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  • Hi Nicole. I'm trying to decide whether to rejoin dirty diva or try facehumpers...as you know my main kink is bbw on skinny and ass sniffing; which site is my best bet? Thanks
    I know i bitched about full weight issue, but loving the ass sniffing content on both sites. Absolutely live ass sniffing, definitely the most degrading act. Especially the sweaty one on diva.com. Thanks.
    I hadn't even realised id made a request this time, don't want to seem greedy.
    Yeah, thanks for that shoot, i joined dirtylittlediva after you confirmed you and odette filmed it. Love your content, nice that you do still images too, something which is missing from members section of bbwfacesitting.com. Really hope to see heavier more punishing girl on girl squashing. Your ass is stunning.
    Hi Nicole. How did shoot go this weekend with odette? Any forced ass sniffing? Xx
    hello goddess, I think that Panterra lives in FL. I was wondering if you might have any contact information for her? i was hoping for a session before i moved out of FL
    Hi, we started messaging about me being a seat in a video a few months ago. I did my first shoot last month and had a lot of fun. Just wondering if you are still looking for seats.
    Thanks :)
    Well, I think I can handle what I saw in the clips from my time as a member. I have experience being sat on by a larger woman for up to two hours, and an aching jaw was the worst I'd experienced. I've had some bruised ribs from buttdrops but I'm open to a few of those. I'm 5'11" and skinny, about 150lbs. I swim regularly and can hold my breath for a long time. I dated an ex dominatrix for a little while and she used to really enjoy testing my air supply. Thanks for getting back to me :)
    Hi Nicole , your newest posting is fantastic. I was a member of bbwfacesitting a few years ago and have one of your Japan. Ida too. Great work there as well. I'm wondering if you are looking for skinny male models? I
    33, reliable and in the NYC area, able to do some travel. Thanks for your time.
    HI nice to meat you! I am starting a bog abut fetish and I am looking to interview some people of this site. Do you think I would be able to email you a couple of things? Thanks a lot hope to hear from you soon :)
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