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  • Greetings. I like your story telling style.

    in the story of "Community Service (fictional foot fetish and femdom story)" there is a moment where is this sentences:
    "Cue: A rushing hoard of sock-changing females, their thudding socked or bare feet sounding to me like the thunderous roaring of the stampeding hooves of a spooked herd of buffalo as hurriedly they descended the six wooden steps to come and kick and trample me while I was down. "

    pleas can you write a detailed story about this moment here girls with stockings, socks and bare feet are rushing down and trample in the stampede the man with the details :)

    thank you :bugeyes:
    I've read many stories over the time. John Blaze did not say it directly, but I can see you were his inspiration in some aspects. I only realized how much a turn on is mouth modification only after I read your story. The work is fictional and this is a femdom forum, not the Vatican Cathedral. I also do not like stabbings, broken bones and not even slapping. But mouth modifications made so that the women's feet are serviced accordingly...these are great.
    Have you read John Blaze's last story?
    He's also a great writer, with lots of ideas.
    He got inspired by your Jailhouse Blues. The story depicts at one point how the main female character knocks a few teeth of her opponent's and then pokes her toes into the empty holes.
    Man, you made history. This is what any great story is about. Not walking on an already crowded path, but creating a new one. You had a brutal and very kinky idea and others get inspiration from it. Don't be afraid to be brutally perverse and to go beyond what makes most readers sick. If you plan to stop writing, at least go down with the trumpets singing.
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