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  • Interesting, will take a gander when u get a moment, I can see several updates ;) or you could put them together on an email for me
    hello if you have some pages with stories about scat horse and horse trampling
    Please share us my e-mall:
    you see I was talking about selling the scans anyway, sending you the book were not an option and yes, as i said one story is already shared I just don't know where I got it from. as for the quality, it's SOOOO GOOD i will send you a sample if i decided to sell

    anyway, that's your best offer, I will think about it
    hey I saw your msg today, so sorry for the delay, first I have to say that there is one old, already posted, story from the book, so that leaves 8 new stories out of 9 in the book. and what I was thinking about is that I want to sell the book. but honestly, I'm having 2nd thoughts for personal reasons. but like I said to everyone who contacted me. make me an offer that I simply can't refuse. given that I bough the book for about 100$
    Hello donkeylathe.
    Sorry for disturbing you but I'm searching some new scans of Hiroshi Tatsumi and it's so impossible to find ! I think the topic of Namio Hurakawa and "Hiroshi Tatsumi translated by me" of theloner are the most complete topic on the internet.
    So I must ask to you : Do you have some scans of Hiroshi ? ^^ I understand that you have a book of him right ? my email is valentinjea@gmail.com

    Have a nice day !
    Mcmerlin mentioned that you might have some of the newer tatsumi works. Would you happen to have the rest of this comic, or any other works by tatsumi for that matter. I've been looking all over for his work and I can't find any sites where I can view or order his art, other than der sklave.

    here is the image
    Hi donkey. I've seen (and collected) some pics from you without knowing the origin. Now I must ask : do you happen to have some more ? Answer to mathimat75@gmail.com , please...
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