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  • Thanks for your kind explanation. What if I paid a custom order focused solely on foot gagging with POV from the soles. Would you do it?
    Hi my friend, I bought your two last videos "sucktobeyou" (1+3: for some reason you did not issue n. 2). They were supposed to be focusing on footgagging, but I am quite disappointed.
    NO SOLES POV? NO wrinkles? No arches from the soles? Both the videos?
    What happened? Why is it so?
    Let me say I buy most of your videos and all of those on fgagging. I f you changed your tastes let me know.
    Hi mate,

    Just sent an email about a custom facestanding clip - would be great to see if it's do-able and how much it'll be!

    Hi Jason,

    First of I would like to say that I have loved the clips that you make especially the barefoot facestanding. And I know it takes a lot to handle the full weight of a girl on your face. I loved your facebusters facejumping clips. Are you planning on making any more of those?
    Hey Ausguy25, if you get a chance I have a shit tonne of questions for you.
    Please contact me via
    Silly me I forgot to ask you lol, would you happen to have any of Princess Perfections clips? I would really love for the opportunity to have one of her clips some day lol
    I heard that Lookingup plans to go to Fetcon at least one day. I know he's a private guy but keep a look out for him. I'd like to know if he's real lol.
    Hey I have a question for you. I am looking at booking a session with Miss Kadence in Annapolis. Are you familiar with her? I found her on fetlife, claims to be a pro-domme.

    Hey its Steve from Jacksonville Fla. We met through baunfire and good times were had. So I have a question. I have a few hot chicks that are looking to get into the biz so to speak. They are new to the dom field and have some questions about what all they need to do to get started, and how much money there is to be made say doing one of your clips for example. I know baunfire no longer lives this way -do you know any young ladies that may be able to guide them towards the "dom" light so to speak? Thanks man, and look forward to hearing back from you.

    -Steve aka donkeyboy
    Hey there!
    BW here. Pleasure to meet you at Fetcon. Well, I am thinking about a trip down South in October! Hope we can get together and hang out or something.
    Oh, and I still have the CCDUDE videos! Don't know where to post them!
    backwalk42 at
    Awesome thanks !!
    Well worth the $45 I'm from UK so works out at £24
    Keep up the good work my friend
    Hi Ninja I subscribed to you brattyfootgirls c4slive site for 1 month (non recurring)
    How often is that site updated ?
    Thanks !!

    Please email me with an email address that is valid &

    Your currently listed email ( Fails Delivery.

    Admino (MDFF Administrator)

    Hey Franck,

    No I haven;t heard from him. It may be easier if you try to contact him directly again!
    Hello AUSGUY25,

    It has been several times that I do not hear from you.
    I want to know if you still have contact with BACKWALK on videos CCDUDE.
    I want to know if you also have videos CCDUDE BACKWALK or if you can give all these videos for your transmettres me.

    Thank you in advance.
    I'd like to if I'm here. I always like to run into people with the same interests. Always leads to great face to face conversation.
    Hello AUSGUY25,

    Thank you for your possitive response.
    I expect from you as well as those of BACKWALK.

    Hey Aus,
    I've talked to Princess about Fetcon before and she kinda pushed it off. I'm not privy to the history but she said something about not wanting to run into a few people that may be there and she just told me that she doesn't know how much longer she's going to do clips. She really just did the clips to help with school not for a business and she said she just wants me to continue to serve her like that and domestically.
    If anything changes I'll let you know.
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