Worse thing licked under shoe sole?

Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish Discussions' started by landa1, May 3, 2018.

  1. landa1

    landa1 New Member

    I know this is probably a topic that has been asked before, but what is the worse thing that you have licked under shoe?
    Am I the only one that gets turned on by the humiliation inflicted, and by being 'forced' to lick the filthy shoe soles of your mistress?
    I can recall two occasions where I have no idea how I managed to do it. Once was when my girlfriend made me lick her block heel ankle boots after a night out on the dancefloor with her friends and walking back home in the rain. I'll leave it to your imagination the state of the soles. I can assure you they weren't pretty. The other time was when she made me eat two slices of pizza crushed under the soles of her wedge sandals with lug soles, white soles which turned black after walking a few metres, and after a night out (yeah, had to scrape the bits between the threads of the soles ). I was disgusted and aroused at the same time, but would do it again in a heartbeat.

    What is your worst story?
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  2. gamar300

    gamar300 New Member

    Although I always 'fantasized" about this I am just worried from hygiene perspective, catching a disease.
    So it has to be somewhat 'forced'. Any suggestions on playfully being 'forced' to do this?
  3. subsole

    subsole Member

    Without a doubt, the dirty riding boots of a girl I once knew, who liked the idea to exploit my desire for licking boots while being worn by their owner, as I once confessed to her.

    Then I found her one day with a big smile while desmounting her horse and telling me that my biggest wish would become true. She wore treaded leather riding boots with spurs, had been in the stables before the ride, and stepped down in the muck without consideration for me and my tongue later.

    She only let me do the soles, 'to satisfy my desires', she said, but was not quickly satisfied. I was mesmerized and obliged, and completed the task for both boots.. It still is one of my biggest fantasies come true: the humiliation, the taste, her smile and her eagerness to see me suffer while knowing she was doing me a favor!

    That is probably why after finding out a C4S section devoted to this particular fantasy of mine, that I do like The Discomfort Centre so much (see pic below)...

    Anyways.... The store is not updated for a long time, so I stay with my memories...


    I never got sick by thew way, apart from a fast and quick toilet dump later in the afternoon!!!
  4. landa1

    landa1 New Member

    Hi gamar300, I would not know, with my girlfriend it just happened, I opened up about my fetish when we were sort of early in our relationship and she was curious to try. Don't worry about diseases, we are are surrounded by bacteria, I'm pretty sure some extra ones would not make a whole lot of difference. :p
  5. landa1

    landa1 New Member

    Wow, that is hardcore. I'd rather not know what I'm licking though.....
  6. trampleguy

    trampleguy Member

    I've had the honor of licking crushed goldfish off the heels of Ms Christina as well as smashed worms. I gagged on the worms and throw up on the fish.
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  7. the most gross thing i can think of is other men's silva or sperms as prodom may have dominated other male slaves in the same shoes that are used to trample me,but i haven't licked that yet in my experience because i always buy shoes for mistress to trample me
  8. realservitude

    realservitude New Member

    This is probably mild compared to all you guys here. My partner had been to a fetish party at a night club the prior night. She wore fetish platform boots with 8-inch spiked heels. I had recently bought them for her and it was the first time she wore them outside the bedroom. We were at my place for a little play when she was describing how the party went. She was wearing the exact same boots. We were both into fetish wear and she was lamenting how she had to walk into the club's restroom. If you know anything about clubs, you know how nasty the restroom floors can be. At the moment she was sitting on the edge of my bed as I was kneeling before her. I picked up her foot and brought the sole of her platform to my lips, stuck out my tongue, and rubbed her sole up and down against my tongue. It wasn't that bad, although I did do it timidly. She gave me an evil smirk as I did this. It would have been much more intense if it were forced.
  9. gamar300

    gamar300 New Member

    You are a brave man. I am glad you did not get sick. It would have been great if she ordered you to lick and watch you with that evil smirk on his face. Even better if her girlfriends watched you doing this
  10. trampleguy

    trampleguy Member

    I would think another mans fluids would be the absolute worst. I'm not a big fan of liking my own jizz off of heels, but do it if so ordered :)
  11. landa1

    landa1 New Member

    Yeah clubs are the 'worst'. My gf would tease me by asking what am I tasting. She would purposely step on spilled drinks, cigarettes or food just to see my reaction. The blacker my tongue gets the more she enjoys it and so do I.
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  12. newrockcarpet

    newrockcarpet New Member

    my own jizz and grease/shop dirt. i was into it for a minute with a girl who was actually a mechanic, and she'd crush all kinds of things under a couple different pairs of safety toe boots she had. the kind of boots with rugged lug soles that left deep tread prints in carpet when she walked, and she'd leave work with them so dirty they'd ruin a white carpet. anyway, i got her to trample me on a table, full weight, with time and she really enjoyed it, so it became a thing over time...the kind of girl who was kinda sassy, cursed a lot, and took control but in a fun way that made sure we both enjoyed the fetish. so one day she finishes work, had a rough day, and tells me she feels like squishing the shit out of me, and obviously i'm into it. So she's wearing this crazy rugged pair of Wolverine boots. I'm instantly hard and she steps on and strokes me with the rough treads while I lay on my back., getting all sorts of dirt and grease on my junk and she's pretty much laughing about it the whole time. And those treads are hard, so they're buckling the flesh of my dick left and right. So then she asks me, "you want me to step on you full weight?" and I'm thinking hell yeah and she gets the table out, so I put it out for her and, with the boots on, she steps on me full weight. And the thing I loved about her was she had a way of challenging me that went beyond my limits, and I really appreciated that more after the fact. Cuz Wolverine boots crushing your erection into a hard table with no padding under the full weight of a 150 lb girl really hurts. Like squish your cock flaccid and mush it into the table painful if you don't stay aroused, with slightly bloody precum coming out. So she did this a few times, and every time she's teasing me, "come on it's not that bad" and I get hard again. So maybe the third time, she goes, "I wanna bounce a little on it" and I'm like what? so she says, I'll go easy, and I say OK, and with her full weight she kinda rocks up and down on the one foot crushing me as I'm trying to focus on her amazing body, legs, and boots and stay aroused as she flattens me under these wicked treads with almost no give. And she really did have a great body. Like you'd swear she did crossfit (she did it for a minute but wasn't feeling it after a while)

    And it works. I get so hard underneath her (she can't feel a thing) in a few seconds, and one of her bounces lands with a tread from the hard boot sole perfectly in a pleasure center for me somehow, she crushes the innards of my cock into themselves, and all of a sudden it's like my cock is crushed to orgasm from it. I remmeber feeling my dick muscles clench pre orgasm suddenly as the pleasure became too great to take, and literally every bounce of hers after that felt like it hit the same spot because I was already orgasming. No lie, it was legit 50% pain/50% pleasure for about 10 seconds as I built up the pressure to cum under her bouncing full weight. I must've moaned or made a noise b/c I remember her going "fuck yeah" above me, because she stopped bouncing and just stood ont it, so that when the cum came, it couldn't get out. So I spazzed, and she had this incredulous look as she watched me, like she was having an orgasm, and when it finished, I told her I can't get it out. meanwhile my dick feels like it's going numb and tingling all the way from the tip to my prostate. So she puts the sole of her other boot in front of my dick and releases me, and all of a sudden I feel this huge spasm and my cock literally explodes all the trapped semen into the sole of her other boot, and my cock is crazy flat, with the deepest treads embedded deep in it and beet red. I remember her telling me "that's fucking hot." Then she walks around on the table for a minute, destroying my sperm, which was a tiny bit bloody, turns to face me, and says, there's too much on here for me to clean, lick some of this shit off. My jaw must've hit the floor. I didn't want to do it. So she goes "come on, stop being such a fucking baby...just lick it once, and then I'll clean the rest." I couldn't say no that, so I just licked a little (I was really scared to lick the boot because of all the filth on it) to get some on my tongue and show her, and I probably got a little dirt / some was mixed in from her walking on my load so I retched, but managed to hold it down. Thankfully there was no oil or anything crazy, but I do remember the tip of my tongue burning for a second from whatever was on the boot. Then she tells me that's good enough and asks me if I liked it. I didn't want to do it again so I told her that part wasn't really my thing but I loved being crushed like that, but the truth is that I felt humiliated but it turned me on in some way too. She never asked me to do it again (I didn't want to), but in the moment there was something really arousing about it. I didn't get sick either, I remember my stomach/throat feeling lousy for a couple hours but that's about it.
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  13. bdb844lg

    bdb844lg Member

    I've licked the soles of countless shoes / boots worn on the street and have never gotten sick from it.
  14. insectoid

    insectoid Member

    I used to run a shoe repair business and would lick clean every sole as part of the (unknown) service. Chewing gum was always interesting..
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  15. Zonda

    Zonda ¡Latina Girls Rulz!

    I have licked crushed bugs (crickets, beetles and grasshoppers) from the soles of the sandals of Goddess Isabel. Bugs are protein, I never gotten sick from it.
  16. hellgrinder

    hellgrinder Masorotica.com

    In my humble opinion -the worse (and most exciting for me) is not knowing where the shoes have been ^_^
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  17. landa1

    landa1 New Member

    Totally agree! :p
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  18. subsole

    subsole Member

    ...and then when you are at it, ... being told where she went with those shoes...
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  19. soleman

    soleman Member

    Totally Wicked!
  20. Gina

    Gina Member

    Worst thing a boytoy licked off of my stilettos was a crushed frog guts. I skewered a frog with my stilettos and then made him lick the blood and guts off of my shoe. That is right up there with making a boytoy lick off another man's cum..... love to humiliate them! :)
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