UK: Please not leave EU

Discussion in 'Hot Topic Zone ... & the Flame Pit' started by trail, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. trail

    trail Well-Known Member

    Members from UK, I advice you to vote yes to stay in EU. You will only lose by leaving. Because you will not really leave.

    I will admit I'm worried for my stocks ok, but no good for UK to leave that's sure.
  2. suffocated2

    suffocated2 Member

    When I lived in the UK I was all for leaving. Why? Because our borders have been so ineffective anyone in the EU could come to the land where the streets are paved with gold. The benefits system is the most generous in the world. This also attracted scum from the poorer countries where their level of ethics and morals is such that they're mostly criminals. Also the French and Germans generally don't like the Brits anyway. We also whack in £50 million PER DAY.

    But now I live in Gozo, part of Malta which is in the EU and I enjoy private healthcare. So now I selfishly want us to remain and have voted accordingly. We'll keep our fingers crossed. Two days to go.
  3. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    Let those of us who live & work in the UK be the judge of what we do - some of us are alsO old enough to remember when the forunner of the EU was a trading organisation, not a political one.

    Whist I agree in a lot of what you say I firmly believe that to qualify to vote you should have to live & work in the UK.

  4. suffocated2

    suffocated2 Member

    I left school at 15 in 1966 and worked all my life paying NHI and tax. I started up a retail advertising studio which I ran for over 13 years employing 5 people and paying employee NHI and corporation tax. I think I'm more than qualified, more than most in the UK, to have the priviledge to be able to vote.
  5. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    I hear what you are saying, but I should really have qualified what I said in regards to residential status/how long people have been here.
  6. trail

    trail Well-Known Member

    This is crazy :p Now one by one of other EU countries want to do the same you can be sure.
    But I understand and respect your decision.
  7. suffocated2

    suffocated2 Member

    Well, at least we can go back to singing, 'There'll always be an England...'
  8. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    Hopefully, the process will begin - seems to me that the majority of those who voted to leave did so for the "collective good" & those that chose to remain did so for their own idividual reasons - or knew nothing before the common market/EC/EU.

    Hopefully the haggis crunching old witch will let the democratic process continue.
  9. suffocated2

    suffocated2 Member

    Ach, you'll take the high road and I'll take the low road and I'll be in Scotland afore ye...

    It also seems a lot of the leave voters now regret it because their two brain cells didn't realise the implications... eg; like the pound dropping like a turd into the abyss, and now they're regretting it.
  10. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    I have considerably more than a couple of brain cells & made my mind up well before all the hype & untruthes bandied about from both sides.

    The pound will have dropped (as with shares) anyway, whatever the verdict - it will come back again as the money markets always do.

    I fully expect that there will be some hard times ahead, before things improved - I'm quite happy with that.

    The EU spawed from the Common Market - which was a trading organisation - it has evolved into an obese & bloated, largely unelected political organisation interfering with countries own laws & over riding them.

    & another thing, let the Scots have independance if they want - it would not take too much to re-build hadrian's Wall LOL !
  11. suffocated2

    suffocated2 Member

    My comment was aimed at those that now regret voting leave and now regret it because they didn't have a clue for what they were voting and not taking into account its implications.

    I never wanted to join the Common Market, as it was then. Hed Teeth took us in and straight away sold away our fishing rights along with his soul. That's why cod has virtually become extinct because every other EEC, as it was then, country sped over and nicked them. From henceforth we've been bombarded with silly rules and even had to go metric which even today I find it hard to get my head round. At least we were able to keep pints and mph.

    Yes, good luck to the haggis-eaters if they want to remain. But me and a lot of ex-pat pensioners are suffering with the fall of the pound.

    We've also got the problems of the two main parties to contend with. I always vote tactically eg: two strikes and you're out. The Tories have been in two terms now bugger off and let the other one have a go. But both Labour and the Tories parties are inundated with idiots so my usual optimistic nature is becoming pessimistic.

    Maybe I'll go back to Brazil and get facesat to death.

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