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  • Hello BACKWALK,

    It has been several months since I no longer have your news. Regarding videos CCDUDE, I want to know when you post them on DAILYMOTION, the site that I made you know.

    Hey Backwalk! Absolutely Bailey is a very good friend of mine. I'm sure I can work in a shoot with thw two of you, and a few more girls if you come down! ;-)
    Hello BACKWALK,

    First, I wish you a happy new year 2014.

    On the web for DAILYMOTION posted videos of CCDUDE site, I expected
    Always you.

    Please excuse me too, sometimes I call you instead of BLACKWALK or BACKWALK me, is this is a mistake and I send message too quickly.

    I hope this does not shock you and that is not why you do not give me more than you.

    Hello BACKWALK,

    I give you information to post videos on a website other than youtube.

    The site is DAILYMOTION.COM. It is the competitor YOUTUBE. This is the very popular site with 116 million visitors and 2 billion videos viewed per month.

    I await your response.

    Hello BLACKWALK,

    Thank you for answering me so quickly.

    When do you put videos CCDUDE on another website and any web site.

    thank you very much

    thank you for answering me so quickly.
    Ellez when you put the videos on another website and any web site.

    Hello BLACKWALK ,

    I saw on youtube, you put videos CCDUDE, but over months or they are over. Why they are no longer present. web site no longer exists, I can not have access.

    Have you always videos CCDUDE website for videos of 1980 and 1986, mainly footworship lesbian videos, fem-fem footworship.

    Thank you.

    hey doing shoots in az has been some time since i have heard from you how have you been i will be back on here and shooting more grate trampling vids and maybe convert a few trample guys to smother guys lol haha anyway just wanted to say hi from az
    I tried contacting you in a thread you've posted but there is no reply. I was wondering if you could help me with accessing the clips page on that Dragon Nite site. I remember some time ago you had to email the site owner to get a password or something, and right now I'm not sure he's even reading emails :P

    Can you help me with the password/username or atleast tell me how to obtain it myself? thanks!
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