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  • Hi Hector,

    Can I ask if there will be a part 3 to the Simply flattened? I'm on the hook since the last picture included a big Jeep! :D
    Or if you'll do yet another run over series (I bought all those you made, they are simply awesome!)
    Keep up the good work!
    Hi goddess power.
    Thanks for your interest in my work. Custom pictures by email is possible.
    What do you have in mind ?
    Hector622 , I would like your wife to run over me , I would like her to wear a dress, fish net stockings and finally 3 1/2" - 4 1/2" High Heel shoes with pointed toes and an ankle straps if possible. I would sure like to see a picture of this wonderfull woman who is willing to drive over people. would like to know exactly how she does it and if she has done it very often. Would like as much information as possible...Thank you...volfirefighter
    Hi Hector I love yor work. I was wondering if you would do custom pictures by email and of course for money. If you are able to do it could you please leave me a message, thanks
    Hey, HECTOR622, I'd really like to ask you a question. Can you e-mail me at bigbadthing@hotmail.com
    hi hector,
    i'm sandra from paris, 33y, i like to dominate men with my heels & stockings, i like to use my gun too to punish men, i liked your photos & want to learn more about u,
    my email is nouredinet@yahoo.fr
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