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Discussion in 'BBW's - Big Beautiful Women...' started by canderson5, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. Krazy4Culo

    Krazy4Culo Ass Fanatic

    I would love to see or hear a brief interview with one of the Smother Queenz.
    Maybe have them explain how it makes them feel to make slaves passout underneath them. Like what's going thru their mind as the slave is panicking in their butt crack and literally buried under all their weight. Does that extreme dominance make them horny? Does it amuse them? Have they ever derived any sense of satisfaction from it? Is there a particular slave they hate who they'd love to smother out again? Do they prefer dominating guys or girls? Answers to questions such as those would be awesome.
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  3. kooo

    kooo New Member

    My favorite videos small white female slave pass out :):D
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  4. Krazy4Culo

    Krazy4Culo Ass Fanatic

    I've been REALLY craving another Sheba passout smother video lately.
    Just thinking about her making another slave snore between her ass cheeks gets me aroused, especially if she'd wear some tight-ass shiny spandex shorts.
  5. Any new suggestions??
  6. Alastair

    Alastair Member

    I think you've got the facesitting videos down to a fine art. You just need to keep digging up those skinny women and feeding them to your SSBBW's asses. Good job on signing up Queen Nora by the way.
  7. kooo

    kooo New Member

    [QUOTE = "ExtremeSmotherQueenz, сообщение: 1718166, участник: 1603401"] Любые новые предложения? [/ QUOTE]
    Пожалуйста, больше фильмов, худые белые женщины-рабыни проходят
  8. What you saying bro?
  9. graveuk

    graveuk Member

    Would love to c a double facesit so they can’t lift them up or try and buck out from under them
  10. terrell2483

    terrell2483 Member

    Bobbi Jo is still gonna shoot vids or you guys right?
  11. aslik

    aslik Active Member

    They're just asking for more thin white subs passing out.
    kooo likes this.
  12. kooo

    kooo New Member

    [QUOTE = "aslik, post: 1718300, участник: 16853"] Они просто просят о выходе более тонких белых субтитров. [/ QUOTE]
    Small white FEMALE slave pass out.Yea this TOP content ESQ!!!
  13. Ill make it happen soon bro.
  14. ok ill make it happen.
  15. Krazy4Culo

    Krazy4Culo Ass Fanatic

    Where is Mz. Bubble's debut video ? The main chicks have big, flat butts. It would be nice to see one of the sitters with a big round ass smother the crap out of somebody for a change. The content is extreme as always, but I'd like to see some bubble-butt smothering.

    Have Bubbles smother a slave in a smother box. That would be very entertaining. No way out and no way to push her off.
  16. kooo

    kooo New Member

    [QUOTE = "ExtremeSmotherQueenz, post: 1718419, участник: 1603401"] нормально, чтобы это произошло. [/ QUOTE]
    Yeaa please make more films small white Female slave pass out
  17. loc4life86

    loc4life86 New Member

    How can I get these clips I would like to purchase but can’t get on clip site wuz up

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