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Under the Mattress of two

Discussion in 'Facesitting & Smother Stories' started by ttramplemeelmo, Apr 2, 2018.

  1. ttramplemeelmo

    ttramplemeelmo New Member

    It was so dark under this mattress. I was hot and sweating under here. Barely able to breath. I slowly stretched my arm to the edge of the mattress to lift the end up a bit and see if I can get some air to come inside the mattress so I can breath better. I did it slowly so not to wake up the women who where currently sleeping soundly on top of the mattress and on top of me. I can feel their breathing as the mattress would slightly push down against my squished body when they exhaled and back up when they inhaled. Plus I could hear each of them continue to breath deep and steady. The odd time each one of them would periodically shift their weight while they slept and change positions turning to their side, their back or their tummy as they lay still sleeping. I was ordered not to move so I didn’t disrupt their sleeping but it has been so very long since I could breathe normal from the weight of two girls and a heavy mattress on top of me and it’s so hot under here I am beginning to panic trying to get air. How could they sleep knowing they trapped me under them. Why did they keep me in their apartment after they caught me hiding in their closet. All I wanted from them was the hat that one girl took from me at the dance club last night. I didn’t have to follow them to their apartment to see if I could get it back. And who forgets to lock their door after both of them left their apartment to get smokes from the store around the corner. I just followed them to their place and waited outside their door hiding trying to find a way in to get my hat back when I saw them leave. They just got in from the club and then left again when I tried the door and found it opened. I needed my hat back so I went inside and looked around. The door opened and they returned mins after I got inside their apartment. Sure it looks bad. I could have been a creep or a burglar or something but I’m just a simple man single trying to find companionship at the local club when these girls I bought drinks for took my hat and wouldn’t give it back to me. I had to do something. I was just going to get it back and leave but I got trapped in the closet and they found me. I was kicked punched scratched stomped on and spit on while they yelled at me calling me every name in the book. I said I was sorry and tried to explain what I was trying to do and begged them telling them I would do anything for their forgiveness when one of the girls decided to tie of my legs so I wouldn’t run away and they lifted the mattress up and ordered me to lay inside of it. When they dropped it down on top of me it hurt my nose until I turned it to the side and I could feel them romping around on top of the mattress playing as if they were wrestling with each other or something. I could feel knees on my throat and chest and they would stand up on the mattress and jump up and down on it. The legs of the frame would slam down on the floor as the weight of these girls crushed me under the mattress continuously from the impact of them jumping on me. The wind was constantly being pushed out of me and I had to gasp many times trying to get air. They were heavy and merciless in their jumping as they giggled and laughed hysterically at my moaning and screaming out in pain from under the mattress they were bouncing on. This took what seemed like hours before they got tired and sat on the mattress and I think they stopped moving enough to have a cigarette and watch TV because the concentration of weight was near the top of the mattress flattening my head shoulders and chest. It seemed like they were sitting near the top of the bed leaning up against the head board and draped their legs down near the middle of the mattress where my chest and stomach were. So much weight was on my head for so long I was light headed so I forced my head to the side but after a time I couldn’t move my head at all any other way until one or both moved a bit and when they did I quickly forced my head to the other side to get some relief from one side of my head to the other. The weight lifted slightly as one girl left to use the rest room and the other moved down on the mattress and adjusted her weight to lay down. The other girl returned and the first girl left for the rest room and the other one moved around until she was comfortable. I could feel her relaxing and the weight on my head was lessened but still there was lots of weight there to permit me from moving around or attempting to get out from under them. When the other girl returned, the movement on the bed lessened for an hour or more until they were motionless. This was when I thought they were sleeping. But I figured out later that they were not sleeping yet. There was some moaning and movement of the bodies on top of the mattress seemed to frequently move around a lot but slowly. As I reached for the edge of the mattress to get some air inside, I could hear them moaning and could hear kissing or something like that. They were making out on top of the mattress with me inside of it. Didn’t they know I was still inside here? I was turned on and in pain all at the same time. Probably their intent as they wanted very little to do with me at the bar. They seemed more into each other and this movement is starting to make more sense. They are lesbians or bisexual or something I don’t really know. It was getting more intense and moaning louder and there was a concentration of weight increasing on top of my chest stomach and head. One must have climbed on top of the other and were laying right on top of me having sex with each other. Their pushing and movements followed gasping and moaning up there in a rhythmic pattern made the bed bounce and forcing me to gasp after each thrust from the woman on top to the woman under her and both on top of me. Faster and faster the movements and moaning and finally screaming from both girls up there eventually slowed and halted movement finalized with a harmonized sigh from each of them. 10 mins of silence was broken by one girl moving off the other girl and they lay still for about an hour when I heard the heaving slow breathing of both of them. They were asleep. From that moment till this morning is where I have remained ever since. Is it morning? How long have I been under them? When will they get up? What else will they do to me when they do wake? I remain motionless waiting impatiently for someone to get up. Light was coming into the corner of the mattress and I could get some air and I took a deep breath trying to hold up the corner of the mattress and still remain still. Shortly after that I felt movement and relief when one woman got up and sat on the corner of the mattress on top of my hand closing the opening I was holding open for air. It got dark again and there began a shortage of air again as she remained there. Movement from the other side of the mattress happened and that person actually got up from the mattress and was standing beside the bed talking to the girl sitting on my hand. They were up. Hopefully soon they will let me out. I hope I hope. Light came in from the other side of the mattress and I used my other hand to lift it up a bit so I can breathe in some air. The first girl stood up now. Both seemed to have left the room. Should I crawl out or wait here? The mattress was still heavy and I was so weak from all the weight that crushed me all night long. My muscles would not respond very well. I was sore and tired and drained of any energy. My back was on fire, my face crushed in several spots and I had a tremendous headache. I literally couldn’t move even if I tried right now. I lay there motionless still trying desperately to gather some energy to at least move in one direction or the other. I heard the flush of a toilet and heard some sounds within the bedroom again. Someone was back in the room. Are they going to let me out from under here yet? TO BE CONTINUED…
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  3. Squished82

    Squished82 New Member

    Very nice start, can't wait for more..
  4. carpette12

    carpette12 Member

    great story!! please continue :)
  5. ttramplemeelmo

    ttramplemeelmo New Member

    PART 2

    I could hear the clicking sounds of hangers tapping together. It sounds like one of the girls was looking in her closet for clothing. After a min or two I could feel slight tapping on the mattress. I think she was pulling out clothes and setting them on the bed. Then the corner of the bed went down hard from weight of the girl sitting on it. That’s it isn’t it? She has forgot I was under this mattress. I don’t know how but that must be it. No one has lifted up the mattress to let me out yet. She was moving around on the bed as she sat so she must be changing or putting something on. I could hear the murmuring sounds of voices but it was hard to make out from the weight of the mattress on top of me. The clothes were lifted off of the mattress by the other girl and she sat down on the end of the mattress. She must be getting changed also. They both got up at the same time and each girl walked to the one side of the mattress and lifted it up. It was so bright in the room, I started squinting. I was relieved that the mattress was finally off of me I was so happy to be free. Get out of there one girl yelled at me. I quickly scurried up and moved down the end of the bed and stood there afraid of her tone and what was going to happen next. Whats your name one girl asked. I said Doug. She pointed to herself saying Cathy and then pointed to the other girl and said Kelly. I responded, saying nice to meet you both. Kelly turned to me with a smirk on her face and said ya ya, Dumb Doug the asshole says nice to meet us. Ha! Ok I said I’m sorry I made a mistake. I’m an asshole I get it. Cathy turned and said mistake? Your sorry? Didn’t you get what you wanted? Kelly said yah you got to sleep with two women. How is that a mistake? I said well I didn’t sleep with either of you like I would have hoped but that’s ok too. Its obvious I’m not your type anyways. What type is that asked Kelly. You know I said, girls into girls not guys? Right? Cathy said who said we weren’t into guys? I felt uncomfortable all of a sudden trying not to offend them. You know what I mean. We could have all been together but you stuffed me into the bed and squished me all night. Kelly said, its what you deserve isn’t it? I said you stole my hat. I was trying to retrieve it I told her. Ok so I didn’t make good decisions last night in trying to get it back but I was a bit drunk and I’m sorry I broke into your apartment. I just wanted my hat back. Cathy smiled and said that’s all you wanted was your stupid hat? That’s it? Not us? I smiled and said well I didn’t think you wanted me. Kelly said you told us last night in the bar you would do anything to make us happy and well, putting you into our bed made us happy. Isn’t that a good thing doug? I smiled and said oh well um Yes I guess it is. Cathy said good because we have great news for you. We found your wallet and decided to keep it. Why? I asked. Kelly added, we’ve decided we want to keep you as our personal slave. We will feed you clothe you and pay you daily for your time with us. I said but I have a job already. Cathy said no not anymore. You are going to quit your job today, now that you work for us. I thought about what she said. It was a crappy job anyways and she had a good point. She handed me her phone and said call them now and quit. I called my boss and let her know I was resigning for personal reasons. She was concerned but was ok with laying me off temporarily. I turned to Cathy and said its done. Kelly immediately walked over to me and pointed to a spot on the floor saying kneel now! I kneeled down on the floor. Kelly says, from now on you will address us as Mistress. You will do what we tell you no matter how painful gross or difficult the task. You exist to please us as you claimed to want to do in the bar last night and so you will from here on. Is that Clear Doug? I nodded and said yes Mistress. I’d been beaten. Weakened from being stuck under that mattress all night. I have no money no wallet no keys no future no job and no way out of this situation. They have me right where they want me and there is nothing I can do about it except cooperate. My eyes fixed to the ground kneeling in front of Cathy. I began focusing on her slippers and her bright red toe nails peeking out from front of the pink slippers. They were pretty. I couldn’t take my eyes off them. Maybe I did have a fetish for feet. I didn’t know. I have never done anything close to this before. Being submissive being beaten and broken is new to me. I had always had my way before today. This is a new life for me. I was tired and sore. After all I’d been up most of the night suffering but I was ready to accept this new fate. Who knows, maybe they will have sex with me one day. Or not but it’s worth a shot. I’ll give them what they want and see. Cathy noticed me looking at her slippers. Kiss them she said as she pointed down. I never did this before and didn’t know how to react so I went with it. Yes Mistress I said and leaned forward and planted a kiss on the top of her pink fuzzy slipper. It felt degrading and I was humiliated but it also felt good, like I was supposed to do this. I kissed her slipper again and again. Cathy reached down and touched the back of my head. She patted me like I was a dog and said good boy keep kissing. I continued to kiss her slipper when she pushed my head right to the floor. I laid my head to the side helplessly pressed against the carpet for a min until I felt a kick to my butt from Kelly. She laughed hysterically me as Cathy held my head to the floor. Kelly was wearing black flats with a bow on the top. She placed one foot on my back and pressed down forcing my body to lay on the floor on my tummy with my head to the side. Cathy released the pressure and stood to my side, my head now faced her feet in slippers. I could view her toes sticking out of the slippers and that nice bright red nail polish glistened from the sunlight that lite the bedroom. She kicked her feet out of the slippers and stepped on my head. One foot planted directly on my head pressed her entire weight from the ball of her foot across my ear to her heel on my cheek. She lifted her other foot applying all her weight on my head and the second foot joined over the back of my head with that heel pressed over the side of my forehead. I couldn’t see Cathy now but I could feel her body weight shifting as she attempted to balance herself standing on my head. I could feel the blood rushing to my face and reddening it sharply. Pain followed. I felt a tear oozing out the side of my eye as they were blood shot now as Cathy just wouldn’t get off my head. She shifted weight too much to my cheek that she almost fell off but compensated and was assisted by Kelly who straddled my back to provide balance to Cathy. There was a chair to the right of Kelly and she placed a hand on the back of it for balance as she stood up on the middle of my back with her flats still on. My back was in pain as I could feel the edges of Kelly’s heels digging into the lower part of my back and she didn’t tread lightly she showed no signs of concern of whether this was hurting me or not. She just didn’t care. She walked up to Cathy who now turned to face Kelly. Cathy’s feet both were pushing into the side of my head and her toes pressed firmly into my cheeks and side of my neck as she too didn’t seem to have any concern of the tremendous pressure on my head now being pressed into the carpet. My eyes flickered and I could see stars as my cheek contorted my mouth to fold inwards from Cathy’s weight on her toes. Back and forth up and down she rocked giggling to Kelly who was marching on my back. I strained as the air was involuntarily being pushed out of me and I groaned uncontrollably. The phone rang and Cathy stepped off of me to answer it. Kelly walked up my back to my neck and stood on my head in her hard flats. I moaned from each step and started tearing up when she stood on my head. She hopped a few times before stepping off of me and walking out of the bedroom. I was relieved and heaved a sigh and took a few deep breaths. I rubbed my head to try and get some comfort out of my ordeal but I stayed in the same position just in case I was going to get in to trouble for moving. I could hear them in the next room laughing and talking. Cathy rushes into the bedroom and sees me lying still on my stomach on the floor all beaten up again and sore. She walked up to me and says roll over on your back dougie. I slowly pick myself up and roll over onto my back and lay there. She kicks my leg and says knees up. I put my knees up and Cathy straddles my waist and plops down sitting on my stomach. She places her feet up on my chest just under my chin and leans back. I got great news for you doggie! She laughs at me. I said my name is doug. She says naw not anymore. Your doggie. It fits better since you are our dog. I started to strain from her weight on my stomach and say, fine whats the great news? Cathy says, we are having a party tonight in your honor. Some of our girlfriends are coming over for drinks and to have some fun with our new doggie! Isn’t that exciting? She pounds her feet on my chest trying to contain her excitement. This is great isn’t it doggie? I murmured, I can only imagine what you and your girlfriends are going to do with me next. Oh its going to be fun she said. For us I mean. Cathy planted her feet on both sides of my head and stood up. She walked to the doorway and turned saying, Ok doggie, the vacuum is in the closet in the hall way. I want you to vacuum the entire apartment every room and mop the kitchen and the bathroom floors. Then I want you to do the dishes. We will be back shortly. With that she left the room. I could hear her and Kelly talking but couldn’t make out what they were saying. And within a few mins the front door opened and closed. I got to my feet, stood up and walked in the living room. The house was silent. Now is my chance to escape. I tried the door. The knob turned back and forth but would not open. The deadbolt was locked and only a key would open it from either side of the door. With no key to open the deadbolt, I was trapped inside and since we were on the 15th floor there was no way I could just jump out the window either. I heaved another sign and began looking for the vacuum. It took a little while but I managed to vacuum all the floors and then did the dishes first then mopped the kitchen and the bathroom. I waited in the living room for the floor to dry sitting down on the couch when a noise came from the front door…..
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