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  • Hi Lily. If things change and you do start having private sessions, let me know and I'll be at the head of the queue. Would love to see you doing a wrestling movie, with you winning of course. Phil x
    Hi Lily,

    Thanks so much for answering. I see that that you do have the same style I'm looking for. I'm looking forward to seeing some of your clips soon!

    Thank you
    Dear rotter,

    Thank you for your message.

    My pics are from some quick photo sessions and not from videos. However similar scenarios will be made into videos over the next few week.

    The clip you're trying to identify was made about five years ago and inspired us to make some of the styles of videos we make. The couple who made it don't seem to be doing others and in fact only seem to have made 5 or 6 clips in total.

    However I do a lot of very similar pinning and smothering and could reproduce that look in a video if you like. The lady concerned looks about my size and I love sitting and smothering like that.


    Lily xxxxxx
    The pics look great. I look forward to purchasing some of your clips. I see the photos are of clips not in the store yet. Are you planning to add all the vids from the pictures? Also, I was on this forum trying to find out where a particular clip came from and I was told it may be on of yours. Can you check out the pic and let me know?
    Best Regards!
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