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What's the deal with Scatt?

Discussion in 'Scat Stories & Discussion Forum (No Scat Pics)' started by Ariel Black, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. Ariel Black

    Ariel Black New Member

    Hello, so I did my first scatt scene, and posted it at my store. It seems to be selling well. So what's the deal? Why do you love scatt? What's the turn on? Your not there, you can't smell it, or taste it. What is it about poop that is such a turn on?

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  3. Tad

    Tad New Member

    Ariel, scatt is a pretty way out fetish in reality, so maybe it is enjoyed most in imagination and fantasy rather than actually being there and smelling and tasting it. I sometimes fantasize about this ultimate humiliation, being forced by a beautiful lady like you to eat and smell her poop, especially if she has pooped directly on to my face in my mouth and nose, but I don't think I would want to do that in reality. I think in reality the most I would want is for her farts to go there. So to directly try to answer your question, seeing your scat scene starts the imagination We can see the pooop and then let our imagination do the rest.
    I hope that at least partially answers your question Ariel. By the way, you are a beautiful and delightful woman and your questions are very reasonable and thought provoking. Thank you for the question and for being here with us.
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2011
  4. graveuk

    graveuk Member

    It is the height of humiliation, being forced to eat your shit, pics or clips of doing it in a toilet does nothing for me its got to be on someone pref their face/mouth
  5. luxelysium

    luxelysium Member

    Humiliation and a sense of ultimate worship.
  6. Ordinarily, I would consider it nasty and distasteful. But when it comes from a beautiful woman, it is just different. Only beautiful things come from goddesses, right? Poo, farts, etc. It is like an extension of them, a gift from within. That probably doesn't make much sense, its actually pretty difficult to describe, especially since its so taboo.

    Thanks for making such a wonderful clip! Hope to see more in the future :)
  7. hambonebean2009

    hambonebean2009 New Member

    that a woman could have the power over a slave to the extent that he would consume what she would flush away and pay for the privilege. That is true superiority. Would you get a rush from it?
  8. Ariel Black

    Ariel Black New Member

    Okay! So who wants me to poo on them for real? On the face or where ever, has to be on film-I'll do it for free;)

    xoxo Ariel
    toilet4u likes this.
  9. Ariel Black

    Ariel Black New Member

    Glad you liked the clip, it was kinda fun! I may have a new fetish.....:monkey:
  10. Ariel Black

    Ariel Black New Member

    That kind of control is a major turn on for me!:moon:
  11. Oh how I wish I lived on the west coast. Some slave is going to be VERY lucky!
  12. graveuk

    graveuk Member

    Yes I think we would all love to see you poo on someone for real, preferably in their mouth, it will probably be your best selling clip so far...
  13. luxelysium

    luxelysium Member

    If I was living anywhere near you, I would already be at your disposal:)
  14. hambonebean2009

    hambonebean2009 New Member

    You should do some clips where you describe the foul and disgusting things your slave will do for you, how he will be paying for what you would normally flush away and how pathetic he is for doing so. That he'll probably get sick from it but how you don't care because he is merely a receptacle to be used for your garbage, cigarette butts and waste and a tool to be used for money.

    I'll buy it!
  15. Blushing Slut

    Blushing Slut Easy Writer

    To me it represents the ultimate submission to the whims of a Goddess. And is the epitome of humiliation. That's why I like to write about it. But I try to focus on the psychological aspects, leaving out some of the cruder references.

    Never been a shit eater....it's just the thought of it that really turns me on.
  16. Tad

    Tad New Member

    Ariel, you are so beautiful, that I would want you to do it to me for real despite my concern that I might not like it in reality. And you wouldn't have to do it for free with me because I woudl be so appreciative that I would insist on paying you for the session. But my circumstances do not allow me to get away to be with you, even if you were closer to me than California. Believe me, if I could I would take the first plane to wherever you are to take you up on your offer. And even though I have wondered if I would like it for real, I know I would love it from you.
  17. Mistress1984

    Mistress1984 Member

    I know someone who you could poop on their face but they don't believe they could eat it. They live in FL. Maybe a location beach shot. Huge litterbox. Lol
    Face in the sand.
  18. buttcushion

    buttcushion New Member

    Hi again Mistres Ariel, I replied to another one of your posts but I didnt see this one! You can poop on me if you want.. I would prefer it to be forced though if that would be ok with you.. Like me being tied up and having no choice in the matter!! ;)

  19. scooby557

    scooby557 New Member

    i think part of it is dehumanization... for me it is the gamble to that turns me on i can get really ill for my user+) mess me up inside for good!! sad but im honest... use me for a week see how i take to it? scooby557:)
  20. blacksubvancity

    blacksubvancity New Member

    Vancouver boy wwillin to
  21. blacksubvancity

    blacksubvancity New Member

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