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Wanting to get smothered in Louisville, Kentucky

Discussion in 'Facesitting Discussions' started by Krazy4Culo, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. Krazy4Culo

    Krazy4Culo Ass Fanatic

    I'm a very polite, and somewhat shy, caramel-skinned mixed guy in my mid-thirties who is VERY eager to find a regular to smother me in Louisville.

    I would be HAPPY to compensate the sitter for the privilege of getting smothered, if that's what it takes. However I'm mainly interested in women who have plump, shapely bOOties like the typical sitters on the Brazil Smother clip stores.

    Lately I've been fantasizing about interracial smothering domination. It would be so hot to be a smother slave to a PAWG (phat ass white girl) who wears some very tight or very short shorts then ties me up or handcuffs me and smothers the crap out of me while she watches TV, talks on the phone, or paints her nails. I'm totally comfortable with racial insults or whatever, to make the dominance and humiliation seem more genuine. I have several smother stools / seats that I've fabricated which can be used to render me helpless if the sitter prefers.

    I've tried posting ads on Craigslist and Backpage, but i usually end up with some pimp (posing as a boyfriend) trying to interest me in one of his hos (posing as a girlfriend). The main problems I run into are if I post in the "Casual Encounters" section and mention that I'm willing to pay for a session my ad usually gets deleted. If I try to post in the Talent Gigs section and mention anything about my face getting sat on or smothered, my ad usually gets deleted. You have to purchase ad space on Backpage. The problem is you have to pay with Bitcoin, and I've gotten scammed both times I tried purchasing Bitcoins via Paxful. So Backpage is no longer an option for me. It pretty much just sucks trying to find a woman to smother me. I'm too shy to ask for it in person, and CL and BP make it almost impossible to reach out to local females and offer a trade. So I'm posting here in hopes of finding a decent-looking, curvy bOOty female nearby to smother me.

    If interested you can contact me at: Aquarian502@twc.com

    Thanks for allowing me to post this, mods.
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2017
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  3. ma1234rk

    ma1234rk Member

    I recommend trying fetlife. But if you do, you should try to use it as an opportunity to overcome some of your shyness and actually go on dates with women rather than paying money for it. Not only is it healthier, more real, and longer lasting, but it's a lot less risky legally and with your health.

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