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VRPornPerv VR360 Giantess Updates

Discussion in 'Giantess Justice' started by vrpornperv, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. vrpornperv

    vrpornperv @VRPornPerv

    VR360 - Girlfriend Crushed Foot Boy ft. Giantess Sarah DiAvola - 4kHQ - 0342
    It’s your special night with your girlfriend Sarah - you are finally are going to get to play with her perfect feet. Your two have been dating for a while now, but you have finally earned her trust to be able to become her little foot boy. She towers over you with her freshly pedicured feet in high heels, and starts to rub your body with them. She crinkles her soles for you to admire as she takes off each heel - reminding you of all the times you have begged her to rub your cock on her feet. Your girlfriend holds her feet over you, stroking your little body with them and brushing up against your throbbing cock with her solos as she seduces you. She loves when you kiss her feet and feels your little tongue run across her toes, she can’t get enough of your little mouth all over her. But you can’t seem to fully please her as she starts to get annoyed with you not worshiping her feet the way she deserves. Her patience grows thin with you as she gets more and more frustrated. You lost your special touch and she realizes that this was a mistake. Your girlfriend really can’t think of any other use for you so she starts poking you with her toes, testing your body with her weight as she presses harder and harder down on top of you. She squeezes you harder and harder, until she is finally done with you. Sarah raises up her entire foot, with no where to run, you see her sole and heel come crashing down on you. Facing the reality of being squashed out as you hear every bone in your body slowly crack.
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  3. vrpornperv

    vrpornperv @VRPornPerv

    VR360 - Ass Licking Vore Snack ft Giantess Carmen Valentina - 4kHQ - 0343
    Carmen has a special treat for you - she hasn’t had any booty loving in a while, so she needs you to get your tongue ready to lick and kiss her delicious round ass. She wants your mouth all over her juicy butt, to devour ever inch of ass with your cute little mouth. Camren holds you in her hands as she bouncing her ass for you before shoving you right up into her ass crack. She loves the way your little body feels pressed up against her as she instructs you every second on how to be the best little ass slave. You go to town on her ass with you mouth and your tiny hands messaging it, but you just can’t seem to satisfy her. Carmen gives you multiply tries but your talents just are useless compared to what she is normally used to with a regular sized man. She pulls you out of her ass crack and holds you in her hands, clueless on what to do with you, she suddenly gets a whiff of your smell. She is curious about what your body tastes like, so she gives you a little lick. Carmen found your new purpose, she licks you again, becoming even more infatuated with your taste. before saying good bye to you and opening her mouth, dangling your body for just a moment before swallowing you hole.

    VR360 - Tit and Ass Crushed by Disappointed Giantess Girlfriend ft. Megan Jones - 4kHQ - 0345
    Every time your girlfriend comes home, all you are ever doing is watching tv and being a lazy fuck. She is so fed up with you, you have been nothing but a disappointment in her life. Megan circles you, taunting and humiliating you for being such a little insure man, she knew this relationship wasn’t going to work from the moment you moved in. She has had enough of all your tiny little shenanigans and never satisfying her with your tiny little wee wee - Megan picks you up and puts you in between her massive tits. you have loved so much all the times you have jumped on them and sucked on her nipples, but Megan is being extremely rough with your body - she drops you in between her cleavage and starts to squeeze you. She loves the look on your face as you run out of air, but she isn’t done yet. Megan really wants to enjoy the crush torture that you are about to face. She smashes you again with her massive tits before pulling you out and placing you on the ground. Her massive ass comes down on top of you, compressing even more air out of your tiny lungs. She is having so much fun crushing you that she realizes this is what your pathetic body was meant for in the first place. All that time wasted dating you has now been worth it as she crouches down one last time over your, pressing her booty onto your body until you black out.
  4. vrpornperv

    vrpornperv @VRPornPerv

    VR360 - Cuban Goddess Tit Worship Vore Tasting ft. Giantess Gia Love - 4kHQ - 0346
    You have been patiently waiting for your big tit giantess goddess to come home, shrunken on the floor you get extremely excited to see her find you and pick up your tiny little body. She had a long hard day and she really needs her massive tits worshiped and sucked on. Your goddess undresses in front of you, while holding you in her hands, she starts to rub her tits for you to admire. She reveals her pierced nipples as she puts you in-between her tits and lets you look around. Your goddess loves teasing your little body by rubbing you in between her boobs and feeling you squirm around. She commands you to open your mouth and start licking each of her nipples - she loves the way your little tongue feels on them, moaning as you please her needs. The last time she used your little body, it wasn’t that good for her, but she see’s that you have improved on your licking and sucking. Your goddess moans louder and louder, begging you not to stop. But your efforts aren’t good enough - she pulls you away from her tits and wonders what she can do with your little body now that you have failed again at pleasing her. You have always looked tasty to her and now she wants to put your body to the test. Your goddess licks you to try you out and falls in love with your taste - she can’t get enough of you as she licks you like a popsicle, drenching your face in her spit as her tongue moves up and down your little body. Your Giantess Goddess keeps licking and sucking on you, putting her teeth up against you with little nibbles bitting off your limbs. But you are so small that she can’t quench her hunger with just your little legs and feet - she wants all of you to fill up her stomach. Your goddess says goodbye to you and thanks you for finally serving a purpose useful to her as she opens up her mouth and throws you down into the back of her throat.

    VR360 - Taunting Vore Torture ft. Giantess Codi Vore - 4kHQ - 0348
    Codi holds your little body in her hands and laughs at how pathetically small you have shrunk yourself down to be. She found you sneaking around her home and captured you, now you have no where to run as she squeezes you in the palm of her hands. She rubs your little body with her fingers as she tells you how delicious you look. All you wanted was to spy on her and her massive tits but your day has gone horribly wrong. You tremble as Codi taunts you that she is going to eat you - nothing you can do is going to change what she wants, to devour your little body and make you endure all the pain and suffering of being eaten alive. She demands you to take all of your clothes off and you have no choice but to comply. She squeezes your body harder as you resist her grip but you are so weak and small that it is pointless - you are going to be eaten today. Codi torments you but listing off how she is going to eat you, even giving you options to decide from. She finally decides your fate - to be nibbled on limb by limb, finger by finger until she completely finishes you off. Codi begins her meal of your little body - savoring every juicy bite that she takes out of you. Taunting you as you squirm in her hands, unable to get away - her taste for you is uncontrollable, but she isn’t going to finish you off quite yet. She had so much fun torturing you that she wants to save more of you for later. She leaves your head and just enough of your body intact to stay alive for another session later, leaving you to suffer knowing that your end is inevitable.
  5. vrpornperv

    vrpornperv @VRPornPerv

    VR360 - Big Sister Mouth Exploration ft. Giantess Whitney Morgan - 4kHQ - 0349
    Your big sister comes home and finds you shrunken down laying on the floor trying to spy on her, Whitney is infuriated with you and all your little shenanigans that she has been dealing with ever since you started experimenting with your shrinking pills. She humiliates you for all of the creepy places that you have hidden in the past, trying to spy on her and gets more and more pissed off every time because you keep making yourself normal size before she can tell mom and dad on you. She even started wearing pants because she is so sick of you looking up her skirt. Whitney has no idea what how to deal with you any more when she finally has an idea. She was out with her girlfriends eating lunch and she was having really bad mouth pains. She picks you up and starts showing you all around her mouth for you to investigate. Whitney gets excited that your little pervy shrinking pills are finally coming in handy. Your sister shows you all around her teeth and tongue and opens wide for you to look into the back of her throat as she holds you in her hands. She keeps telling you where she is having pains but you can’t seem to find anything wrong with her. Finally she has had enough - she finds you completely useless and is done dealing with all your pervy adventures. Before you can take your growth pill to get back to normal size, your sister lays you on the ground and swats your little body like a bug - crushing all of your tiny bones in an effortless swipe.
  6. vrpornperv

    vrpornperv @VRPornPerv

    VR360 - Slut Girlfriend Pussy Licking Vore ft Giantess Carmen Valentina - 4kHQ - 0351
    Carmen holds you in her hands - she missed your tiny body and can’t wait to feel your mouth and tongue playing with her soaking wet pussy. She strips down for you while she loves the way you call her your giantess slut. Your girlfriend loves the way you treat her like the fuck goddess whore she is as she rubs her tits in front of you. She moves your body closer to her dripping wet pussy as she starts to rub herself off - she loves when you call her a dirty giantess whore as she pulls away her panties and shoves you right in her cunt. You play with her clit as she moans in ecstasy they starts to explode her pussy juices all over your body as you dive your mouth in and wrap it around her clit. You suck her clit as hard as you can, trying to satisfy your sex hungry slut girlfriend as she cradles your body next to her whore cunt. She keeps getting closer and closer to cumming as she grinds away at your body and face - but you and your mouth are just to tiny to do the job. Carmen pulls your body out of her pussy extremely frustrated - she is a sex slut giantess and needs her orgasm, but you just won’t do the job. She wants to do something else with your body now, she holds you in her hands as she starts to smell you - her appetite has grown since you two started fooling around and she really wants a snack. She asks if she can taste you and you reluctantly say no - but she gives you a lick any ways. You feel her massive tongue swipe over your body, covering your in her spit as she keeps licking you. You can’t get out of the grasp of her hands to run away as she starts to roughy play with you. Your girlfriend starts to crush you in her tits as she continues to lick and taste you - she has teased herself enough with your aromas. She wants to satisfy her hunger more then continue her relationship with you as she opens wide and shoves you in her mouth, swallowing you in one big gulp.
  7. vrpornperv

    vrpornperv @VRPornPerv

    VR360 - Ass Crushed Orgasm Slave ft. Giantess Sarah DiAvola - 4kHQ - 0352
    Giantess Goddess Sarah DiAvola towers above you in high heels and black lingerie, taunting you as you look up to her beautiful juicy ass. She rubs her gorgeous booty as she squats down over you, demanding you to kiss her luscious ass. Your little body is picked up in her hands as she moves you from ass cheek to ass cheek, instructing you on exactly how she likes your little slave body to kiss her booty. Your ass goddess spreads her ass for you and shoves you in her ass crack as she keeps instructing you exactly how to please her. She loves how your little mouth and tongue feels on her sensitive booty, and keeps edging you on as she starts to moan louder and loader from your amazing performance. Your get a little sneaky and start to nibble on her with your little teeth and she starts moaning even more - she loves the way your little bits feel on her booty and can’t get enough of it. Your ass Goddess puts you on the floor and hovers over you as she commands you to stick your tongue out, and shove it deep in her ass crack. Your little tongue is a perfect match for her delicious body and can’t get enough of you up inside of her. She wants to have an ass orgasm really really bad and starts to command you to work harder and harder - she is so close to cumming from your sensual kisses and licks, and demands you to keep going. Your goddess grinds your little body into the floor as she starts to cum hard all over your tiny body - but she wants more. The thought of crushing you under her ass while riding you gets her extremely excited and intoxicated with the thought of offing you. Your goddess keeps pushing your body to its limits, bearing all of her weight down on top of you as she starts cumming again, screaming out how good it feels to destroy you as she finishes you off, mashing you into mush with her perfect booty.

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