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  • Hi there Erik, Just want you to follow the whole thread = and starting at "Accidental Ass-Smother on Instagram"header by spyderweb. Yet he keeps going on after all was set and done with the remark "mental disorder"when there was no reason for it at all. I mean i did call him out after i busted him with his lies and for that he wants to do some payback but that was almost a week ago yet he had to make this remark instead of moving on. Maybe you can look into this.
    I'M unable to post pics, this has happened to me twice before, don't know how it was corrected but need help again my forum name is budwiser i post 80 to 100 pics on trampling and facesitting each week for years i'm sending this info. to the other moderators so it can be fixed quicker thank you budwiser.
    ahh ok. the videos i can get as well. it's more the books im into. i already owned all the ranma 1/2 books back in high school so I finished reading all those. But thanks anyways, I appreciate the kind offer :)
    the videos or books? I dont think they have Agent Aika books released in north america. right now im reading negima, and high school of the dead which are both excellent. and if you check out my post in the manga section, soon i'll be reading Eiken lol.
    sure thing bro, if you have msn add me or e-mail me anytime at masoproductions (at) I sent you an e-mail a while ago, hope it was to the right address? hehe.
    You speak the truth. are definitely arrogant. I've had my run in with them a few times now, as both a customer and a producer. they're a bunch of brainless monkeys, im amazed they even lasted this long in the industry. i'd buy you a beer right now if i could to shoot the shit some more with you about them haha. i f*cking hate them.
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