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Discussion in 'BDSM Discussions' started by Cordelia, May 5, 2018.

  1. Cordelia

    Cordelia Active Member

    Summer is here and I'm in an adventurous mood yet again; I've had Steed working hard on designing and building our first smotherbox, but I'd like to add a few other things to our arsenal...just not sure what those things are quite yet.

    We're also rolling out some more diverse and intense content this Summer and I think utilizing a few contraptions would be quite a bit of fun :D

    Sooo....hence the thread title, what's everyone's favorite? What about least favorite - maybe a device or contraption that doesn't function as well as you thought it would?
  2. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    Couple of years ago I built a portable "platform" so that I could be "a face in the floor" - it was awesome to be there, especially with a couple of barefoot ladies dancing on it ! I also built it son that the top was just resting on my chest so I could feel quite a bit of weight there as well.
    It was solid, but because it had to be "flatpackable" it was also very heavy !

    My next project is to construct a dance floor for a flamingo dancer - the supports will be two lucky guys.
  3. Well it’s a construction project if your Steed is up for it. I don’t know how ya’ll like to play but a modified St. Andrew’s Cross with head support that is on hinges and locks at 90* and 180*. If you do this be aware you will need a good sized counterweight or an intricate system I can’t wrap my head around without some sort of hydraulics.

    If you really could care less about him a St. Andrew’s Cross that is held up supported by rope that can literally be released and cause it to fall over. Would recommend it be built with cushions. If he’s older than his 30s this is a terrible idea for the skeletal system.

    This does bring me a thought about another type of project. Time to get out a sketch pad.
  4. If you want something absolutely aweful, any kind of cock crushing device attached via chain or rope to the wrists.

    Beware products that couple female underwear and a gimp mask combo, they don’t last and aren’t flattering on video to boot. Better a leash, scarf, or rope harness for being lead around.
  5. sinbad

    sinbad Well-Known Member

    Awhile ago when I was much younger and could fit in tight spots. I had this old recliner. I tore all the insides out of it, then I cut a hole in the seat of it and made it a make shift smother box...kinda. I could just fit in, and under it and could either lay beneath the seat of it and she would sit on it, or I could stick my head up thru the hole and I could worship that way. God that thing worked somehow. For her anyway. I was all cramped up and smashed under and worshiping, and she was sitting in a recliner relaxing and getting worshipped. Ugh.... I threw the recliner out because I got a new gf and didn't want to scare her away. I regret it to this day. Throwing the chair out and not keeping the lady that used to sit on it. I didn't realize it would be so difficult finding someone who I felt comfortable enough to open up to like that.
  6. Cordelia

    Cordelia Active Member

    Ah, that's incredible! Sorry to hear you regretfully got rid of it :/

    The DIY toys are my favorite! I do enjoy leather crops and equestrian gear as well - I used to work at a stable back in my college days and worked in the vet industry before I started my finance company; I suppose this is largely attributable for my naming my slave 'Steed'. We have a good collection of artisan-made crops, tons of riding boots, etc. The larger stuff e.g. smother boxes, not so much.

    Steed can weld and operate woodworking equipment really well; he's a good builder. I'd love to have something like your chair - effectively a smotherbox but comfortable enough to be used for hours/like a normal chair. He's building a regular smotherbox this Summer, but we might graduate to a chair of some sort eventually.

    Hehe, so nefarious! Though I like having his phallus intact - I do make frequent use of it!

    Panties/mask combo - will you post an example? Not able to envision this...

    The leash is certainly in the works. We do engage in 'pet play' but haven't progressed to leash training just yet. Training is slow but thorough here...besides, he needs to earn the leash!
  7. I would prefer not to be hushed by a rogue admin, so I hesitate to send links buuuuut

    Mistress Sitter had an example of the underwear, they weren’t flattering, you can find it on her site or any of the free major porn sites. Since then I have seen other sellers attempt to refine the design from what I understand to be met with problems.

    The harness is where it’s at. If you head to Etsy and check out MasterMindCrafts you can find that along with various other devices
  8. If your Steed is handy but not too creative, they have downloads of instruction manuals of furniture on there.

    I am not one of the shopkeeps, and have no affiliation with them but the resources are available with a creative set of search words like “Etsy facesitting furniture instructions”

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