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  • I dont know whats going on but messenger wont let me sign in, keeps saying im not connected to the internet but im obviously connected.
    hey there fcushion whenever I come across a comment by you I agree with you ,we must have the same interests.we should chat on yahoo messenger or something, I bet we can share pics/vids etc, also ive had some great true facesitting experiences with a couple exgirlfriends you would probably like to hear.
    You may wish to set up on Here and invite your friends who are interested to watch the show have one of the girls set up as a producer ( I am one and I do private shows and group shows there!) You can charge for the show and they do a 60 /40 split and they deal with the credit card stuff and most shows are an hour ! Good luck!
    Anytime you get into a scrap with those sadistic-girl shitheads let me know and send me the link. I'll be there to back you. Any enemy of my enemy is a good friend of mine :)

    All they do is plagiarize and fuck people over. They're the bottom feeders of the industry.
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