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  • Hi CanadianMike

    re your offer to send some of your old facesitting stories - that would be great. If you want you can send to my email peterpeterpan99@gmx.de

    I'm happy to share my text collection as well (although some of those might even yours :-))

    Thanks a lot

    Hello Mike,
    I wish to visit Queen D in a couple of months from now. How far would she be from Edmonton ? Would love some details. Do write to me at celinor@fastmail.fm
    Thanks mate !!!
    Hey Mike,

    Just wondering which province/area Queen D is located. I'm willing to travel, but not too far... lol.. Or maybe she's that good. Let me know.


    Email: lesliefine87@gmail.com
    Hey, Mike.
    Just wanted some info on Queen D. My e-mail is cystone2000@hotmail.com

    Thanks in advance.
    Hey Mike! Can you please email me jaket_yler@hotmail.com, I would really like to have a session with D!
    Hi Mike. I'm over in the UK and wondered if you could give me some guidance on the wording of your ad on Craigslist.
    I'll try a similar ad on the UK version of the site.
    Hi, read your posts about enjoying nylons on your face while talking. I had a similar experience a little over a year ago which lasted for several months and I can relate to your comments and you brought back some wonderful memories with your post. We would spend many hours at each meeting while I laid on the floor and she rested her reinforced toe stockings (my favourite) feet on my face and we just talked and talked. She also made a major effort to get her feet stinky by wearing the same stockings for several days. Thanks and just wanted you to know that your thoughts are shared by at least one other person and it seems there really are women out there who enjoy giving us what we enjoy. Too bad I am in the Mississauga area and not closer to your area. Thanks again for sharing your experience with us.
    Hi C M,

    Another Canadian and a fan of reading about your encounters.

    I'm heading to Toronto for a few days in November. Because of your postings, I'd really like to make contact with Monica but searching CL (and the like), I notice there are no ads for her. Have you kept in contact or have any other info. I can be reached at jabaroni@inbox.com. Thanks and keep posting!
    Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to go to Kitchener Ontario. So that means it cant happen. I live in pennsylvania.
    did it take miss monica a while before she emailed you back? because its been like 2 days, it doesn't seem like a long time but, im really excited lol
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