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  • Yes, Pete Tino. I knew him from the Forum. He sent me those pics. There's no Haunted House pics in his page - he keeps a low profile. I got 20-25 pics. Then... he decided not to be friends anymore.
    Hi Joe,

    Have you still got some or the entire collection CCDude's old pictures? Thanks very much
    Hello BIGJOE,

    I see your message on MISTRESS DESTINY , I want to know if you have any videos CCDUDE website for videos of 1980 and 1986, mainly footworship lesbian videos, fem-fem footworship.

    Thank you.

    Hello BIGJOE,

    I see your message on Mrs. destiny, I want to know if you have any videos CCDUDE website for videos of 1980 and 1986, mainly footworship lesbian videos, fem-fem footworship.

    Thank you.

    hey go back and re request me on facebook.i have a new account..problem with hotmail..trying to get it fixed.
    Thanks Big Joe , but just to reinforce what i was alluding to i have attached a post from an irate poster on the same topic

    Long time ago I got a temp. bann because I publish a link to a website with trample and crush stories. The reason, this site contain some few stories about nonadult. Sry, I did not read all stories there and have not see this stories. If I get only warned I would post a sry about this, but I got immediately a 14 day bann and no possibility to say sry. The worst about this, was to read the comments from some users and no way to say sry guys but i did not know about the stories there.

    I visited this forum since months again and see so many stories about nonadult, ..... no words.

    I think its time to say: Hey DeathXI, flapjak and John I remember your posts, its time that you all kick yourself in your own ass for ignoring this posts. To be proud that someone is banned and then ignoring this many posts is hypocritical.
    Big Joe i just had to remove a thumbnail attachment of a story skull crush where the opening line said "When i was ten years old" i am going to suggest for the last time that you proof read the stories before posting them making sure that they conform to MDFF rules, we have had this conversation about underage material previously, lets not have it again going forward, you are placing me in an awkward position as a moderator as while i greatly appreciate your contributions, i cannot be seen to to be exercising favouritism if you continue to violate the underage rule
    About my nickname (BigJoe) - I like martial arts a lot, and I was looking for a name that was easy to say during a "conversation" - an American name. Well, there's this famous UFC referee whose name is Big John McCarthy. So, that's how I came up with this "BigJoe". 'Cause I'm no Joe, and I'm definitely not big.

    There you are. Nice'n'easy!

    My real name is Alberto - not an easy name to say if you're from an English speaking country.

    As for the Avatar: it's the set of stairs in Beco Dancing Club. The set of stairs under which I stay through the night on weekends.
    Hey Joe,thanks for all you he way when you wrote..
    "Damn, Kevin, just when I thought it couldn't possibly get better... you come here with yet another awesome story!"

    Yes its a story but a 100% true..I do leave some things out but NEVER make anything up..:)

    Just to let you know..

    and hey I wanna come down your way and lay inside those orange couches or lay by the stairs and be a human carpet those girls are cute and have great shoes and sneakers!!
    BigJoe, I noticed Jaybootlicker had said to you, "...but your blog worries me at times," on the Got kicked in the face this weekend thread. I didn't want to interrupt that thread, but out of curiosity I'd like to ask what has JBL concerned? Was it the thing you mention on your "about me" profile information, openly and obviously staring at women's feet to the point of gaining a reputation about it?
    I've deleted the thread with the Danielle stuff, Joe - as requested.
    I dont know why there would be a problem posting them Big Joe... The main forum i go on is the Trample and feet fetish forum... Just because it isnt trample stuff shouldn't matter! My no.1 fetish doesn't even revolve around trampling! :)

    Anyways, im loving the vids so thanks, i appreciate it!
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