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  • hey man. Was wondering if I am free to add pictures I like from the web on your thread or do you need the permission of the site to do so? Just don't want to get told off is all!
    MDFF has recently changed servers....There have been a lot of glitches, and we lost data. You can view pics/links of the last 3 weeks, or so, but we've lost most of the pics/links from earlier.

    The tech guys are working hard to fix it.

    I saw others with the same problem highest arch, lookingup, skipperbob,her foot stool, mistressselena, mrtramplingfantasy and atilla the honey said will send this problem on to the chief administrator thank you.
    That's odd - it all looks fine to me....I'll look into it further, budwiser.

    Btw....your email address (raggs112@aol.com) bounced back when I replied to you by email....Pls check if its the right address, and email me at:


    with an address that works.

    I just saw at least 2 other members have the same problem posting pics highest arch and looking up there might be more so it's just not me, we need help thank you.
    Hi, budwiser,

    I've checked your MDFF account....There doesn't appear to be any reason why you cannot post pics, or post messages, or anything else. All looks normal.

    It may have been a server glitch at the time you were trying to post your pics. Please try again.

    If it still happens, please email me again at this address, and I'll look further into it.

    DU007 (Admin)
    hi there, seeing as you are the one who has posted some of these type shots, maybe you can assist. here is a copy/paste form worship and trample 370 that i wrote:

    hi everyone, hoping you can help me out with something. my wife has taken a liking to a specific type of trample pic. and i am trying to find them for her. there are sort of like those you see from tramplinggoddess where the angle is almost as if the camera was next to the mans eyes looking up? does that make sense? ive attached one as an example and have been through many threads but this style seems to be few and far between. thanks in advance.

    i also attached a pic to it from tramplinggoddess as an example
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