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    I am happy to report that I have officially had my first femdom/facesitting experience and will hopefully have many more to come. That being said, it doesn’t really compare to a lot of stories on here. Its awkward at times, and it happened a few hours ago. What follows is completely true, and I’ve recalled it without over exaggerating. I have, however, changed the names and small details of the people involved. I will post more as it happens if you all would like me to.

    So where do I even begin…? I guess I’ll start further back than I really need to, so bear with me until I can get to why I’m writing this down. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been a bit of an outcast. I’ve always been that kid that a lot of girls want to get with, but I was just too shy to actually go up to them. I’m a college athlete, so my physique has always been pretty impressive. I’m slightly above average in height, with a jawline and brown hair and eyes. With my shirt on, you could call me dorky. But with my shirt off, I could hold my own against what you’d consider the typical jock of your school. So, whenever I talk to a girl, I tend to talk to someone I don’t find attractive, because I know that I won’t be awkward or shy around them because I don’t really have any ulterior motives other than to just be friends. This is how I became friends with Jessica. She was a short, not fat, but not skinny. She had brown hair and to put it into numbers, she was probably about 5’4” and 150 pounds. We had been friends since the third grade, best friends since the eighth grade, and we knew we were lifelong friends after we stayed best friends through our first year attending different colleges. She went to a large state school, and I went to compete for a large out of state school that gave me the best scholarship. Despite how you think this is going, no. She was not the one to take my faces seat virginity, it was her little sister. Just to clarify, her sister just graduated high school this May and is going into college at 19.

    Now that you know a bit of the background, I’ll start at the beginning of the day it happened. Jessica and I had planned a day to go out and eat Korean Barbeque because it was the first time that we would hang out for the Summer before she left for Australia on a study abroad program the next day. I had spent the day following up on internship opportunities and burning gas driving through the Summer heat when I got a text. “Hey, you know my sister is coming tonight, right?” read the text from Jessica. “shit.” I thought to myself, as I had completely forgotten. I was kinda looking forward to having an evening where I could just hang out with my friend and not have to worry about being shy or awkward in front of someone. I drove home but didn’t have time to change out of my suit and tie before going to go pick up Jessica and her sister Michelle. Let me first say that when Jessica opened the door and her little sister appeared beside her, I swear that you couldn’t even tell that they were sisters. Michelle has short curly red hair and an adorably freckled face. She was incredibly fit, and her ass was comparable to the cutest volleyball players you’d ever see. It wasn’t her incredible body, or amazing butt that set her apart from her sister… it was her height. Now I’m a tall guy at like 6’4”, but she was an incredibly tall girl at about 5’11”, maybe even 6’ foot even. She was wearing this pair of tight fitting jeans that showed just how athletic and tight her butt really was. After exchanging pleasantries with her parents and petting their dog, they got in my car and I drove us to this kbbq place. During dinner, everything went great. I was really having a great time with Jessica, and her incredibly attractive sister and I were really getting along. We would annoy Jessica and make jokes about each other, but it wasn’t until later that night that I really realized that I was attracted to her. Dinner was over and Jessica agreed to pay the bill because I had gotten our last outing. Then I said that we should all go catch a late movie. After a little bit of coaxing of Jessica and Michelle’s parents, they agreed to let me keep them out past midnight. The move was actually pretty funny, but the ride home is what I’ll remember. “That was the first R-rated movie I’ve seen in a while” said Michelle, who was sitting perkily in the back seat. “I remember that the first R-rated thing I saw was, well, I just remember mom watching this thing where this girl took like her stuffed animal toys and tied this boy to the bed and then was sitting on him and hitting him with this riding crop.” She said with a laugh. “OOOKAY” yelled her sister Jessica from the front seat. (keep in mind that Jessica has seen my browser history, so she basically knows everything about me.) But Jessica’s attempts to stop the conversation failed when I said, “That sounds so familiar, that’s going to drive me insane if I can’t find out what movie that’s from!” Michelle laughed in the backseat as Jessica changed the topic. The damage had already been done by that point though. We had normal conversations the rest of the way home, and I dropped them off and thought that was that. But it wasn’t until later that night that I got a text at 2 in the morning that I realized what was happening. “Did you find the name of that movie?” Read the text from a random number I didn’t recognize. My heart began to race as if it was seconds to game time and thousands of people were watching. I decided to play dumb. “Wait, is this Michelle?!” I responded. The three dots popped up as someone was typing. “lol yes, I got your number of Jess’ phone.” My phone was shaking in my hands as I tried to type back. “Ohhhh okay haha, makes sense. No, I tried to search for toy bondage whipping, but just came up with a lot of… well you know lololol” I clicked send and waited for a response. “What, like that whole bdsm stuff?!” I couldn’t tell if she was playing dumb so I decided to go out on a limb. “yeah, mainly just a bunch of facesitting and femdom lol, but no movie. Sorry to disappoint.” She responded back by saying, “lol you seem to know a lot about that” I didn’t know what to say. “ugh I wish. It seemed like fun hahaha” and then she said responded with “You could be my chair anytime lol” at this point I was in such a flurry that I decided to just end the conversation. “Lol just tell me when and I’ll be there. Anyway, it’s late! I’m going to bed, sweet dreams” she said, “sweet dreams chair” and I put my phone down. Had that really just happened? I didn’t know if it was Jessica just testing me, or if it was a joke, or if this insanely beautiful girl really wanted to sit on my face, but all of that faded quickly. I said my goodbyes and Jessica the next day over text as she left for Austrailia, and she didn’t mention anything about her sister, so I could cross of the test idea from my list. I don’t know what I expected, but it wasn’t until about a week later that she texted me again.

    It was about 7 in the evening on May 11th, 2018 when my phone buzzed. “What’re you up to chair?” read the text. I responded saying, “not much, what about you?” she said, “Well, Jessica’s gone, and my parents went to someone’s house for some party and I was wondering if you wanted to hang out?” One thing led to another and I was driving over to her house. My mind was racing, I knew that if Jessica ever finds out that I liked her sister, she would kill me. I drove past her house once. No cars, nothing. I parked on the street and walked up to the door. I shoved my nerves down as I knocked on the door. Footsteps, and then the door swung open to reveal Michelle in all her glory. She was wearing a different color of tight fitting jeans that showed just how taught everything on her was, and one of those knockoff vintage t-shirts you’d find at Old Navy or something. She invited me in and we talked. “Hey” I said, laughing. “What’s up” she said in a semi-awkward tone. I walked further inside as she led me to the kitchen “Where’s Diego” (their family golden retriever) I asked when I saw his collar on the table. This is where it gets intense, and I shit you not this happened. “I put him downstairs, that collar is for you today.” She said as she opened the fridge. I looked at her back, shocked. “Wait, w-what..” I asked with an awkward laugh. “You said you’d be my chair, so I thought that a collar would be okay.” She said without looking at me. I laughed and fit the collar around my neck and had to adjust it so it wasn’t choking me. Michelle turned around from the fridge holding a glass of juice and faced me. “chairs don’t stand on two legs Zach.” I got down on my knees and looked at the floor. “Look straight ahead” she said as she stood over me. I moved my head up and realized that it was just about half a foot from her tight denim covered crotch. She put one leg on the chair behind me, gripped the hair on the back of my head, and pushed her hips to collide against my face, my nose squishing against her pussy. I can’t really describe the smell other than like the smell of fresh laundry. It wasn’t this squishy prison that I had always imagined it to be, instead it was more like my face being smashed against the back of someone’s hand. Her jeans rubbed against my face as she asked “Is that okay?” She moved her hips back and I looked up at her. Her blue eyes looking down at me as her red hair fell infront of her shoulders. Her t-shirt fell straight down from the tips of her petite breasts, hiding her toned stomach that led to her powerful lower body. “I like it down here” I said. She smiled and then grabbed me by the collar. She looks disappointed as she easily slid her hand in between my neck and the collar. “Zach this isn’t going to work.” She said. She took off the collar and told me to lay my head back against the seat of the wooden dinner table chair. Without warning she turned around quickly and sat down hard on my face. I remember her jeans tightening around her perfect ass to the point where I thought they were going to tear before they crushed my nose. One thing was for sure, facesitting was not at all as lavish as I had envisioned it to be. Her tight jeans crushed my face underneath them. My nose pressed what little it could in between her cheeks and the rest of her ass covered my mouth and eyes. The only way that I was able to breathe was by opening my mouth and taking in a breath. But every time I did this, it shifted more weight onto my nose, making it hurt more and more. What felt like a minute was probably only about ten seconds before I felt the collar being re-attached. This time it was significantly, and I mean significantly, tighter than before. It was to the point that every time I swallowed, my adams apple had to move around the collar. She stood up and I took a deep breath in. I fell to my knees and brought my hands up to rub my face. “I’ve never actually sat on someone before, how’d it feel?” she asked, happily as ever. “great” I said after a laugh. She took me by my now tight collar and brought me up to my feet. She held my head down at waist level and began to walk me out of the kitchen and up the stairs. When we got to her room she told me, “Let’s put this over your eyes” I looked at her hands and she was moving a pair of bright pink panties over my face. She put the panties over my head so that the waistband of the panties was covering my eyes. She grabbed my collar and walked me into her room. “Okay so just lay down here” she said as she guided my body down towards her bed. I remember hitting my head at the foot of her bed as she laughed and told me to scoot down. “Now put your arms and legs out.” She said. Then she wrapped my right wrist with rope and tight it tightly. She then attached it to what I assumed was the frame of her bed. She did the same thing with my other wrist and ankles. “Perfect” she said. Without warning, my eyesight still dark from her panties covering my eyes, (the panties she used as a blindfold smelled like they had been washed too.) She sat down on my face. This time it was with her crotch right on my nose and my mouth under her jean covered ass. I couldn’t see her, but I knew that she was looking down at me between her strong, beautiful thighs and smiling as she sat on my face. She had tied me so that my head was at the foot of her bed so when she sat down, she could just dangle her feet off the edge of the bed like she would any normal chair. “How are you doing?” she asked, as she slowly let more and more weight off her feet. I responded with some kind of mumble that vibrated her ass. She laughed and stood up. My nose was throbbing, and I’m sure that my face was more than red as she had just sat on my for about a minute without moving, other than to get comfortable at first. “Doesn’t that hurt?” She asked as she moved around. “It feels amazing, I love being your chair.” I said. She took her pair of panties off my face. I saw her standing over me, I was tied down to the bed which stood just below her waist which meant I was at the perfect height for her to just sit down. I will never forget how gorgeous this girl was, and how if my best friend, her older sister Jessica ever found out, we would never be friends again. She gave me this adorable smile and just spun around on the ball of her foot and pressed her ass out against her jeans and this time slowly lowered herself over my face. Her crotch slowly pressed against my nose, and I felt my nose pressing into her pussy before her jeans tightened, pressing my nose flat against her crotch as her ass came down and pressed against my mouth. “Okay if you need air just let me know” She said from above me, well knowing that if I needed air, there wasn’t really much I could do as the only visible parts of my face were the insides of my eyes and my forehead. She laughed with that and closed her thighs, completely shutting me off from the world. Everything went black as she closed her eyes and lifted her feet off the floor, putting her full weight in tight jeans onto my face. I moved my head from left to right, but it didn’t move anywhere. Thankfully, I was still able to breathe by opening my mouth and sucking in a bit of air. I think Michelle realized this and didn’t say anything because that meant that she didn’t have to get up. So we stayed like this for what seemed like an hour, she was just on her phone, and to my horror, would occasionally open her tights to take a selfie with me underneath her, or when her legs got tired from being closed over my face. After about ten minutes of straight torture under her jean covered ass, my nose went numb. I really knew that she was actually enjoying this when I got my first scent of her crotch through her tight jeans. It’s hard to explain, but her scent mixed with freshly washed jeans was heavenly. She started to watch a show on Netflix and completely ignore me, and all I could do was look up at her gorgeous face, petite breasts, and the crotch that was seemingly glued to my face. It wasn’t until after at least half an hour that she got up. This time she didn’t look down at me, but just stepped forward and off my face. She bent over to take off her socks, giving me an amazing view of her tight, full, beautiful ass. She then turned around, “Open up” she said. I looked up at her, the collar still tight around my neck, as she reached down and put her dirty socks into my mouth. “good boy” she said as she turned around and sat down with no hesitation at all. This time instead of watching another show and ignoring me, she decided that it would be more fun to bounce and grind a little bit on my face. She laughed as she found that my head would bounce with the bed as she pressed my head back against the bed with each swing of her ass. My face was beet red by the time she was done bouncing and grinding. She stood back up and took the socks out of my mouth. They made my mouth cotton dry as I had tasted nothing but her sweaty feet. She tossed the socks to the floor and un-buttoned and un-zipped her jeans and then slowly peeled them off right above my head. It was like a can of dough being opened. Her ass perked up and out of her jeans. The shape was glorious in that when she stood up straight to pull each leg from her jeans, her back arched into her petite hips and then rounded out to her perfectly trim ass. Her panties were fucking beautiful. They were a light blue color with a pale green outline. I don’t think that they were meant to be a thong, but she had to pull it out of her ass cheeks so that it covered about half of her ass. “Do you mind if I sit?” she asked me, as she looked back over her shoulder. “Please” was what I tried to say, but I only managed to get about one syllable out before lowered her ass about an inch from my face. “Kiss my ass” She said in a fake powerful kind of voice, followed by her amazing laugh. I brought my nose to her crotch so that it was just scratching her panties and began to press my lips in between her ass cheeks, pulling her panties in-between her athletic butt. She laughed and then sat down, “good boy.” She said again. Now that is what I had always imagined facesitting to be like. My nose pressed her panties into her pussy, subsequently covering my nose completely. Her panties had become a thong again, and she didn’t bother to pull it out of her ass cheeks as she settled her ass against my face. Without her jeans on, it was obvious that she liked sitting on me just as much as I loved being sat on by her. Her crotch was incredibly wet, making it impossible to breathe through my nose. Her smell was amazing, it was like fresh air with a perfect pungent pang. I closed my eyes as she closed her thighs and leaned back, forcing my nose deeper into her crotch, as her ass swallowed my mouth. She sat like this, opening and closing her thighs over my face, letting me catch glimses of her leaning her head back, pressing her hands against my body as she leaned her torso back. She began to rub her pussy against my nose, making her panties go from damp to wet. I was thankful that I was able to suck in a small amount of air through my mouth, and I think that she knew that whatever small amounts of air I got, they were sucked though her ass. She moved her hips back and forth, getting her juices on my face, letting them run into my mouth. She moved quicker, but with smaller motions. I started to shake my head back and forth, vibrating her pussy as it pressed and rubbed against my nose. She moved her hand to just about her crotch and pressed down and she started to grind her panty covered ass against my face harder and harder. I realized that she was going to cum on my face, and didn’t really have a choice of what to do, so I kept shaking my head until she grabbed my hair with her other and pulled my nose hard into her panty covered crotch just as her panties started dripping with her cum. She got off my face quickly and went to the bathroom, leaving me to glisten, tied to her bed, her cum in my mouth, my face red, just thinking about what just happened. One of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen not only just sat on my face for about an hour, she just came on my face through her panties. My state of bliss was broken when she came back in. She had on a pair of shorts and started to un-tie me. “Sorry, I don’t know what happened.” I can’t remember our exact conversation, but I told her that it was amazing, and she could have sat on my face like that for an entire day. I cleaned my face and we ate lunch and watch some TV before she told me that her parents were going to be home. I left and texted her when I got home. “Hey, I would love to be your chair again.” She said “Well you’re the best chair I’ve ever sat on…. I think that I could use you in some different ways too though.” She added some emojis and that was our conversation up until just about 6 hours ago. I will keep posting about us if you all liked it!

    - Zseat1
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  2. Wao.. You're damn lucky to be experiencing this.. wish I could find a girl who's be sweet enough to use my face as Her chair.. :)
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    Just retrieved my password to write how beautiful this experience was! that's a dream coming true!!
    I lived similar things in my past but nothing so perfect as you described!

    what happened then? I'm really curious now!!
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    Thank you for sharing, great story!
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    Great. Can't wait for more>
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    Sounds amazing! Look forward to hearing about your next date with her...
  7. Nice story bud
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