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  • Hi Al. Saw a recent post re Raven at the Wrestling Factory. Does she provide hand relief at the end? Phil
    Hia al,

    Judging by your post history, I think we live in close proximity. You also seem to know most of the facesitters that get mentioned on here. Maybe you could tell me about some good local ones? Besides the obvious sandy superstars

    Thanks! Kendo
    Hi Al,
    Thinking of having a facesittings session with Miss Lina in Southbourne as i now live in Dorset. I understand you have had some sessions with her, can you tell me how long her sessions last and what she charges for a session.
    Liam:- 10 Posts deleted ..there should now be no refs to V.

    I'll also ask moderators to delete main refs to co-op
    Hi, Al...

    All deleted, as requested...

    Btw...I also got that bit of ricksalmedo spam you reported recently, too ... :)
    Lets hope so their a lot by you going to look out every day all searches This was a thing she known nothing about and thought she was Silly at the time least she woke up been a lot of damage due to this
    Ok this is her brother vicky you no who that is you have this time to remove all your links and traces of her on all forums as this is a warning and all your recondmendations of this girl as am on the look out and watching I mean all as I no all about this and people get it off now as see does no work anymore it her wish I don't care wot length but it will be done please take time and go through and delete all post even with other names with hers so theirs no trace if you wish to chat 07581059653
    Hi al was thinking of a trip to the co op have you any good photos of tamsim vic loz they sound great cheers Liam
    Hi Al!

    Im heading to Manchester in Jan (5th thru 12 about) and heard you are the man to arrange some facesitting fun.

    Mind dropping me an email if you have time?

    Happy to help, Al...

    ...Pics deleted. :)
    Hi, Al,

    Good to hear from you... :)

    I've removed those pics for you, as requested....But, you better check those threads to make sure I got the correct ones.....Just let me know if I missed one.

    Good to see you're still having fun there in the UK... :)

    Take care...
    hi al thanks for response!! how much do they charge at sandys ? and what do i ask for lol ? most places dont understand when you just say facesitting they think you mean oral sex not as we know it lol :/ cheers mate
    hey al, i hear you know of some good facesitters in uk, u got any up north you know of by and chance, im from the north east so as close as poss really :)
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