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updating a classic 2

Discussion in 'Tales from the Dark Side' started by morris474, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. morris474

    morris474 Member

    Jamie was taken back to the prison he was so mad with her and contemplated taking out an official complaint. Not that it would have done him any good. He knew they would believe her.

    The next morning at 8am he was taken over to the governors house again, , She met him in a tiny dressing gown. He couldnt help but look at her , her magnificent tones legs, Dainty feet with red painted toe nails. The curves of her ample breasts and her beautiful face.

    Are you staring at me she enquired.

    Oh my god he was in trouble already

    No Mistress I wasn’t

    he answered without thinking.

    Her face was like thunder as she said

    Are you calling me a liar.

    No Mistress

    He replied.

    Well I think you were staring, so are you calling me stupid.

    Oh no he had fallen into her trap again.

    Please no Im sorry I didn’t,

    He didnt finish as she said,

    Well either your calling me stupid or your lying, which is it. And if you dare call my stupid I will whip the skin off your hide boy.

    She had a grin on her face, she knew she had him and was enjoying watching him squirm and suffer.

    Well she bellowed.

    I must have been Mistaken mistress he tried to say.

    She laughed.

    Dont make things worse for yourself boy , admit you were lying or I will only make things worse for you.

    He knew he was beaten and threw himself onto his knees apologising for lying to her.

    Kiss my feet she hissed.

    That bitch he thought how dare she ask me to do that but he showered the tops of her feet with kisses anyway.

    She was loving this watching him grovel and crawl. So amusing.

    Eventually she ordered stop that and kneel up.

    He obeyed immediately.

    I will fully deal with that offence later but for now I am going to remind you I must be treated with the utmost. respect.

    Im going to slap your face 3 times and you had better not move, do I make myself clear.

    Yes Mistress he almost sobbed.

    She drew her right hand back and splat she slapped his left cheek really hard.

    The bitch , he wanted to hit her back and she knew it. And was giggling

    Splat , the second one just as hard landed on the same cheek. The third one nearly sent him flying.

    Right she toyed with him.

    And held the back of her right hand near his face,

    Kiss the hand that punished you and thank me for disciplining you.

    He kissed the hand and sobbed thank you for disciplining


    Say it louder and like you mean it boy, or I will start all over again.

    He thanked her louder and kissed the hand more frantically

    Ha Ha Ha your so pathetic she taunted

    Ok stop that,

    Just the three from my left hand to go now .

    He felt the anger rising, the evil bitch was toying with him but the thought of a life sentace for assaulting her stopped him as her left hand lashed out once, twice , three times reddening his right cheek.

    Ok boy. Im going for soak in the bath. Sort the kitchen out and it had better be done by the time I come down.

    He opened the door to the kitchen and saw a huge pile of dishes and pans. The floor was filthy and he groaned to himself.

    She had a long luxurious bath, chuckling to herself thinking about him slaving away. All because of her.

    She felt like teasing him so dressed in a short skirt , black stockings , low cut top and 4in heels , she did her make up and knew she looked amazing.

    He had worked away like mad and was just finishing the floor as he heard the clack clack of her heels on the floor.

    She put her head in the door and ordered.

    Serve me coffee in the sitting room , white no sugar.

    He was relieved she had dent noticed he wasn’t completely finished yet and made the coffee, transfixed by her beauty and her outfit,

    He made the coffee and took it to her .

    She had deliberately crossed her right leg over her left and let her skirt ride up so that the lacy stocking top was just visible on her toned thigh. She was also dangling her shoe from her Toes giving him a view of her nylon clad foot.

    All that time inside without even a glimpse of a woman and here she was a vision of beauty openly displaying herself to him. He was hard in seconds and just about drooling.

    She knew full well he would be lusting for her, It amused her to taunt him.

    He went to hand her the coffee and she commanded,

    Never hand me anything from above, get on your knees and hand it to me .

    He knelt being careful not to spill anything.

    She deliberately didn’t take the coffee straight away. She liked to toy with them.

    Women were far superior to men. And she liked to be difficult with them. She loved tormenting them and she was only just getting started on him,

    Ok finish up on , what your doing and get outside my car needs a full clean inside and out,

    Erin had parked her mini cooper s in view of the french windows so she could watch him work , she enjoyed watching males slave away , It amused her.

    Jamie found the cleaning cloths and hose pipe and started work. Erin had positioned her sofa right in front of the french doors and was lying on it reading a magazine . She knew her skirt had rode up showing off her stocking tops with devastating results for a frustrated male,

    Jamie saw this out of the corner of his eye and decided it was too risky to have more than the occasional glance.

    The Mini was filthy and he had to work hard to get the grime off, He glanced over and saw that Erin had kikked off her shoes and was on the phone,

    Erin was on the phone to her 18 year old neice Lucy, as stunning brunnett, Lucy was a real bitch and loved that Erin had men slaving away for her,

    Hi Lucy, You busy enquired Erin

    Nah just relaxing , have you got another one she asked enthusiastically,

    Ha ha ha yes hes out cleaning my car as we speak, do you want to come over?

    Enquired Erin

    Yes course I do what shall I wear

    Replied lucy

    Oh it has to be your skin tight leather trousers and those killer heeled boots you have, They will drive him insane,

    Said Erin.

    MM going to enjoy that but Im going to wear Stockings underneath so my feet get sweaty in my boots if thats ok , you know I love making them lick my feet in sweaty nylon,

    Replied Lucy.

    Ha Ha ha yes that sounds great, you really like that dont you. But can I ask you to get your boots muddy and walk all over my kitchen floor he been cleaning it all morning.

    Lucy burst out laughing and replied, My pleasure.

    Erin got up and sauntered to the french windows and knocked , Beckoning.

    Jamie In,

    By the time Jamie arrived Erin was back relaxing on the sofa showing just as much leg,

    Fetch me a coffee boy

    She ordered.

    He was furious inside, That bitch was relaxing and he was working.

    his guts out , now he had to make her coffee

    jamie made the coffee and remembered to kneel to give it to her, which made Erin smile,

    You dont mind kneeling to me do you she asked,

    No, No Mistress I dont

    He forced himself to say,

    Are you sure, most men dont like to grovel to a woman, Just so Im sure kiss my feet boy,

    Boy , how dare she call him boy, and now he had to kiss her nylon covered feet, he wanted to hit her but knew he had to comply and kissed the tops of her feet,

    Erin enjoyed his grovelling t for a time before commanding

    Kiss the soles now,

    oh how she loved barking out orderes to them she loved power she thought,

    10 minutes later Jamie was sent back out to continue with her car.

    He toiled away on the outside and then made a start on the inside,

    A car pulled up as he toiled and a stunning brunett with long dark hair got out, OMG he couldn’t believe how gorgeous she was and how tight her leather trousers were on her magnificent ass,

    Lucy completely ignored him and walked toward the house, leaving her VW golf GTI next to Erins Mini.

    Lucy had walked through a muddy patch before driving and her boots were filthy, She went around to the side of the house and in through the kitchen.

    Oh such a shame to walk on such a clean floor she giggled to herself as she deliberately wiped as much dirt as she could onto his clean floor,

    Erin summonsed Jamie in through the french windows and handed him a cloth,

    My neice has got mud on her boots , clean it off boy.

    Jamie hated having to do it but had no choice,

    After that he was dismissed back to the mini.

    Erin laughed to Lucy, he is in so much trouble,

    And they both laughed out loud,

    When Jamie had finished the car he was let in through the french doors and erin ordered

    Fetch the riding crop of my desk.

    Jamie had a feeling of dred but trotted off and fetched the crop, an evil looking 4 feet long one with a thin leather tab at the end.

    Erin and Lucy had evil smiles on there faces and said,

    Come with us,

    Erin pointed out the state of the kitchen floor, which had all the mud on it from Lucys boots ,

    I thhought I told you to clean that floor boy. Did I not make myself clear ,

    But But It wasny my fault spluttered Jamie , It was clean.

    Silence bellowed Erin,

    Hoe dare you challenge me.

    Thats just cost you a good 20 with this amnd swished the crop through the air,

    Did you finish the Kitchen by the time I came down from my bath

    Enquired Erin

    Well yes all but,

    She stopped him straight. away saying.

    I dont think you did , so either your lying to me or you must admit you were being lazy,

    and I warn you I punish lies very harshly,

    Lucy was grinning at his predicament,

    Well which is lazyness or are you lying to me,

    Bellowed Erin

    Jamie knew he was in a trap , he fell to his knees and kissed Erin,s feet saying,

    Im sorry mistress I was lazy.

    Yes you were Lazy and I hate laziness another 20 strokes thats 40 strokes, pluss you lied to me earlier , I hate being lied to thats another 20, what do you think Lucy,
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  3. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Active Member

    Erin and Lucy are clearly very sadistic mistresses. Thanks for this update.
  4. morris474

    morris474 Member

    Thank you one author

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