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Discussion in 'Hot Topic Zone ... & the Flame Pit' started by trail, May 9, 2016.

  1. trail

    trail Well-Known Member

    Something different? and I understand americans like this guy, yes I can understand that.

    But why doesn't he like Europe? And he don't like Nato and would like to see it closed down. "Don't need europe and don't need Nato". Ok, so then we get a Us president who don't like us, and don't care to be an allied with us anymore.

    Why, because he fear Putin, want Putin to become more friendly with the Us, and maybe even let him have parts of Europe?
    We know that if we not stand together, Putin may be much more dangerous for Europe. Because Putin are also afraid, and like to get more control. And he don't like us( western europe) either.
  2. sinbad

    sinbad Well-Known Member

    I think your putting more thought into this than Trump. Don't read too much into him. It's more important for him to NOT sound like a politician right now. For better or worse.
  3. trail

    trail Well-Known Member

    Yes, so says some of the experts too. And maybe that's right, I hope so.
    But what is the experience?
    Have we had similar before? Yes: Hitler an Napoleon, and Trump is remarkable like them I will say.. (God have made me the greatest...:eyebrows:)
  4. brett

    brett Registered User

    Hillary is going to squash him like a slow bug.
    Those other two you mentioned were so much more capable.
  5. donatto

    donatto Member

    Hillary will be indicted before that even occurs.... as Obama's viagra levels will wear off soon....

    Trump is going to be President till 2024

    Its written in the ancient scrolls

  6. brett

    brett Registered User

    Trump might not make it to next week with the death grip you have on his nutsack. And could you please hold your breath until Hilary gets indicted.
  7. hansderhans

    hansderhans Well-Known Member

  8. Sauur

    Sauur Well-Known Member

    Trump is an egotistical shit that lowers the level of political discourse in this country.

    Still probably better than Hillary though. :/ Country is truly fucked.
  9. suffocated2

    suffocated2 Member

    Is Saunders still in the running? If not the Americans are truly fucked. Before Trump began coming out with total sh'ite like:
    he called Mexicans and other immigrant groups “rapists and killers.
    he said he could stand on New York’s Fifth Avenue “and shoot somebody” and still not lose voters.
    And wasn't there something about punishing women who commit adultery?

    I thought he was something the US needed to give them a kick up the backside. For example how long did it take Obama to realise IS was becoming a real threat? But now I think he's very probably a cunt.
  10. trail

    trail Well-Known Member


  11. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    Trump will never be more than a plastic Borisalike.

    Only one person in the world can do Boris - & that's Boris himself.
  12. suffocated2

    suffocated2 Member

    Ah, but he could be the next Prime Minister. Now wouldn't that be great for the world, Trump as President too. Then there'd be two idiots ruling the world.
  13. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    Don't underestimate Boris - beneath that carefully cultivated "buffoonery" there is a very clever man.
    You need to look further than the ruffled hair, the tie always slightly askew & the jacket that looks like it was made for someone else. Oh, & don't forget the zipwire & other escapades.
  14. suffocated2

    suffocated2 Member

    I hear what you're saying. You can't run a publication like The Spectator without having a good brain, but there are limitations. One of the most important criteria of running a country is the ability to be a statesman. I really don't see or can imagine either Boris or the Hairdo-man possessing that type of quality.
  15. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    Boris will get away with it because he is.................Boris.

    In anycase, usually Prime Ministrsr or Presidents (in a democracy) are usually the front men - the country is actually run from behind the scenes.
  16. suffocated2

    suffocated2 Member

    As they say... the men in grey suits run everything. Or is it the Illuminati? But even to be a front man one needs a certain statesman-like flair, not just je ne sais quoi.
  17. trail

    trail Well-Known Member

    I'm scared :confused:
  18. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    Interesting times ahead - well, for around 6 months or so untill he gets impeached.
  19. dachi

    dachi Well-Known Member

    I like Trump and his way to make U.S. incredibly amazing and richer
  20. wanderer109

    wanderer109 Active Member

    Wait and see, wait and see. Judge him on his actual performance. I know that is difficult for you wretched liberals who predicted the criminal Hillary would win big. So much for what you know.

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