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  • Hey Goddess, I sent you an email a few days ago but never received a reply. Just checking if you changed your email.
    Hi Goddess..you are a very good inspiration for my fantasies..I'd like to give you a clip suggestion, similar to your ass aprehension clip, where you want to punish a fat slave by lying him on a low bench, and slowly sitting side saddle on his body for long time wearing tight spandex, squashing him simply staying sat on his body and smiling his suffers and mercy..:)
    man your booty touture vid is off the chain. Destroi this does not have to be a planned focus of one of your vids but could you rip a nice fart in your slaves face if you feel the need to
    Oh my! =) I thought you were in the Bay Area of Cali for some reason, Goddess. I will most certainly send you an email when I get a chance. Thank you.
    If I was interested in meeting you in person, or perhaps being in a film with you the next time you were in New York, should I email you?
    I am the perfect slave for you to abuse and transform me into your slave. I can take anything you throw at me and i emailed you from thefaceseat@gmail.com let me kknow if you got it
    Hey, i just saw Your post on the forum. I definetely think i'm up to it. I read the post from the other guy You filmed with and from what he wrote, it sounds awesome. If You are interested in filming with me, let me know when You are free.
    Just emailed you a few minutes ago...I am such a fan of yours, I can't wait to hear back from you.

    Spread love is the Brooklyn way.
    Dear Goddess,
    Thanks for your reply--I sent you an email. My swinging cock and balls are yours to torment. I have some photos in my profile, if you'd like to see them.
    Dear Goddess,
    I just wanted to say that I love your site and it would be an honor to chat with you sometime, if you have any interest. I would love to let you use my large package as your personal trample mat.
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