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  • hi femalerug,I was searching the site for pictures from the missing pages of victoryfeet.com and footfetishzone, and I see you posted a lot of pictures,but they are all gone. I have abot 8500 pictures of victoryfeet.com that maybe you dont have, so maybe you can pass me all the pictures you have fro those pages and I can pass you all I have, I have videos from kickfight.com that maybe you like.thank you. Sorry from my poor english.
    hey female rug, i would like to do some friendly trade with u if yo are interest, i have some content from footmode :) my email is link123123@hotmail.es
    Hello my friend, just sent you more pictures, hope all are new to you, Have a Great Night
    Hi CAG00 and sorry for the delay. I´m not used to read notifications. I get a bunch of e-mails everyday, and so far I didn´t find yours, but I´ll try. Today is Nov, 6th. I´ll look for your e-mail 2 weeks ago. Anyway, I´ll be happy to exchange pics with you, mostly vic poses of course.
    Hi Femalerug, I was inquiring to see if you ever received my email with the pictures that I sent about 2 weeks ago, Hope you are having a great day
    Hi Femalerug, How are you doing tonight? I was wondering if you would like to trade photos with me, I have over 25,000 pictures which are mostly Victory Poses, to be honest I am getting tired of posting here, nobody responds and nobody really posts except for the same people, I pay for a lot of these pictures and I know that you do too, I don't mind sharing them but like I said, there are too many people who would rather lurk and take and never give anything back, you on the other hand are a very generous person and also take the time and effort to post and you are one reason why I am still here, please let me know and Have a Great Evening my friend.
    Hey. I noticed you posted some pix from FootOnFace.com. Any chance you have any F/F pix from there. The website seems to be dead.
    Sorry about the long, long wait for a reply to the visitor message you left me. I have no idea how i missed it all this time. I'll be dropping you an email soon!
    Hey femalerug! I was wondering if you wanted to trade emails to chat! my email is vinnyglasses1@yahoo.com if you're interested :)
    Hello I noticed you have some pictures from Foot Fantasies. I love that place but cannot find images to complete my sets I have from them, If you wanna trade pictures we can through the Hello.com picture sharing site. It's rapidly fast. Please let me know.
    I don't understand what you meant by "I went to enterthestorm.com. All I got was some beautiful faces...nothing more." What are you trying to say? This is not a pay site...it's a site to book our girls for matches. We have even had an Olympic athlete on our roster.
    If you think the girls cannot wrestle well....try booking a match and see for yourself.

    That was really not cool cool of you to say what you did.
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