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  • My passout vids--really only 1 is any good, and I made them for personal use, so rally I don't want to let them out. Long story. I think I might make one soon enough using the new SmotherBench, though. BTW Goddess Amihra bought a smotherbench and has released a vid of here facesitting her slave in the blue bench--can't wait to get that one!
    Well thank you for the compliments! My website is up where more information resides, and I will have more pics of the latest ones as they get finished this coming week. Website is:

    Please go ahead and pass on that info to anyone you feel may be interested. Right now I can make just 1 or 2 per week but hopefully can do more soon. As I mentioned, there is close to $300 in materials in them and it takes awhile to build. I am selling them for $1100 base price, plus shipping, with a couple options.

    I am building one for a guy in the UK right now and it is only $200 shipping there--I was surprised, considering it is a 4' x 12" x12" box, around 33 lbs. We both thought it would be a lot more, but not. Another guy I am shipping one to Hawaii--I'll have the whole hemisphere covered in smothered dudes soon!
    Hi Fred, if you are still interested in the "Smotherbench," as I like to call it, I decided to build and sell them. I am in process of one that will go to the UK, actually. Fair warning they aren't cheap! There is close to $300 USD in purchased parts, materials, and hardware, and then the labor of course. They are hand built and well finished high end engineered custom smother devices. And portable--they break down and setup in minutes without tools, so can be carried in discrete canvas bags or whatever. Incognito till use. they are also extremely comfortable for the person in it and on it, and you can go from lifting the lid to inescapable smothering completely restrained for hours in about 60 seconds. I'll be putting up a website soon enough to showcase them. I do appreciate your interst--and our shared passion for being facesat by a hott dominant woman!

    Best regards,

    RMF--the Warped Engineer
    Hi Fred. I've searched and bought a ton of vids that all purport to show someone getting smothered to passout. They are all fake, or the video/cameras so bad you can't tell. I just bought 2 off playobey, and even those are fake. At $20 apiece, that really sucks. If you've ever truly attempted it, you know that at the last seconds your body disobeys your brain and does about anything it can to get air. First thing is close to violent thrashing, which in my case, can dislodge about any woman on my face enough to catch a breath. Etc. So anyway, I realize what I made is very unique, and I want to make some cash off it, frankly. Without the PITA of opening a clip store. But once it's out there for free, it is all over the world in about 5 minutes, and that is that. Sooo...dunno. I might contact a store owner here and see if they will post it under their aegis, and give me most $. Or ...dunno.
    Hi Fred, any new experiences with Nicx at all?

    Also do you think she's almost 21 stone? Its just that the photos dont look like she's that heavy...but could be deceptive...

    PS see we have a mutual friend in Saskia but unfortunately since she lost weight she's not really my cup of tea, sadly..
    Hi Fred - can u help on contact info for Nicx at all? She's no longer active on adult works


    Hi Fred, I enjoyed reading about your experiences with mistress R'eal. Thinking that on the basis of that I may want to pay her a visit. However, you said you visited her 4 times and went further every time. I have to say the second visit already seemed amazing. Can you tell us a bit more of what you did during the third and fourth visit?


    hello Fred
    sorry for the cheeky message but is there any chance you could repost the clip of your meeting with kinky la rue please as it seems to be down .Would be greatly appreciated
    many thanks
    hi fred its aj i love the clip with kinky la rue i am seeing her soon in manchester do you have any more clips or pics you could email me thanks.
    Hi Fred here's my e-mail address for the ladies you have visited thanks Fred.
    Hey Fred, sorry i never replied to your thread - i had a question for you re: UK dommes - could you email me please? and i will mail you back.

    the-bootboy at hotmail dot co dot uk

    cheers :)
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