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Whats the problem with trampling?

Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish Discussions' started by underman6, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. underman6

    underman6 Active Member

    I wonder, perhaps as many of you do too, why is there a problem with love for trampling? Why I ask this is because of discussion I have had with many of my male friends who think they still are alone in this world with the love for trampling and the women doesn`t enjoy this or are not interested in trampling.

    Thats even when we have had wonderfull years on the scene with many happy women trampling us tired and sore all over. Is it like men are affraid of the act of trampling or is it still shamefull and lost of your maleness?

    Is trampling to private? To intimitate to among people? One thing I understand is when doing trampling with a partner in the home its sexually. But on the scene with some curious people around?

    In other cultures trampling seems not to be that shamfull as it is in the western countries, I still got that impression.

    Or as I began to think, when going out its like geting a partner on the (traditional) way, building a home, get kids, house and everything.

    But on the scene, the clubs and other events that people search for its just a play, not sex. Whats wrong with that?

    Okey! :)
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  3. Highstepper

    Highstepper Member

    It's running it's course like anything else that may have been taboo at one time. I for one see much more of at least a recognition of it, more so than when I was young and searching some 45 years ago.
  4. underman6

    underman6 Active Member

    Just to remember trampling is a very degrading act, I believe its one the most degrading act ever. And another thing is that trampling is very tough, not only for males on the floor but also for women trample about on wobbling surface of a malecarpet.
  5. goletiout

    goletiout Member

    I think having a foot fetish nowadays is almost considered 'OK' - but I think there's a big difference between saying to your partner 'I like your feet' to 'Can you stand on my face?'. I think as a foot fetish, the other person can get something out of it more obviously, a nice foot rub for example and they don't have to do much, whereas with something like trampling, they have to be a willing participant and also they have the added pressure of possibly hurting somebody they like/love and not fully understanding why they'd want them to do this to them.
  6. underman6

    underman6 Active Member

    Yes, I got that. But its not that I wonder about.

    What I mean are about men and why they still have probelm with their love for trampling? Both on the scene and in private?

    The keyword here is shamefullness and lost of being a man?
  7. underman6

    underman6 Active Member

    Or are men affraid of being trampled underfoot? Scary? Many women have told me so, when they at last got the chance to be underfoot, they don`t dare to take it.
  8. trail

    trail Well-Known Member

    It's not considered a normal thing among standard oriented people, that's obvious. It's normal to be private about it. Unless you are a very free minded person, that either don't give the shit what other people think, or feel having a sosial nettwork that agrees and back you up more or less.
  9. underman6

    underman6 Active Member

    Yes, I understand that. Most women even them who are standard oriented doesn`t feel annoyance about men having fetish for trampling, but men do I believe. If Mr.Someone would be more into violent type of trampling wich create the differences in our personal preference. I think trampling are so personal and how we express ourself of how normal we could be with trampling. But my point is that many men dreaming about or would love to try trampling but wouldn`t do it because they cant handle it or imagine how trampling will acting on the body and compare it for the fantasy one might have - wich is differenced of what you ever thought it would be. I have seen guys been afraid on the floor, wich comes from when women who really love to trample and wants to do it for a long period of time. Its very hard when your mind isn´t on focus for female weight and your body is prepared for trampling. I understand if we all are honestly serious and speak out about it, because there are many causes of whats going on in our minds from the moment when a female stranger with weight and girlish enjoyment is about to step up and onto your body.

    And there is shame too, which stop trampling for being acting out. If men feels a shame, the women feels it too and there would not be any trampling. Many women says: be proud of what you are and like. I believe that is golden.

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  10. trail

    trail Well-Known Member

    Think I see this, and its an interesting observation. Women are usually more light minded, and seems to more easily step on a guy just for fun, allmost everwhere really. Its not a big deal for lots of them. I think you are right in that, and I have noticed this too when thinking of it. That's mostly if they're not into it as a real preference, as being a domina, fetishist.. If they are, they would be more selective and careful too, with both who they trample, where and in what situation. For them it's more of a personal thing too I believe.

    I see what you mean. For many males it will be hard. Naturally I guess, because males would feel like they lose something, makes a fool of them self etc by taking part in such in front of others.
    Can't say that I have a very good understanding of it, since not having it like that myself. Never been concerned with being a man, no male pride really, and can lay down most everywhere to be trampled without much problem.:oops:
  11. underman6

    underman6 Active Member

    Yes, I think thats hard for many men sometimes. Its like you almost feel it coming the destructive sensation of shame when you are at stage with people around, especially at BDSM-scenes - because trampling is so special and one of the most degrading act. When having pure trampleparties, its difference and better, because there men in same kind of fetish - meaning lying down on the floor for women to trample and dance on as much they like. We men on the floor doesnt care much of the audience. The love for women who really are able to act out all of themself, being on top giggling, chuckle and sweating hard with big eyes and love smiles - youself are in heaven and focus just on the ladies. Life have become wonderfull.

    Its me in my avatar - once again I`m houred with multitrample. Fantastic feeling even if I doesn´t last long because the weight was so extrem heavy. The sensation afterward is fantastic. So I feel little of what you are saying, I`m great of what the man I am and doesn`t feel bad being degraded being used as a mere carpet.

  12. i don't have such problems
  13. underman6

    underman6 Active Member

    Good for you! :)
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  14. underman6

    underman6 Active Member

    For example: Why are there so many video-clips of trampling? There are more video-clips than other BDSM related video-clips. Why? And you have to pay for it as well. it seems to be good business, eh?

  15. ausguy25

    ausguy25 Ninjariffic

    This isn't really true at all. While, yes Trampling has become a lot more popular over the past 10 years, it certainly isn't anywhere near the most popular fetish/BDSM activity. Under the "Foot Fetish" Umbrella it's quite high up on the ladder not far behind Foot worship and foot smelling. But it has a ways to go to become considered a "Top" category. There is some money in it, but no where near enough to live off just shooting trampling. Trust me, I tried lol.
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  16. trail

    trail Well-Known Member

    Ja I always heard that Trampling is a quite small category in the world of BDSM. Perhaps underman6 meant only those clip-sites that have their ads like here on this site?
    Still I agree there is a lot, but the very same world is huge I guess. I never looked much into sites with leather, whips, bondage and all that, but would think there is much more of it.

    The question, that I'm not entirely sure I understood; but if you meant "why don't they do it in real life themselves instead of buying video-clip"(?), then I see the point.
    Maybe. But then again, why are there so lot of porn videos with ordinary sex, because that is an enormous market, and with really BIG money involded, yes?
    Thats even more strange if you look at it, because is there really that many males that don't get(or dare to have) ordinary sex? Hmm..
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  17. underman6

    underman6 Active Member

    Okey! I understand that. But out on the scene we usually dont see much of trampling, like we see BDSM-activities on traditional BDSM places. And clubs contains BDSM tools and dungeons aspects of things. Not partically used for trampling session in a way, if you understand what I mean. I know some clubs have elements of trampling or theme of that nature, but they still struggle to get that popular like BDSM- world does. Thats why I ask this to better understand why men want so much trampling and when its coming to them they dont dare to lie down? And too, still there are no room for trampling and why are they so affraid? Could that mean men buys video-clips instead?

    According to the big interest of trampling it should be very popular on the scene, as it so much fun and many men would love to attend to every party there is. But no?

  18. underman6

    underman6 Active Member

    Very interesting thoughts! I have begin to think of ordinary sex as some kind of unspoken issue here. I had during my life make differences between sex and trampling. Both are important but not nessesary at the same time. All depending on who is on top trampling. As I understand it at first, me as a male take a submissive side of me and let her take an active part of her. That means that I press back my masculinity and in mental state walk into an enchanted, transliked state of erotic sensation of helplessness by leting her using her weight to hold me down on the floor, pretending I àm nothing and could be treated like a carpet. Its beyond words, how naugty erotic it really is! And sex it isn´t really on the list to begin with, sex can wait and would feels much better afterwards. Thats is what I feel about it. Thats why I can play at clubs and have fun with many women, because sex is not an option to start with. Its the Ladies choice! Rember that!

  19. Hi underman6, Is your avatar pic a private one or is that From Some site? Style looks familiar to some site which i found few years back but i havent found it since.. Sorry for not giving anything to original topic.
  20. trail

    trail Well-Known Member

    Just to clear up a possible misunderstanding: I did not think at all of any kind of mix of sex/trample. It was just mentioned as an example
    to compare the interest in videos of the different kind, as to how videos would only be a compensation for real needs.
    In other words: I'm not sure male carpets necessarily would be less interested in video clips either, even if they get much trampled in real.
    Good trample films can be interesting no matter how easy you get trampled yourself. Yes I think so :)
  21. underman6

    underman6 Active Member

    My avatar is a private pic and taken on trampleparty.

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