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  • Hi Gr25, How are you doing my friend? I just want to say that your clips and Ladies are the BEST, i JUST CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF SEEING YOU PASS OUT AT THE FEET OF THESE BEAUTIES. I am really into this scene as well but only experianced it twice in my life, scary but erotic. I really appreciate all of the photos and effort. It can be frustrating here, posting all that you post and getting not a lot of response. I actually left the Forum here for about 6 months and never started my thread back up which was Victory and Conquer Poses, too little response and appreciation BUT I appreciate your thread, it is SUPERB. I travel down to Virginia a couple of times a year for business. I will let you know when, maybe we can meet. Have a Great Day and keep up the AWESOME WORK.
    If ever you're interested in opening a store on yoog1rls hit me up. I can get you a very good rate (%). My email is on the front page of studio 5090.
    Hi , i saw a lot of video about " throat standing " in you profil
    Can you sedme video and photo about " throat standing " please ? :) thank's you
    hi wise710,

    yes.....i had the priviledge of being trampled by her.....i dont know her number or where she might be these of luck in tracking her down.........

    I saw you said that mistress Kelly Ashton trampled you for one IBN product and wana call her to see what is she doing these days. Did you call her? where does she live now? and How can I contact her please?

    With best wishes
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