What annoys you most about videos?

Discussion in 'Facesitting Discussions' started by suffocated2, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. suffocated2

    suffocated2 Member

    I'll tell you what gets up my nose is the whispering of directions by the cameraman. It happens mostly with the Brazil vids. I think Marco started it and everyone he's taught does it. Instead of saying 'cut' and putting a digital marker for later editing purposes they go in close-up and whisper for the domme to do or say something. It only takes 2 seconds to cut and splice. They think you won't hear it but you can and for me it totally spoils the video.

    Also the heavy breathing by the cameraman as he begins to get too excited. Or the squeaky beds. Another annoyance is the noisy stills camera clicking away.

    Are they fucking stupid or what?

    What gets up your nose?
  2. ausguy25

    ausguy25 Ninjariffic

    I agree with the instructions thing, I've never understood that. Unless the camera person is a woman, that can add to the hot factor for me. Usually when I'm behind the camera I have hand signals I give to the girls if I want them to move or change up things. It only takes a few minutes before shooting a clip to educate the girls on what hand signals will mean during a clip. If I really need to say something it should always be a cut. Talking over a video is one of the most annoying things there is for me personally and can really take you out of the scene mentally when watching.
  3. onlyone

    onlyone wHo? Mike JoNes

    Overacting is something that bugs me. I watch guys flail around like they're dying after being smothered for 20 seconds and I know it's fake. Fake anything turns me off, fake farting being the worst. Who the hell farts that much?
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  4. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    Jason has summed it up on how to do it - quite simple really.

    I have to agree about the clacking away of the stills camera (& the way the flash often make the video "jump").

    Talking of camera's I hate (with a passion) "arty-farty" tilted camera angles.
  5. suffocated2

    suffocated2 Member

    Another irritation is the circus scenario where three girls pile on top of each other with the bottom one sitting on the sub's face. I half expect then to start doing triple somersaults.

    Also the Brazilian producers really haven't moved with the times as far as locations and scenarios goes. I used to go with Marco to the shooting studios where there's a score of bedrooms and one or more is selected and upon exiting the owners are paid for type of bedroom and for the time taken. The usual theme has always been the sub does something wrong or steals something and is then 'punished' by facesitting. For fuck's sake use your imaginations, please.
  6. LondonBob

    LondonBob Member

    Poor story lines, bad acting and anything that distracts from the story telling and the fantasy such as poor camera work, background noise or any other detail that detracts from the content of the actual film.

    I'm a film maker and have often wanted to make a proper face sitting film. Sadly there are no budgets that would allow such a thing. Good actors and actresses are hard enough to come by, let alone ones who will act out the sorts of scenes I'd want to see.

    I do enjoy some of the Yapoos Market films simply because the dialogue is in Japanese so it's difficult to tell how bad the actors are.
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  7. Mightygil

    Mightygil Femdom Fanboy

    It seems you don't have much love for the Brazilian stuff these days haha. The thing I hate about them is they don't seem to let the model's personalities shine through, cuz everybody has an unique personality. I barely bother with the Brazil stuff cuz it feels like it's been the same video rehashed over and over for years yet it's still always at the top in sales for some unknown reason. I'm not a fan of the dog pile either, but it's still probably better than having multiple slaves in my opinion. They pay all this money to have all these women who doesn't want them fucking up one guy?? :D
  8. ruckstr

    ruckstr Member

    What annoys me is when the sub/slave wears a mask. Totally ruins it for me. To me there's no point in having a gorgeous ass on your face if you can't feel the warm flesh of her cheeks covering your face.
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  9. yondaime67

    yondaime67 Member

    When it's filmed from front or only from side while ignoring best view angle wich is back views...
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  10. suffocated2

    suffocated2 Member

    I have to agree with you all. I can never understand the mask thing either. I assume they want to appear anonymous but the only people who would see them on a million to one basis would be other facesitting devotees.

    I do still like the Brazilian ones due to their enormous butts but I do my own editing and cut out a lot of the breathing of the subs, the bloody annoying whispering, the noise of the video camera and I add subtitles for my own enjoyment.

    I also like the Jap ones which I edit too. I've got a library of scores of both types now.
  11. Mightygil

    Mightygil Femdom Fanboy

    hey, I don't mean to hack your thread, but what Japanese stuff do you buy (at least I HOPE you're buying)?? Are we talking stuff like Yapoo and Boots Yakata or something else??
  12. jgrass1

    jgrass1 Professional Footstool

    This is good stuff to know! I agree with everything!

    I gave instruction in my earlier clips and now I can't even stand watching them unmuted lol
    As far as tilted angles go, it's more practical for me to do that to catch all the action since I use a cheaper camera and film in tiny locations. Plus I'm artsy fatsy :p

    *fun fact: if you watch my earlier runs of clips, like the kitty greene and sunshine, there is a storyline that connects all those clips because I would connect all the shots from one shoot. A simple one but a through line nonetheless. Alright I'll stop plugging my stuff lol

    I HATE when a sub has a mask. Total waste. Like who do you think will recognize you?!
    I simultaneously hate tops that are too into the action (too forceful) and ones that are not into the action. A small pet peeve for me is when someone smothers with ass or feet and doesn't cover the whole face. This is more forgivable in ass smother if you let the eyes be seen but come on use those feet and ass to cover and smother that face!
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  13. sinbad

    sinbad Well-Known Member

    Ask that question to Rex Ryan. You never know.....
    I have a few out there from years ago that I still have concerns about....even though it was well worth the risk. :)
  14. suffocated2

    suffocated2 Member

    I've come up with another couple of peeves.

    When the Brazilian domme is either constantly talking or shouting throughout the entire video. Plus you can overhear the shoot from a nearby studio (in Sao Paulo they can do several shoots at the studios sometimes 2 or 3 in different bedrooms).
  15. suffocated2

    suffocated2 Member

    Yapoo are good, as are Astro Dommina, Asian Facesitting, Roselip and Asian Goddess Facesitting.
  16. Mightygil

    Mightygil Femdom Fanboy

    yeah, I agree though Roselip is special cuz it's fully uncensored. A pet peeve of mine would the the blurred out genitals in Asian stuff
  17. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    That has something to do with the laws in some Asian countries.
  18. Mightygil

    Mightygil Femdom Fanboy

    yeah, I am fully aware of that, but it doesn't make me agree with it lol
  19. BRK

    BRK Member

    The cameraman directions don't bother me as much. For me the strict segregation of video shoots into a smothering/facefuck category (no tongue, slave mouth closed for 30 minutes), an ass worship category (dom is extremely passive) and a fart category (30 minutes of constant air pumped into ass to produce fake farts) is something that is annoying. At least nowadays the first two categories are coming together. The farts need to come together as well, and instead of 30 minutes of the same exact thing, the farts can just become a natural part of the facefuck videos in that they happen when they happen once or twice in a 30 minute session. This way the fart torture retains some of the shock value as well.
  20. deusfan

    deusfan Member

    When it says "HARSH FULLWEIGHT" and the girl either has her feet on the ground behind her so she can take some weight off, or that she is sitting fullweight with her legs infront and then leans over so much that the weight is more on his chest than ass. This usually happens when there are two girls. The first will sit down, stretch her legs out and the take some weight off by putting her hands on the guys chest. Then another girl will sit down on her but still has her feet on the ground so that the slave isn't getting full weight.

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