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VRPornPerv VR360 Giantess Updates

Discussion in 'Giantess Justice' started by vrpornperv, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. vrpornperv

    vrpornperv @VRPornPerv

    VR360 - The Giantess Girlfriend Orgasm ft. Codi Vore - 4kHQ - 0301
    Your girlfriend Codi had such a good time with you on date - she really loves how well you two have gotten to know each other. She always finds you so interesting, and she is so attracted to tiny little men - she loves how she gets to hold you and cradle you in her hand. Codi bashfully asks if it is ok to kiss you then slowly moves her gigantic lips to your body - she starts making out with you, her lips rapping around you as she gently gives you little pecks. She becomes more and more turned on and she can’t stop making out with you as she becomes infatuated with your kisses. Your girlfriend wants to undress for you - she puts you down on the couch and starts taking off her shirt to reveal her gigantic tits in her lace bra. As she picks you back up she lets you climb all over her boobs in the bra, then fully undresses, letting her massive juggs drop down towards you. Codi kisses you more and more as she lays back and lets you sit on one of her boobs. She puts you right next to her nipple and rubs it against your body, she loves the tingles you give her while you suck on her tits. Codi starts moaning in ecstasy while you are sucking on her tits, with every lick you give her, she grows louder and louder. She wants to lick her own nipple as you do it, she sticks out her tongue and grazes your body as you go to town sucking on her tit. Your girlfriend keeps edging you on not to stop, to keep sucking and sucking while hugging her huge breast with your body. Codi is getting so much pleasure from you that it is starting to make her cum - she screams how good it feels and not to stop - to keep sucking and sucking as she finally explodes into a massive screaming orgasm. She can’t believe how good you made her feel as she brings you back up to her luscious lips and gives you little kisses to thank you for making her cum so hard. Codi roles over and wants to cuddle so she puts you in between her boobs for safe keeping and slowly drifts off to sleep.
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  3. vrpornperv

    vrpornperv @VRPornPerv

    VR360 - Gifted XXXMas Shrunken Sex Toy ft. Miss Starlight & Sydney Screams - 4kHQ - 0302
    Sydney wrapped you up to surprise her friend Miss Starlight with you as a Xmas present. Miss Starlight pulls you out and holds you in her gigantic hands, and gets really excited to eat and crush you but Sydney stops her - you are a different tiny little man then what she is used too - you are a special little fuck toy. Sydney explains that if Starlight uses your body in the right way, that you can please her sweet pussy in ways she has never dreamed of. Sydney starts off by taking your little body in her hands and moving you down to her pussy, showing Starlight exactly how you do your job as a little fuck toy. Sydney loves the way you use your tiny little hands to massage her clit, she rubs your back and fourth as you bring her to a massive moaning orgasm. Now it’s Starlight’s turn - Sydney passes you off for her new fuck toy experience. Starlight moves your body in her hands down to her already dripping wet pussy and lets you wrap your little body inside her pussy lips. She moves you back and fourth getting hotter and wetter as you please her. She pulls back her pussy and lets you do your little job as reveals her perfect clit to you to hang on to. Your are doing such a good job at being a fuck toy that you bring Starlight to a screaming orgasm as so moans in ecstasy. You are such a good little fuck toy present that she is going to keep you for another sex session later on.
  4. vrpornperv

    vrpornperv @VRPornPerv

    VR360 - Giantess Girlfriend Cock Sucking Blow Job ft. Summer Hart - 4kHQ - 0304
    Your the cutest, tiniest boyfriend Summer has ever had, and she absolutely loves giving you blowjobs. She cradles you in in her hands as she wraps her lips around your cock, sobering all over your stiff rod as she moves your body back and forth with your cock in her mouth. She loves the way your dick feels in between her lips, and begs you for your hot steamy load to shoot into her mouth. Summer keeps telling you how much she loves your cock in her mouth as she adores your cute tiny size. She can’t get enough of your body and licks you up and down, drenching your body in her spit. She keeps sucking away are you, moaning as she begs you for your jiz to blow in her mouth and on her luscious lips. Summer opens wide as you blast into her mouth, she loves every drop of jiz that you spray into her as she giggles with happiness that she pleased you.
  5. vrpornperv

    vrpornperv @VRPornPerv

    VR360 - Fucking Mrs. Clause as Shrunken Santa ft. Giantess Tegan Trex - 4kHQ - 0305
    You took way to much of your magic shrinking potion to climb down the chimney and you had to call Mrs. Clause to come rescue you. She finds your tiny little body near the fire place and comes to your rescue, but Mrs. Clause is a sex freak and loves fucking in other peoples homes. She is dressed up in her sexiest Xmas lingerie and won’t let you leave until you fuck her stupid. She picks up your little body and teases you as she undresses with her perfect tits and her dripping wet pussy, letting you climb all over her as she begs you to fuck her. She lays back on the floor and spreads her legs wide open for you to get into her warm, dripping wet pussy. Mrs. Clause holds you in her hands as she presses you up inside of her, fucking your cock deep inside as she moans and screams in ecstasy. But she wants more - after she explodes into orgasm, she can’t help herself and takes advantage of your tiny size - putting you into a stalking and leaving you their to go find the man of the house to seduce and get fucked again.
  6. vrpornperv

    vrpornperv @VRPornPerv

    VR360 - Ass Gas Chamber Torture ft. Giantess Terra Mizu - 4kHQ - 0307
    Terra has you trapped in your little container as she confesses to you that last night on her date, she had the biggest side of fried beans ever. She absolutely loves mexican food, and she loves beans. Today you are going to pay for it, she has been farting a storm all day, and she is going to force you to indulge in her stinky stench. You cant run away, she has you trapped - and you are her entertainment for the day. Terra turns around and places her gorgeous massive ass over your body as she starts to let rip - filling your little cage with her horrid ass stench. She giggles and laughs at you while she musters up more, pushing her beautiful booty on top of you and farting out more ass gas - then slams the lid down, entrapping the stench all around you for your lungs to saturate in.

    VR360 -The Vore Taste of XXXmas ft. Giantess Sydney Screams - 4kHQ - 0308
    You snuck yourself into the massive tits of Sydney Screams while she decorates her tree. You get an amazing view of her boobs and spy on her while she wonders around the room preparing for the holidays. She keeps smelling something delicious and tasty but can’t figure out what it is when suddenly she notices your little body in her cleavage. She pulls out your little body and becomes infatuated with your oder. Sydney starts licking your little body from head to toe, tasting all of your savory juices as her appetite increases for you. She can’t contain herself anymore and needs to taste you in her mouth - she opens up and starts nibbling on your limbs, savoring every bit of your delicious body bite after bite. She does want to devour you whole, but she wants a snack for later so she puts you back into her tits and holds you hostage while she continues to decorate her tree.

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