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Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish Stories' started by ckj03, May 19, 2018.

  1. ckj03

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    Well excuse me if my stories aren't very well written but they are all true, I'll give you one with a girl that was an awesome trampler her name is Milana, she's Russian 5'10 about 140lbs with a size 9 shoe, I met her online and offered her a free self defense class as I used to teach free lessons being in martial arts for over 10 years at the time, it happened about two years ago, one of the self defense combinations I showed her ended with her trampling all over me once I'm on the ground, but instead of hesitating she was a fierce beautiful Russian girl brown hair brown eyes who took advantage and as soon as I laid down stepped onto my face then onto my chest on her tippy toes walking downward toward my stomach then on my groin and repeated the process back up towards my face barefoot while maintaining her tippy toe balance as if I was a balance beam or some inanimate object not paying attention to me or my well being. She was more fascinated with pushing my limits so she started trying new things such as jumping from the floor onto my stomach repeatedly testing my limits until she got bored, then at one point I asked her how she thinks she could stop me from getting up and one way was that she sat down on my groin and put her bare feet on my face like a footrest and as I pushed to get up she slammed my head back on the tile floor then commented on how she could watch tv from that position and how comfortable it is, eventually she stood back up and I asked her how she would finish a bad guy off from that position and one way was she stuffed her beautiful barefoot into my mouth toes first and said that would choke them to death, I showed her another way which was to pin a guy standing with one of her feet on the side of my face and the other foot on my groin and I asked her how long she thought she could stay there balanced and said lets time it which she agreed to happily. She then started the stopwatch on her phone and instead of standing still she started to grind her bare feet into my groin and face which eventually I succumbed to my fetish and came under her bare feet luckily I was wearing jeans and she didn't feel anything wet but now I'm being ground into the floor like a bug without her caring so I tapped her leg and she hopped off of me like a conquerer, when I asked her if she had a victory pose in mind since she won she planted her bare foot onto my face flattening it with her arms raised flexing, and I got up walked her out and kissed her good bye lol how's that one and it's all true I have dozens with over 100 different girls, I'm 35 years old 6.3 300lbs built like a power lifter so most girls aren't shy about doing this to me and even have fun. Whatcha think?
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    Interesting post another and let’s see.
  3. bobfeet91

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    Yo! Very interesting story. Can you tell us more?
    And why foot on face to pin a guy standing? Why not on the throat?
  4. ckj03

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    Good question to be honest she didn’t step on the throat at all, oddly enough a lot of girls are more afraid of stepping there although I did have an ex who used to stand on my throat with one foot and stuff her other foot in my mouth and she was 5’7 140lbs size 10 shoe, she was a lot of fun with that, I have more personal stories to tell if people are interested.
  5. subsole

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    True stories are the best, thank you ckj03 for sharing these with us. Wonderful!!!
  6. ckj03

    ckj03 Member

    Thank you subsole I have a bunch more, I’m thinking about going with either this tall German girl named Christina that trampled me which I have pictures to go with it or a tall Serbian girl named Suzy that trampled me also have pictures for, what do you guys think first?
  7. strangeluv2000

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    I don"t know cki03 I never would have left her leave, offer her more classes, beg her, anything to keep her, keep posting.
  8. LuvsHerHeels

    LuvsHerHeels Active Member

    Christina or Suzy stories sound great.
    Also any detailed story of throat trampling, especially with heels would be terrific.
    Thanks for your stories here.

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