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  • Hi I was reading an old post about extreme smothering and saw the suggestion of "Jessica Smothers Slave's Face" and was wondering if you ever managed to find the clip or not.
    your work is awesome...
    i wrote you an email last week could you answer please? :)
    Great websites site you've started up. I was wondering if you needed any reliable guys for this. I'm easy to work with, fun character but also I've worked and 'starred' in many fetish and fem domme clips and films all over the world. I've shot wth many sites in Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, USA and UK. If you think you could use me please drop me a line.
    Best wishes,
    Adam 8-)
    hi dude

    just wanted to say two things

    1st - awesome work! thanks so much and please keep on doing what you do!

    2nd - i bought a clip years back .. i think the model was called 'apple' - petit latina - where you start on a kind of outdoors balcony and she's wearing kneehigh leather boots, takes them off and starts rubbing your crotch with her socked foot .... sucks that i lost it cos one of my all time fave clips ... i'd really like to buy it again ... can you tell me where i can find it? i'd really appreciate it - dorianphilips@googlemail.com
    can you contact me at dianadididiana @ yahoo dot it

    sorry i have to write in this way if not is not possible writing my address mail :)

    Clips4Sale have an arrangement with MDFF to show their Ads around the edges of MDFF pges. The Ads that appear around the pages of MDFF are selected by a computer program, controlled by Clips4Sale....So, essentially, we do not control the individual Ads that appear around MDFF pages, and therefore, cannot, ourselves, correct the links.

    I've written to Clips4Sale about your issue, and, perhaps they can correct the links on those two Ads.

    I suggest you contact C4S directly, too, and draw the error to their attention.

    DU007 (Administrator)

    Amazing contributions as usual!! Ive been a regular to your site before finding this forum, but now i have the opportunity to display my gratification! Thanks ever so much!
    i noticed from some scenes that they were taken in Montreal, my home, i was wondering if You ever needed other male foot and shoe worshippers? please let me know as i would be honored thank You
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