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  • Hi agian!

    i`m planing to go to Phillipine in August and perhaps Manila. My brothers wife is from Phillipine and she said its not so safe there. What do you think?
    Hi, your story is one of the best, I have read recently.
    If you don't mind, here some ideas for the final:
    - the ladies crush him first with their own cars, as crushing him with his heavy truck would be too fast
    - before they run over him they trample him and he has toworship their feet (smell, Kiss)
    - at the end they crush him with his truck
    you wrote a great second part of the Bus Crush story. Can't wait to read the next part. Maybe you can add some foot worship (smelling, etc.) and barefoot driving in the next chapter, when the girls continue with their hobby ... ;-)
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