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  • Cothath - Where have you been - I haven't heard from you. I thought you had left the Forum...…………...Your friend Tekkar
    hello, cothtath

    I try to find a namio harukawa book called " Garden of Domina " do you have it and can you send it to me ?
    Hi Cothtath,

    and thank you so much for having re-posted all those lovely Whimphub stories, me too I used to have them stored somewhere.
    I have to ask you for a little favour, though: in a couple of stories Whimphub gives credit to an italian reader for his inputs and ideas, well, that's me and that is my real name. Could you be so kind and edit those posts as to cancel my name? You could put a xxxx instead ;)

    Thank you very much in advance
    Hi Cothtath,
    Thanks for all that work.
    I would certainly appreciate the excel file to my emailbox.
    Thanks in advance
    I noticed you also have an account on one of my sites ;)
    Thank you for joining! Feel free to share some of your stories there too, and post links to great stories from here as well :):)
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