What annoys you most about videos?

Discussion in 'Facesitting Discussions' started by suffocated2, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. beechcraft

    beechcraft New Member

    When you see them sit until they apparently pass out. Its impossible not to struggle so you instantly know its a fake
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  2. jackbackjackback

    jackbackjackback New Member

    Camera angles..make sure i can see what's going! Not recording up to the waist!! And can't see his face being sat on??

    Fake stuff!!I want to see hard slaps and hard hair pulling!! And heavy facesitting. Like the way the brazil girls do it!!! No hoovering

    Don't do the same thing over and over!!! With different girls gets boring?
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  3. ctfacesittingfan

    ctfacesittingfan New Member

    Don’t care for videos where the woman never totally disrobes. Also I can’t stsnd when they look at the camera.
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  4. Too much talking. Not enough talking. This needs to be just right.

    Also, just sitting there like a bump on a log. No facial expressions or movement. Clearly not domination enjoyed by the top.
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  5. Markfive

    Markfive New Member

    I dislike it when the girl on top wriggles and dances around constantly moving and changing position all the time. Just sit still and squash /smother! The exception of course being face riding/bouncing, but even there i want to see the sitter sit still in between. Im thinking of bruteens et al in particular, those girls are amazing but it's like they have ants in their pants!
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  6. Extreme Smother Queenz are all real. They struggle scream beg and pass out.

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