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Twig & Berries CBT Trample Updates

Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish - Pics/Clips' started by trfan, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. trfan

    trfan Member

    New computer, and new updates!

    Here are a few still shots from a recent clip we shot called "Madams New Shoes". I bought Berry some custom converse shoes for her birthday this year and we have finally gotten around to shooting with them. Berry loves converse and plans to use these for several, gradually more brutal clips. We hope you enjoy the pics! Madams New Shoes 1.jpg Madams New Shoes 2.jpg Madams New Shoes 3.jpg Madams New Shoes 4.jpg Madams New Shoes 5.jpg Madams New Shoes 6.jpg Madams New Shoes 7.jpg Madams New Shoes 8.jpg Madams New Shoes 9.jpg Madams New Shoes 10.jpg
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  3. cjdvnd

    cjdvnd New Member

    Thanks for the pics of Ms Berry's cocktrample. Her bare feet are fantastic!
    can i make video request ?
  4. trfan

    trfan Member

    @cjdvnd - Of course you can make a video request! We are always happy to try to make them work. What are you thinking?

    Also, thanks for the comments about Berry's feet, I will let her know!

    Take care.
  5. cjdvnd

    cjdvnd New Member

    Can you give me your e-mail address?
  6. trfan

    trfan Member

    Finally an update of stills from a clip a while ago. This clip is called "Now You're Gonna Get It" where Berry is sick of taking it easy (ish) on her pet and decides to push my limits a bit. She stomps and jumps full weight on my junk several times and during one jump she even pops one of my balls through the hole without even noticing. She continues to march in place until I am about to climax, and right when I am she starts jumping full weight on my balls smashing out every last drop until she is satisfied. Now Youre Gonna Get It 1.jpg Now Youre Gonna Get It 2.jpg Now Youre Gonna Get It 3.jpg Now Youre Gonna Get It 4.jpg Now Youre Gonna Get It 5.jpg Now Youre Gonna Get It 6.jpg Now Youre Gonna Get It 7.jpg Now Youre Gonna Get It 8.jpg Now Youre Gonna Get It 9.jpg Now Youre Gonna Get It 10.jpg
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  7. trfan

    trfan Member

    A few more stills from an older video, Berry wanted to hold the camera and give a Madam's view video, but then she changed her mind and figured that it would be more entertaining to watch me struggle to hold the camera as she mangled my cock and balls under her feet. And so that is how it went, she tried over and over to make me lose my camera concentration by either going up on her tippy toes on my balls or by jumping over and over landing squarely on my (I mean, "her" [she owns it after all]) cock. Enjoy the stills! Hold The Camera I Want To Hurt You 1.jpg Hold The Camera I Want To Hurt You 2.jpg Hold The Camera I Want To Hurt You 3.jpg Hold The Camera I Want To Hurt You 4.jpg Hold The Camera I Want To Hurt You 5.jpg Hold The Camera I Want To Hurt You 6.jpg Hold The Camera I Want To Hurt You 7.jpg Hold The Camera I Want To Hurt You 8.jpg Hold The Camera I Want To Hurt You 9.jpg Hold The Camera I Want To Hurt You 10.jpg
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  8. trfan

    trfan Member

    "This Is Going To Hurt" was a direct quote from Berry before we shot this clip. She wanted to have some fun and push my limits, which, to her pleasure have slowly grown as we have pushed further into CBT Trampling. She stomps and marches all over my junk in this clip with little to no regard for my agony. Moving her focus from the shaft to balls over and over keeping the pain distributed. All full weight she hammers my balls with her heels, or stomps down on my cock with the ball of her foot. She always tells me she has fun when she can just let loose, well, this is a good instance of her doing just that.

    Enjoy! This Is Going To Hurt Final 2.jpg This Is Going To Hurt Final 4.jpg This Is Going To Hurt Final 5.jpg This Is Going To Hurt Final 6.jpg This Is Going To Hurt Final 7.jpg This Is Going To Hurt Final 8.jpg This Is Going To Hurt Final 9.jpg This Is Going To Hurt Final 10.jpg This Is Going To Hurt Final 11.jpg This Is Going To Hurt Final 12.jpg This Is Going To Hurt Final 13.jpg
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  9. trfan

    trfan Member

    Hey cjvnd, sorry for the delay in email address, I tried PM'ing you and praying to your profile, but if this is the easiest way, my email is tramplefan12003@gmail.com.

    Looking forward to your, and anyone else's requests! We'll see what we can do.

  10. trfan

    trfan Member

    Here are some pics from the first video from a shoot a bit ago called "The Warm Up". As the title alludes to, this clip was the warm up round before Berry got more and more violent with me and my (I mean, her) cock and balls. In this one she takes her time and marches all over my shaft and stretches my balls under full weight to build me into a more pliable mood for the videos that followed. It was a fun little build up clip that had both pleasure and pain in equal parts... Enjoy. The Warm Up Final 1.jpg The Warm Up Final 2.jpg The Warm Up Final 3.jpg The Warm Up Final 4.jpg The Warm Up Final 5.jpg The Warm Up Final 6.jpg The Warm Up Final 7.jpg The Warm Up Final 8.jpg The Warm Up Final 9.jpg The Warm Up Final 10.jpg The Warm Up Final 11.jpg The Warm Up Final 12.jpg
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  11. trfan

    trfan Member

    The final video from this trio, this one Berry called "A Painful Finnish". And it was very aptly named. Berry started out by isolating each of my balls and stepping on them full weight one at a time. After she had her fun with them individually, she started to march on my cock and balls indiscriminately for a while until she moves into her back and forth motion as she works me towards orgasm. When she realizes I am about to blow, she starts jumping, full weight, all over my balls until I am fully drained and crushed beneath her soles. A Painful Finish 1.jpg A Painful Finish Final 2.jpg A Painful Finish 3.jpg A Painful Finish 4.jpg A Painful Finish 5.jpg A Painful Finish 6.jpg A Painful Finish 7.jpg A Painful Finish 8.jpg A Painful Finish 9.jpg A Painful Finish 10.jpg
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  12. ausguy25

    ausguy25 Ninjariffic

    Awesome stuff as always buddy!! very jealous!
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  13. Av_arrow

    Av_arrow Member

    She is absolutely fantastic and her feet are excellent to watch and admire. She clearly enjoys what she is doing to you. And you have a great capacity for punishment. I love her bare feet and what she does to your manhood. May I ask....how long did it take you to build up your pain tolerance? As for requests, any shots of her bare feet working your (her) manhood over are very much appreciated. You are a lucky man.
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  14. trfan

    trfan Member

    Thanks for the comments guys!

    @ausguy25 Thanks, we are working on getting more and more aggressive, and it's definitely getting better on our end. I would have to say though that the jealousy goes both ways in our friendship! o_O

    @Av arrow Thank you for the wonderful complements! Berry saw them and it finally made her want to create a profile on the forums! So soon she will be commenting directly and interacting with everyone here.
    Of course you can ask!
    Honestly, it took a while. I started out with just my "twig" out on the block but after years of watching other people having their "berries" trampled on too, it looked too fun not to try. And when I started, it was super painful and really difficult to take. But just like normal trampling, you just have to keep working on it, and eventually you build up your tolerance. I'll never forget the day I asked Berry to jump on my balls, I was terrified, but it was the most exhilarating experience of my trampling life. Now, every time I am forced to cum under her feet, I LOVE when she jumps all the way through the finish. Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected to be able to take what I can now when I first started. Gotta practice practice practice!!!
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  15. sub4her2

    sub4her2 Member


    I just saw this clip. Truly a heart stopper towards the end. I have a request. Is it possible for me to ask with a pic attached?:cool:
  16. trfan

    trfan Member

    @sub4her2 of course you can request something! We'll do our best to make it happen!

    Thanks for the compliments!
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  17. sub4her2

    sub4her2 Member

    Maybe you’ve done this. Full weight on your balls with both feet. And of course, the cum shot as well. I noticed in this clip I mentioned your goddess has only one foot in play. It would be priceless for her to finish you under her full weight. :D

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  18. Av_arrow

    Av_arrow Member

    trfan: Thank you for your honest answer to my pain tolerance question. I am hoping to build tolerance with my lady. Berry, I look forward to you joining in with your own profile. I am sure you will enjoy the interactions. You have a lot of fans here.....including me.
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  19. Berry Shortcake

    Berry Shortcake New Member

    I wanted to thank you for the praise! I do very much enjoy making him suffer...
  20. Av_arrow

    Av_arrow Member

    You are more than welcome. I am glad to see that you have officially joined the forum with your own profile.
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