok. I took 50 out of my wallet, put it in my mouth and handed it to her. After she got it she did something I didn't expect. She raised her boots and pointed at the bottom. At that point I knew what she wanted and kissed the bottom of her boots.

    After that, and while I was still on my knees, I asked if she wanted me to eat her out. She said she hadn't showered and didn't feel comfortable. I said that's fine, the dirtier they are, it means the more I need to compensate you for cleaning you up. She laughed and basically at that point probably figured out I was a true slut. She said ok sure, took her pants off while I was still on my knees, and I got in between her underneath and started licking her out. Eventually when she got into it enough she kept calling me slave, slut, dog, bitch as I ate her out. After around 10 minutes I was done eating her and started rimming her ass too. At the end of it I thanked her while she sat there on her computer chair panting. I asked her what I owed her for cleaning her ass and pussy. She thought a bit and said $20 for pussy and $30 for ass. As you can see this is all very token money, but symbolic. I gave it to her in my mouth again, this time she slapped me as she took it.

    I then said I wanted to cum and she said no sex because I'm such a slut she doesn't want me to fuck her. I said that's fine, then I went completely slavelike and asked if I could pay her $200 to drink her piss while I masturbated. She said omg that's so crazy I can't do that etc. I begged her a bit and said I've already tasted her shit. Eventually she said ok but only for $100. We went to the shower and she squatted over my face and said something like "are you sure? If we do this im never going to kiss you again. Not that I iwll anyway after you've licked my ass". I said "I don't intend to kiss you again anyway since I'd rather be your ATM". With those words she let a stream of hot piss into my mouth and kept calling me "toilet dog remember to pay me after". I masturbated as she pissed into my mouth, most of it overflowed and I choked anyway so it wasn't half as fun as I expected. When she was done she stood up stared at me, stumbled to the toilet to get some tissue to wipe herself. When she was done she said to me to open my mouth and shoved the tissue in and said "slut. I'm going to your wallet to get $100. And you owe me another $20 for my used tissue". I thanked her profusely and asked if I could lick the piss off her floor while she watched. She laughed and said sure. She went and got the money, came back and watched me lick her piss off her floor. So in the space of 3 days I went from being her landlord to her ATM, ass licker, pussyeater and her toilet. We the showered together, cuddled a bit and I left.
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2016
  14. Syphonboy

    Syphonboy New Member

    That night I went home texted her, something along the lines of good night princess (it was short texting because frankly I was tired and she wasn't the only girl I was mucking around with), very simple words, and she said goodnight slave.

    Next two days we texted sparringly. Again she never mentioned anything about findom or what happened, except for the odd text such as "haha good job slave" when I say something like I made money on shares or something.

    I steered the topic back to being her cash slave I think on the third day, starting with "so are there any invoices you want me to tribute you?" She didn't say anything and then sent me her groceries receipt which was around $60. I wired it to her right away and showed her a transaction receipt. She didn't even say thanks and just carried on chatting about other things. I eventually asked her when's the next receipt I can collect? She said she was hanging out with her lesbian girlfriend that night and will see what she can get.

    We texted a bit more and she disappeared for the day. Next day I texted her to ask her how was last night etc. She said it was good etc. I then asked her if there was anything I should pay for. Then again without saying anything she sent me a bunch of receipts. There was dinner, movie, drinks. Probably around $150 all up. Clearly she had all this ready. I responded with something like "wow that's a huge effort to collect". She said "haha yea". I asked her "didn't your girlfriend find it weird?" She said "she sure did but didn't think much of it".

    I logged on to Internet banking and wired her the money again, screenshoted the transaction and sent it to her. She said something like "thanks, didn't expect you to be so fast". I responded with "pleasures mine but I'd prefer you you didn't thank me." She said "haha sure how about this then?" then followed up with "fuck you slave". That week I think I ended up paying her close to $600-7000 which included our earlier session, the food and groceries and a few other bills. These included something like another dinner or 2, a gift for herself and her transport money. Every time was initiated by me, where I would ask "do you have any treats for me?" and she'd send a receipt. After payment she normally said "good dog" or "hah you're such a slut"

    We met up again a week after on another date. I said I wanted to take the findom to a next level, so I will continue to do kinky stuff but sometimes I want to do things to amuse her. She asked me like what, and I said what about paying to do real house chores? She was like "Ahahahaha that's the best idea". That night at her house I think I paid $100 and I actuallf scrubbed her floors for a good hour while she watched TV, washed dishes and hand wiped the kitchen, toilet and living area. I also did her laundry. She was on the couch clipping her toenail. I asked if she could sell them to me as a reward for letting me pay to clean her house. At the end of it she rewarded me by selling her clipped toenails to me for $50. I took home a pair of hiking boots to clean for $50 also. She said she wants me to be a housemaid every week and if I did a good job she would continue to let me serve her.

    Before I went I ate her out, rimmed her ass for a good 30 minutes while she watched tv. We actually had sex that night and I accidentally came in her. She got prettt pissed off and kept slapping me calling me "useless slut"
  15. Syphonboy

    Syphonboy New Member

    There're more stories with this girl. We wavered between femdom and vanilla dating a lot. She was never serious because she was cheating on her lesbian partner, and I was a playboy too. At my peak I saw 5-6 different women a week. Actually a taxing thing to do. I'm kind of glad I did that once and don't anymore
  16. choco_chan

    choco_chan New Member

    Shit where have guys like this been all my life
  17. footslave33

    footslave33 Member

    Choco Chan, I think we are around every where, women just don't seem to notice. I am always offering to get coffee for girls in the office, if they say yes, I always thank them after they give me there orders. We are the guys who say anything when you ask for a favor and truly mean it. We truly enjoy being taken advantage of by women. Thanks for the reply btw
  18. Syphonboy

    Syphonboy New Member

    Lol I've got lots of experiences in findom, femdom, trampling, toilet sports etc. I'm not hardcore and into BDSM and all that, more vanilla femdom. Most of these girls have a fling with me more than anything, usually 20-30 year olds, and half of them end up having sex. So I'm one of those closet femdom guys - I do it for thrill but not a true subscriber of it. There must be lots.
  19. footslave33

    footslave33 Member

    Syphonboy, your experiences sound great, for me though it is all about being of service. It is boring to most, I'm sure, I was able to show dedication twice this week. She texted me at lunch time this week asking me if I would mind getting and bringing her Starbucks. I dropped what I was doing spending most of my lunch hour driving to ordering and bringing her Starbucks. And yesterday, I texted her that I was going to the store and asked if I could get her something. She called back an hour or so later and asked if I was still there. I told her I had just left, but could turn around, she said she needed milk, if I didn't mind. I assured her it was no problem, she kind of chuckled and said ok. I walked back in and stood in line for about 15 minutes just to get milk to her. I know it's no big deal for her, but it makes me feel so good doing things like this for her and I hope she knows how thankful I am to be able to do these types of things for her.
  20. Syphonboy

    Syphonboy New Member

    Yea me too I enjoy that stuff too. Again plenty of stories on that.

    I noticed though most girls who engage in this stuff with me do it because they probably like me as a partner anyway. So I'm not sure if there're any really girls out there who simply get people to buy milk for the sake of buying milk - I don't know your circumstances but wouldn't be surprised she kinda likes you anyway.
  21. Syphonboy

    Syphonboy New Member

    Anyway another interesting story that involved no sex was a friend I've known for many years. We dated when we were younger - maybe around when she was 24/25 years old. I kept in touch with her over the years, whatsapping her occassionally especially around times like Christmas etc. She's a tad younger than me, around 165cm tall, slim, has shoulder length hair, really deep brown eyes. Not a huge stunner, but fairly cute. When I did date her we did a few femdom-related activities like shoe licking and trampling, but that's another story. I even bought a dildo from a sex shop one time halfway through having sex, and got her to penetrate me.

    We stopped going out very quickly, as we were only dating casually. She found a bf at some point when she was 25 years old or so and told me it's best we didn't catch up in person, as she wanted to be faithful. I said that's cool, but we still occasionally messaged each other. She broke up with her boyfriend a year later, and we caught up a few times.

    Around 2 years ago I introduced her to the idea of findom while we were texting (at this point she's around 28 and has probably dated a few guys since that serious bf, and was probably a bit over the whole dating thing... she was always complaining that she can't find someone to settle down with because all the guys were weird). She was complaining about how her fashion business (she owned an online fashion shop on ebay) wasn't doing well, and I told her to start a findom business. She asked me what's a findom business. I explained it to her, sent her a few links. She never said much about it except send me messages like "haha" or "I think this is a scam". A few months after that incident I probed her about the findom website idea again (jokingly), and she said she hadn't looked into it since because she thinks it's a waste of time and it's not real. We then got on chatting about other stuff, at which point she said she was going to some eastern European country for a holiday with another guy she was seeing (this was all through texts). She said she was a bit unsure about going with this guy, and found it a waste of money, but had promised the guy so found it hard to turn it down.

    This happened to be a week out from her birthday, so I said, "How about I shout you your trip?" She responded with "Haha" and started talking about other things. A few messages later I asked her again, "so can I buy you the birthday present? I'd be delighted to do so".

    At this point she responded with something like "what birthday present"? I said "your trip! how much is the trip going to cost you?".

    She then responded with something like "$1000 including hotels and airfares, are you serious, the whole trip? Wow that's crazy". I then responded and said "it's the least a money slave can do for you on your birthday". She said "haha I can't believe that! So did you want to sponsor the whole trip?"

    At that point, I got some cold feet as I didn't want to pay $1000, so I asked her "well how about a portion of it? How much is your airfare separately?" She said "well it's a $1000 package for the whole thing, so I guess if you think of it as 50:50, it's $500". I said "ok done, $500 it is".

    She kept saying "Are you for real? How are you going to sponsor me"? I said "well I know you're busy organising your trip, so it's best I wire it to you!" She kind of said "well thank you so much", and I told her "no need to thank your slave. Just give me your bank account". Her next message was simply her bank account number.. and the best thing was she goes:

    Her: "When you've transferred it, show me a screen shot"
    Me: "why do you want to see that?"
    Her: "Because it's hilarious"
    Me: "will it make you happy?"
    Her: "well it's funny, will it make you happy?"
    Me: "seeing you laugh at me is the happiest thing"

    I then wired the money on my phone, took a screenshot and sent it to her. She responded and said "haha thanks so much"

    I then said to her, "Look if you're still worried the trip will be a waste of time, how about this? For every time you have sex with that guy, and you're not happy with it after the fact, I'll compensate you for it" At that point she basically replied with something like "omg hahahaha that's crazy". I ended up paying her another $200 or something like that.

    We're still good friends to this day - have more stories between us after that incident, both vanilla stuff and findom stuff or just normal femdom stuff.
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