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  • wow am i ever pissed off -- I commented on a post about an (obviously fake) squid monster stomp and got a warning for animal crush??? Ummm I was saying the scene was terrible. So, now I have a beef with admino and bfrug. I have been on this forum since its inception (daddo (doug) was a friend of mine)
    Hello Atilla can you help me edit my story Submitting to Ronda, Miesha, and Cat in the Tales from the Dark Side forum? I guess I could only edit it once, I want to edit/delete the pic that is messing up the margins and making it a pain in the ass to read.
    Hi ATH,
    I messaged Lisa about a problem I've had trying to edit a story "A new life" but no reply as yet. When I tried to amend the story,I got a message saying I had to contact admin as the time allowed had expired. This problem might happen fairly regularly as I tweak bits here and there, so could you allow the story to be edited at any time so I'm not constantly bothering you? Thanks. I'll send this message to all other mods.
    Atilla, my darling, could you please tell me what I am doing incorrectly? I have been trying to upload images for a new thread but am only receiving error messages. I have checked my CP and have selected the box that allows images to be seen. And I have checked to be certain the photos I wish to upload meet the size limits. What else must I do, please? Thank you very much!
    -Ms. Chardornay
    Would it be possible to change my username? It is a name I use elsewhere and it has caused me some problems.
    A little question: how much time do I have before I can no longer edit a post that I've made?

    Thanks in advance!
    Hello Atilla, Just like Ms Chardonay below could you please delete all the messages I posted? It's only 3, so shouldn't be too difficult. Thank you! If you could also delete my account completely that would be great.
    Hello there..when you have the time,can you please delete my post Amazing amazing nights....Thanks.....:)
    My dearest Atilla,
    Could you please be a darling and delete all the pictures from the threads I have posted? Since I have lost my slaveboy and have no intentions at all of posting pictures or clips in the near future, I would prefer a 'wiped slate,' if you catch my drift. Furthermore, I do not care to see that filthy little bugger's cock or face in any way to be associated with me.
    Besides all this, I do believe one of my more computer saavy 'real life' coworkers may have sniffed me out. And the last thing I wish is for my pictures in this forum spread about the office. That wouldn't do at all! Very bad for my career. I hope you understand.
    You have my deepest gratitude, my dear!

    As ever,
    Ms. Chardornay
    As the title says, can a mod or admin please delete my account!? I have no intention of leaving, but I need to create an account with another username as my username is searchable by persons I'd rather not have search about me if you know what I mean!

    Like I say, I'll be creating another account as soon as this one with my current username is nerfed! Many thanks! :D
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