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True story financial domination

Discussion in 'Tales from the Dark Side' started by footslave33, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. footslave33

    footslave33 Member

    Thanks Syphonboy, I really enjoy your stories.
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  3. realservitude

    realservitude New Member

    I love reading the experiences you guys have had. It seems one of the common themes here is that the women were initially unaware of this fetish. I can say from personal experience that the thrill of submitting to a woman changes whether she is innocently unaware of such kinks or she is a seasoned Domme. The former type seems to be a bigger thrill for me. It's probably because of the novelty and taboo factor involved. Do you guys see it in the same way?
  4. footslave33

    footslave33 Member

    Hey real servitude, I would kind of agree, but sometimes it's a hard nut to crack. I think it's hard for a woman to understand my need and want to serve with nothing in return. I would love nothing more than to be a "coffee bitch" for a woman or women at work, for a woman to nonchalantly text me "need coffee now" or I need you to run an errand for me during your lunch, etc, but it's hard to navigate in the real world. But I do agree, I have seen plenty of dominatrix's in my past and I do sometimes enjoy the hour I pay for but feel so unfulfilled when I drive home.
  5. footslave33

    footslave33 Member

    I have actually wrote a few stories about servitude on this site, my favorite is probably "good life, bad life". Check them out, I think you'll enjoy them.
  6. realservitude

    realservitude New Member

    Hey footslave…I understand the dilemma. Currently I'm a personal slave to a woman who's both a lifestyle and pro Domme. While I don't pay her for sessions, neither do we have a pure findom relationship. However there are times that I'm expected to get things for her. She will occasionally text me to get her dinner or coffee. There have been a few times when she returned from a big shopping trip, showed me the receipt, and demanded that I pick out a few outfits to pay for. And running errands for her is just a part of my life.

    But something is not quite there. I will pay her because that’s my role, but not because I feel it in my heart. I miss the vanilla girls. I miss the girls who see the wonder and satisfaction in my sacrifice. I suppose I miss the bright smile I that melts my heart when my money comes out. I’m looking for that innocence.
  7. Syphonboy

    Syphonboy New Member

    Without disrespect to dommes out there, I have never seen a professional or paid someone to execute femdom/findom on me. I don't like paid environments where it's just a 'job', just a 'role-play' for an hour or two and we go off to our own lives afterwards. Without denegrating what doms do, to me that's just a paid girl. Instead of paying for someone to have sex with, I'm paying for someone to hit me.

    I enjoy doing this with people I actually know - often innocently to begin with - people who would still hang out with me for a movie in their spare time with no ulterior motive, notwithstanding the week before when we got drunk I had her make me eat off the bottom of her heels. I also like chatting to them about their personal lives, actually forming a bond/friendship. They'd probably hang out with me on their birthday (or maybe not), or they'd invite me to a function their work has thrown as their 'partner' or 'date' or 'client'. Going to a professional has no real 'chemistry' for me. Some people love it of course, but not for me.

    So yes - realservitude - I'm on your page and have no interest in ever venturing down the pathway of visiting a professional. To me that's just a paid exchange. Not interested in that. I'm in it for the thrill of the 'chase' if you want to call it that, the chemistry we build up, the bonding.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2016
  8. realservitude

    realservitude New Member

    For the longest time I would not consider going to a pro Domme. Nothing wrong with pro Dommes—just wasn’t my thing. I’m more into dominance, submission, and servitude. And having sessions didn’t seem to be a good fit for my more mental approach to BDSM. Also I’ve always been puzzled by pros who advertise that they offer financial domination. Uh…how does that work? I mean I’m already paying you. Do I just pay more? But when I hit 40 I guess I had a midlife crisis. I decided to see a pro Domme just for the hell of it and maybe have some fun. Well one thing led to another and now I’m living in the house that she and other Dommes use for work. So in the end I can’t really complain. I get to see beautiful women dressed in fetish attire on a regular basis.

    All that aside, I have tried to be a financial slave to regular women. My usual strategy is to post an ad saying I’d like to treat a woman to a shopping trip. It’s usually not difficult to find women willing to do this, but the experiences are very hit or miss. A lot of times I’ll find myself motivating their behavior, which kind of defeats the purpose of the whole thing. Many cannot fathom me wanting to spoil them without wanting any sexual favor in return. Maybe I’ll post some of my own true stories here when I can collect my thoughts.
  9. maddog4056

    maddog4056 New Member

    This story is an inspiration. Any updates?
  10. jbush23

    jbush23 Active Member

    i agree with most of the posters here. i truly enjoy serving a "new" vanilla girl that doesnt even really know about femdom/findom. She is just truly selfish and knows she's hot- and takes advantage of you as a result. VERY hard to find though. Most girls INSIST on pretending to be "nice"

    There is a 19yr old girl now that i am serving (i am 41) and she basically has been using me as a "servant" (her word for me) to cater hand & foot to her and her BF for a couple of months now. Very boring stuff for most, im sure. Fetching dinner and delivering it to them, serving as their personal driver when they go out, etc. Im not so much into the "cuck" thing, but it definitely adds an extra level of humiliation. :/ They have started going out to nice restaurants several times a week and using me as their driver. When i open the back door of my sedan for them to get out, i kneel down and She makes me hand my credit card over to her BF so he can use it to pay for their meals. (Which i hate, but i do it lol.) And she usually sends me a text or 2 during their meal to "fetch this or that" and have it waiting for them in the back seat when they walk out of the restaurant and i pull up to pick them up.

    She just thinks its funny that i will do basically anything she says. but she thinks nothing of it, as she knows exactly how hot she is.

    but i have to say to some of the other posters, doesnt it kind of ruin it for you when you have to TELL the women what to do? And then on top of that, they say stuff like "Aw, you're so seweeet....THANK you!!" and act all appreciative. IDK...maybe its just me, but that kinda ruins it for me. I would rather the girl just be a total selfish bitch and treat me like dirt. No "please" or "thank yous", just "hey bitch, me n my BF want our dinner- so hurry the fuck up with it!" LOL

    With this girl i mostly just acted really pathetic and she totally took advantage of it.
  11. Syphonboy

    Syphonboy New Member

    Yea it's hard to find a right balance. I like girls I can hang out with, but equally hate having to push them along that really annoys me.
  12. Razor

    Razor Member

    There was a short post from years ago i read here where someone relayed a story about how they sorta tricked their own little fina dom fantasy into reality. Cant recall exact details but it involved them going up to, i believe they ended up going to some Indian woman, just random encounter, and explaining to her that they were doing some scavenger hunt or dare or something odd like that and the step they were on required them to give 50 dollars(or some decent chunk of change) to a complete stranger. So they attempted to arrange something where they handed ito ver, and then the person would give it right back(maybe they allowed for her to keep a small portion of it, as thanks for playing along) to satisfy the requirements of the hunt/bet but not actually lose any cash.

    The woman takes the money and then when he goes to get his bit back, she refuses, and he just has to submit to her superior will and lose out on his cash.

    I wish i could find the post. I found it quite appealing, something about willingly submitting something like that, especially in a scenario where its not your fantasy, fun and games type environment, is quite hot.
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  13. gaze9999

    gaze9999 Member

    Hi Razor! I found this discussion and i think you are talking about an experience of mine i posted on a different forum.
    I have given away money to strangers on several occasions.

    I am getting off on being financially exploited by everyday women on the street.
    Standing in front of a shopping center I spotted an arabic mother (about 50 years) with her two daughters (between 18 and 22). All of them wore veils. I stopped them and asked if they could help me in a matter. I told them that I have lost a bet with a friend. As a result I would have to hand over the content of my wallet to a stranger on the street. While doing this i would have to take a short video (approx. 120 EUR) with my cellphone as a proof.
    While saying that I gave my wallet to the mother. She held it and gave me confused look. Then I invited her to have a look inside my wallet and take as much money out from it as she liked... She talked with her two daughters (who were laughing) in their native tounge and started to inspect my wallet carefully. She slowly took out a 10 EUR note and watched my reactions. I looked as I would but suffer, but that was the bet. Soon another 20 EUR note disappeared in the purse of the mother. Now the daughters wanted to have their share, too, and started to take out money from my wallet. Now - basically ignoring me - they kept on inspecting my wallet an taking out every note in it. After that the mother gave some of the money bills to her daughters who were cheering. Finally they also took the coins from my wallet. In the end I got my wallet back. As they wanted to leave, I asked them if they could give me some of the money back. They laughed at me and one of the daughters told me that they are not so stupid and give away money on the street. Without saying a further thank you they left...
    What do you think about my experience? Anybody here who also gets off on this?
    Thank you for reading...
  14. gaze9999

    gaze9999 Member

    I waited at an underground station and dropped a 20 EUR bill on purpose on the ground. A middle eastern woman standing 5m away from me saw this but said nothing. She approached me and the moneybill and waited to catch a good opportunity to get the money... I made it hard for her because I kept standing close to the bill. after 10 minutes I made a few steps to the right. Without hesitation she stepped with her sandaled foot on the bill and waited until she could get her reward. she then got on the train without giving me second glance....
  15. gaze9999

    gaze9999 Member

    I went to a complete stranger. She was about 20 years old. I told, I lost a bet with a friend so I have to pay 50 bucks now to her. First she looked at me very confused. But then I told her my story (that I didn´t want to give the money to my mate, so I give it to a stranger). I told her, that I just needed a pic of her and my bill to prove it to my mate. Meanwhile she started asking, when she gets her money. After the pic I asked her, if she would give me my money back. She looked me in the eye and said: "No, I don´t think so
  16. iceblock

    iceblock Member

    My Financial domination fetish has ruined me.

    I have tried to stop paying Girls but simply can't. It's easy when there is no money to give. But anytime I do have spare cash I can't help myself. And then bury myself back under a mountain of debt. I refuse to even look at my PayPal statement for fear of knowing how much money I really have given away. I've also been tricked into an extortion payment which amounted to nearly $10,000 by one Girl across a few months which wasn't Findom as I never consented to that and was forced to pay by physical threats against me. Currently there are three Girls who text me weekly for payment.

    One is a former Mistress who I have been paying for years. Another is a Girl I met through Craigslist. Then there is the street prostitute who is trying to break Her heroin habit so I pay Her chemist weekly for the treatments She requires to break that addiction, oh and there's also the Girl who is a proper Findom that I discovered through Twitter who lives in the same city as me. Now She has my personal email and as a consequence easy access to my private Facebook profile should I ever try to escape.

    I dread pay day.

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