What happened to Editor?

Discussion in 'General Discussions Forum' started by vinegar, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. vinegar

    vinegar New Member

    He used to post here prominently years ago, like 2003-05. He was always arguing with someone. His name was pretty much synonymous with this forum.

    Whatever happened to the guy?
  2. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    People come & go all of the time, they change forums, interests or often move on in life.
    I do remember him, but have not seen him around for quite a while now.
  3. vinegar

    vinegar New Member

    Thanks for the reply.

    I guess I just imagined that someone might have heard from him over the years, he seemed to be a really prominent voice on the forum. People used to talk about him on other forums even lol.
  4. sgt

    sgt Carpe Diem

    Well ...i've changed accounts and nick and still around after an absence of a few years.

    Yes i was prominent around and yes i was the one of confrontation towards some users, but only when it needed to be done cause a lot of folks inhere, then and even now, thought Johns forum was just a place they could come in only to profit themselves aka "sell" their stuff and run away cause of the many visitors MDFF attracted. That was also the main reason i left at a certain time cause i felt that the old MDFF ( as in a neighbourhood joint) was becoming too much a advertisement place for newcomers instead of that old joint you are used to know in your neighbourhood were everybody knew everybody.

    Haven't changed much, still enjoying the good life, girlfriend and take life as it progresses. Don't participate much on MDFF for reasons i mentioned earlier and of course because there isn't much i like or haven't seen before.
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  5. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    I'm afraid there are still a fair amount of people who still think that they can simply act like "drive by spammers" & either put a token link back to here on their myriad sites/outlets or none at all.

    So far, with one exception (who thinks he is being victimised/singled out) all the promotors who have been politely asked to provide links back to here have been OK with it.

    It really is not too much to ask is it ?
  6. vinegar

    vinegar New Member

    This is great to read. I was never posted on this forum, but i read it almost every day between 03-05.

    I remember your clashes with Mcbain and a few others. It was always entertaining (sometimes more interesting than the actual content being posted lol). Interesting how you outlasted so many others.
  7. sgt

    sgt Carpe Diem

    Yup.. I indeed lasted out many others yet i still see some members from way back inhere. Nowadays my life is more or less:


    Nope. I always said that John's was very very generous when it came to let folks show their stuff on MDFF, but at a certain moment i saw more and more folks come at MDFF not to be a part of the flourishing community ,(yes...it was very familiar atmosphere ..like that old barn on the neighbourhood) , but just to sell and advertise. Even certain users defended their actions with blunt lies , just to justify what they did and how did they did it. ( the well known..." without me no new users for MDFF...I am an success for MDFF if you don't let me show me my stuff..blablabla ") And because the then mods failed in my opinion to act accordingly, i jumped in and confronted them wich of course drove the mods nuts cause they were not use to that and knew i was not just a average user.

    Anyhow at a certain moment MDFF was a OK Coral place every week, with me against a bunch of those nitwits and mods standing by and trying to intervene and keep the peace inhere. At a certain moment the boiling point was there and it was a all "shoot out" at MDFF and the FA, (forum administrator) or a overall moderator, banned me from the forum because he thought that was a wise move. Wrong! John unbanned me and banned the others and then went on a roll by throwing some folks of the forum. Let me explain why: One thing John always understood very well with me, despite we never met in real life. I was honest. I never did something without a legit and honest reason and always explained myself so that everybody understood why i did and for what reason. I never argued for the sake of arguing of being a prick. For me it all came to honesty and trustworthy and to do justice what felt wrong. Regarding MDFF it was protection of John's property MDFF. (if you will that virtual neighbourhood barn so many of the old users called home and wich was invaded by commercial bozo's.)

    MDFF later on had a FA, a guy John knew from one of his shoots, from Aussie country and some other guys who were all 'veterans' of MDFF. I am talking about Thound,Bfrug etc who took charge of MDFF daily business. But as with everything: Times change and certain things you can't stop and later on when MDFF changed into an commercial haven for folks you nowadays see on MDFF. Like that old barn who has to be torn down and replaced by something new. Well then i knew it was time for me to move on, wich i did.
  8. vinegar

    vinegar New Member

    That was a great history lesson. I was only a lurker back then so I only saw bits and pieces of it. Editor living the good life in ‘retirement’ is a fitting end to the story lol.

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