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  • I would so love to serve beneath you or in anyway you desire. I have just moved but if you wanted to make a trip to the keys and warm up a bit I would be wiling to host and let you take a vacation as well. I love your enthusiasm and would love to serve you and truly admire your work. Let me know if you have interest even if it is in the future.
    Are you still looking to act out some of your stories? I'm in chicago and would love to assist. Please let me know. Thanks.
    hi....sorry I just saw your me at or at Yahoo IM Ginas1120 I have some wicked worn dirty spike heels to sell you..
    hi gina, sorry for answering late, where can we have a chat and i ll buy heels from u :) i hope they r well used and still can do some damage to my woodfloor if i but pressure on them ;)
    how can we discuss about all that?!
    I just love everything u r doing!!! Do u have a site where i can see u trample destroying thing and cock in ur spike Heel i Would love to cum watching u trampling cock :)))
    Wud love to hear some! Wud love even more to be a part of one of those stories!! =) I have seen ur pictures on collarme, u are deadly with the heels AND beautiful ;) marry me?
    hi, although iv just joined iv been reading ur posts for them i love the story of u piercing the guys to stamped by an angel like wow wot a rush xxx
    I have seen Your "Extremely violent story" and loved it. Maybe You, Mistress would want to turn this into real? Maybe with me?
    Please, answer me :)
    Hello Gina its me George from Chicago, I wanted to email you. Do you mind giving me your email, so we can chat. Thanks so much. George
    Hello Gina sorry to keep on bothering you on here. But for some reason I cannot find you e-mail address. If you could give it to me then I can get a hold of you to chat. Thanks so much.
    Hello Gina its me Suzuki. Sorry but I seem I can not find you email. I would love to chat with you but without your email I cannot do that. Well I hope your holidays were great, and can't wait to chat. Have a great night. Suzuki
    Hello Gina sorry about getting back to you so late. But just been so busy with everything that I forgot to check my messages. I was wondering could you give me your e-mail so se could chat back and forth would love to talk about sexy feet and hot shoes. Thanks so much George
    Hello Gina how are you? Well I see that you into crushing and stomping, Would liketo chat with you,if that is ok/ Well I hope to hear back soon.
    Good evening Gina,

    i really only wanted to say that i have for years thoroughly enjoyed Your posts here, particularly Your prose. i was re-reading a story You wrote about You, Cheryl, Melanie and poor, 'poor' raymond. ;-)) Deliciously wicked.

    i hope that You had a great summer and that the fall is beginning well.

    With kind and respectful regards,

    P.S. i visited Chicago five years ago on a stop-over back to Canada and it was a truly beautiful city. i especially loved the Adler Planetarium and its two domes for showing films, one of which at the time was on the Cassini Huygens probe to Saturn at the very time that Huygens landed on Titan. It was brilliant as they had a live-feed from NASA!
    I don't really have a high heel fetish, I just love the thought of a woman being as cruel as she wants with complete disregard for her victim - even if that victim happens to be me!
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