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Where are they today?

Discussion in 'BBW's - Big Beautiful Women...' started by canderson5, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. canderson5

    canderson5 Member

    This is a list of bbw and ssbbw women that have been MIA this past year. Does anyone know their were abouts?

    Biggerbottoms "Hot Chocolate" is now Tanya2thyck on YouTube

    Lola Blaze has a twitter that hasn't had activity. https://mobile.twitter.com/lolla_blaze?lang=en

    Leilo Blair has a twitter not active haven't seen anything recently.

    mulher xtudao squash dancer

    Queen raqui???
    Uniquely made diva????
    FWP ssbbw Savannah???
    Just to name a few.
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  3. FlattenedOne

    FlattenedOne Producer

    Savannah had WLS.
  4. qrb912

    qrb912 Assrest

    What is WLS?
  5. canderson5

    canderson5 Member

    Weight Loss Surgery. I think.
  6. qrb912

    qrb912 Assrest

  7. blackflags

    blackflags Member

    I heard a rumor Raqui passed away but im not sure.
  8. blackflags

    blackflags Member

    ssbbw angie is another, she was pretty brutal for her size.
  9. volupfan

    volupfan Member

    Some of mine go a little further back. first on the list would be Viva Valerie. DAMN what an ass she has(D)

    Also wonder what happen to Massive Mocha?

    Still and all time fave ... especially her work with full weight productions. Also some of the others from SSBBW gone wild that aren't listed above.
  10. John

    John Infidel Staff Member

    Wow, where has that video been? LOL..
  11. qrb912

    qrb912 Assrest

    Massive Mocha retired. I am friends with her on another web site. I talked to her a few months back. She live in Georgia now.
  12. canderson5

    canderson5 Member

    Jayla Lenoar aka mulher xtudao squash dancer went from 485 lbs to 308 lbs.
    Jayla_131008.jpg 485 Jayla Lenoar
    jayla-lenoar.jpg 308 lbs Jayla Lenoar
    qrb912 likes this.
  13. volupfan

    volupfan Member

    Thanks for the update qrb! I had a feeling she may have moved on. Almost got to see her in person once, but now I guess she will always be an amazing fantasy!
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  14. volupfan

    volupfan Member

    Sorry the other pic didn't post. Here's a shot of Valerie's best side...

  15. shaft081

    shaft081 Member

    I'm pretty sure Queen Raqui is alive and well. S17-13.jpg
  16. blackflags

    blackflags Member

    Well thats good to know, i saw a video where a few people commented RIP Raqui. And if you are in contact with her, LMK, ive been trying to buy her video where she squashed two japanese people for some time now.
  17. btlimited

    btlimited Member

    Is that you in the picture Shaft? She was amazing... I shot a few with her as well. Jealous of all your work with Kim and Shane!
  18. shaft081

    shaft081 Member

    Yeah thats me back in 2003. I also shoot with Goddess Patty that day. We did a great photo shoot that day, wish we shot video

    As far as Kim, good news. I shot with them today. Kim let me in wearing a tght dress, her ass seemed much bigger than 14 months ago when I saw her last, than sat in a chair by her computer, her ass looked huge in that chair, so I had the great idea to have her squash me in the chair, had me dizzy within minutes and we were barely able to shoot anymore, but what we shot was good f/m stuff. Her ass looks insane in the raw footage I looked at. Also Shane just did two other shoots with guys, was looking at the raw footage, looked good. Shane says it will be edited and ready to go by June 1st. He has alot of footage in the can, and is planning on doing more shoots. Look for alot of regular updates for a while, starting the begining of June.
  19. shaft081

    shaft081 Member

  20. shaft081

    shaft081 Member

    Queen Adrena had quite a stable of squashers in the late 1990's. She was my first session as a pimple face 18 year old scared kid.

    women in black delilah faCESIT.jpg vlcsnap-2011-03-25-14h46m43s148.png vlcsnap-2011-03-25-14h51m05s158.png 1111 vlcsnap-2011-03-25-14h52m07s26.png
  21. shaft081

    shaft081 Member

    Another classic, Zsalynn and Sally
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